Slap Kings Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies


Do you want to be the King of the Arena? Are you ready to have all bow before your greatness? Can you become one of the illustrious Slap Kings? In this animated slapping game, you must defeat your enemies in the ring by hitting them HARD.  

How to Play 

Smack! Smack! Super Smack! Slap your way to the top in this simple but fun game! Time your hits, take your shots and knock your opponents out of the arena. Increase your attacking power and your health points using your hard-earned coins. Watch short videos to maximize your attacks and restrict your opponent’s power.  

Slap Kings is a turn-based game where you and your opponent take turns at thwacking each other. The power bar dictates how much damage you will do to your opponent. The bar above your head and your opponent’s head shows current health points. Check out these tips, tricks and strategies to become the world’s greatest slapper by defeating each opponent in their face. 

Timing in Everything 

Slapping the opponent requires patience and good timing. Above the opponent’s head is your ‘slap bar’. This bar has a black pointer that moves back and forth over the curved bar. The curved bar has red, orange, yellow, green, and dark green colors which correspond to different amounts of damage. The dark green color represents the highest amount of damage you can apply to the enemy. Your goal is to tap the screen when the black pointer is in the dark green zone.  

Slap Kings

To time your slap, practice tapping on the screen when the pointer enters the lighter green zone. By the time the game registers your tap, it will be very close to the dark green zone and will help you maximize your points against the enemy. 

Get Your Super Slaps Ready!  

In Slap Kings, as the difficulty level increases the amount of health the opponents have also increases. Super slaps are a great way to maximize the amount of damage done to the enemy. On the right side of your screen you can activate a Super Slap by watching a quick video. This will double your damage dealt on a normal attack.  

For example: If the maximum slap damage is 40 damage, by watching a quick video for the super slap, the maximum amount of damage you can deal is 80. 

Boost Health to Endure Harder Hits 

Starting the game, you have a measly 100 health points and for the first few levels you can successfully complete them without getting KO’d by the opponent. As you beat opponent after opponent, they start to slap harder and harder! Use your coins to increase your maximum health. For each increase, your maximum health goes up by 25 points. The higher your health bar is, the longer you will survive in the arena. 

Increase Max Attack  

As your opponent’s hit harder, you must do the same. To increase maximum attack, use your coins to increase your attack strength. The higher your attack strength goes, the easier it will be to knock out your opponent. Attack strength costs more coins every time you upgrade your attack power.  

How to get More Coins  

Coins are Slap Kings in-game currency. They can be used to purchase extra attacking power and health boosts. They are earned by completing different levels. By defeating your enemies, you will earn a flat amount of coins based on the difficulty level. You also have the option of watching another video for 5 times the flat amount of coins. This is an extremely effective method of maximizing your ‘bang for your buck’. 

Safety First!  

To help reduce the amount of damage taken and prolong the match. Utilize the helmet function by watching a short video when it’s the opponent’s turn to slap you. The helmet reduces the amount of damage taken by 50% and can help you survive a little longer. Against stronger opponents this is an effective strategy to win and become a champion. 

Have the Last Laugh  

Losing is hard, it’s never something you get used to, but redemption can be so sweet. When you lose, you’ll have one more opportunity to slap the opponent. By watching a quick video, you will have the chance to hit the enemy again. Make the last slap count and hit ’em right out of the arena! 

Always Calculate the Odds of Winning Beforehand 

Sometimes with some simple math you can find out if you have a chance at winning or not. It’s better to exit the game and restart instead of continuing with your slapfest and it all boils down to how much damage you’re doing and how much damage you’re taking.  

For example: You are dealing max 80 damage every turn. It is your last turn and your rival has 161 or more health left. You have 80 health left and the opponent does 100+ damage each turn. Even if you get 2 perfect hits after using your redemption attack, you still will not be successful. At this point in the game, restarting will save you time and energy. 

Get Skins  

After every four completed stages, a new skin is available. Skins help you customize your character to best represent yourself. The downside is that once you accept a new skin, you can’t change your skin back to a previous one. You will also have to watch a short video in order to acquire the new skin. Choose wisely on your skin before making a decision to keep it or pass on it.  

How to Qualify for the Bonus Level  

Completing missions help you on your way to success. After defeating 4 opponents on a trot you will qualify for the bonus level.  

In Slap Kings, the bonus level gives you 3 hit chances against an inanimate object. If you successfully defeat the object, you get a nice boost to coins.