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Roblox - Slap Battles Recall Glove

Your glove is your lifeline in the Slap Battles Roblox game. That’s why choosing and grinding for the right item is critical. The Recall Glove is one option that you will not regret equipping.

It has 50 Power, 18 Speed, and an active skill that lets you be invincible for a limited time. The Recall Glove is a reward you will get after achieving the Repressed Memories badge. Here are the steps to get it.

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Earn Slap Battles’ Reverse Glove

Before working on your primary target, obtain first the Reverse Glove. Its ingrained skill is essential for teleporting you to The Ruins, where you can acquire the necessary badge.

The requirement for the Reverse Glove is 5,500 slaps. It might be a daunting number at first, but if you’ve mastered the slap timing of this Roblox experience, it’ll be a breeze.

The Reverse Glove
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Fight Another Reverse Glove User

Equip the Reverse Glove in the place before the portals, and find another player using the same item to duel with in the Normal Arena. Once you find your match, slap away, but remember to activate your Opposite Day skill.

This will give you a 3% chance of warping to The Ruins. The odds of reaching this secret dimension are low. That’s why it can help if your Reverse Glove opponent is a friend.

Reverse Glove user
Photo: Slap Battles

Give the Right Answers

In the middle of The Ruins is an NPC clone of your avatar. It will give you random questions that, if answered correctly, will award you the Repressed Memories badge.

Repressed Memories badge
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Before you interact with the clone, it’s wise to have the following personalized answers ready because they may be tricky to answer during the quiz.

  • Age of your Roblox account in days
  • The number of slaps you accumulated
  • The number of server players when you entered The Ruins
  • Your chat text color

With that out of the way, here’s the complete cheat sheet for the correct answers to win the Recall Glove.

Did you forget that you repressed your memories?Yes
When was Slap Battles release?2/16/2021
How many glove stands are there in Slap Battles right now?155 (Answer may change in future updates)
What is the chance of Bob?1 / 7500
What glove needs exactly 9750 slaps?Coil
What is the correct name for the Glitch Glove?01010010 01010101 01001110
We’ll play Simon Says at the end. Do you understand?Yes
Long math question (6=? = 3)?3
Who ultimately controls this realm?Tencell
What has a bottom at the top?A leg
What glove can’t hit you when it isn’t there?Elude
Do you know who I am?A forgotten memory
How many slaps do you have?[Personalized answer]
How many players were there in the server when you joined?[Personalized answer]
What is your chat text color?[Personalized answer]
How old is your account in days?[Personalized answer]
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Photo: Slap Battles

Simon Says Portion

After you answer the questions, the NPC will start a Simon Says game. The demands are usually self-explanatory, but you shouldn’t follow them if there’s no “Simon Says” at the start of the sentence.

When this happens, stay put. Don’t do what’s requested, no matter what. If nothing happens for a while, you can either go to the portal or jump off the map.

Jumping off the map
Photo: Slap Battles

The Simon Says dare that stands out is the one that asks, “What has four fingers and a thumb but isn’t alive?” There are no answer options here, so you’ll have to type “Glove” in the chat.

Once you get through this portion, you will finally receive the Repressed Memories badge along with the Recall Glove.

The Recall Glove
Photo: Slap Battles


The Recall Glove is an ultra-rare item in Slap Battles. Obtaining it may be a relatively long journey, but it will help you better explore one of the most enjoyable Roblox games.

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