Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Guide – How to Get New Skylanders, Gems and Wish Stones

Skylanders Ring of Heroes - List of Characters
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

You can unlock several new Skylanders in Skylanders Ring of Heroes. Each Skylander has a unique characteristic and skill. You will need soul stones of that particular character to unlock one. The number of soul stones required to unlock a character depends on his/her grade, which is depicted by stars. It will take fewer soul stones to unlock low-grade characters, but you will need more stones to unlock higher-grade Skylanders. For example: To unlock the 4-star “Jet-Vac”, you will need 40 Jet-Vac soul stones, whereas the two-star “Fling Kong” can be unlocked if you have collected only 25 Fling Kong soul stones. You can summon a new character once you have acquired the required number of soul stones. To do this, tap “Skylanders” on your home screen and then tap a character’s portrait that has a red dot above him to summon him.  

There are more than 100 characters to collect. To get a complete list of characters, tap “Skylanders” on the bottom of your home screen and then tap the tiny book icon. With the help of this guide, find out how to unlock new Skylanders and obtain soul stones and gems:  

How to Find a Skylander’s Soul Stones 

If you want to unlock a new character in Skylanders Ring of Heroes, you should first know the location of its soul stones. Basically, you will have to complete and replay certain stages on a floating island or “Skyland” to obtain soul stones of that character. You can access all floating islands via “Adventures”.  

Each floating island is dominated by a certain element and contains multiple stages. So, if you are looking for a fire character, then chances of getting soul stones of fire element characters are higher if you begin completing/replaying stages in floating island no. 3 – “Infernal Volcano”. You can open a new floating island once you complete the last stage of the previous island.  

Here’s nice little trick to find out a soul stone’s location quickly. All you have to do is tap “Skylanders” on the bottom of your home screen and then tap the tiny book. Now tap the grayed out portrait of a character and then tap the “Add” button to know the location of his soul stone.  

Skylanders Ring of Heroes - List of Characters

For example: To unlock “Wildfire”, you must first know the location of its soul stones. Follow the above steps and tap on his portrait to know where to find his soul stones.  

Finding a Soul Stone's Location

The four-star “Wildfire” soul stones can be obtained from stages on the “Infernal Volcano” floating island, but only when you complete them in Normal difficulty. This means you will have to unlock “normal” difficulty and then you may get soul stones after replaying those stages on normal difficulty level. Normal difficulty can be selected from the drop-down menu. I am still uncertain as to how to unlock higher difficulty modes in each Skyland, but I guess you will have to complete all stages in easy mode first to unlock a higher difficulty mode.  

Check Drop info to Know Which Stage Drops Soul Stones  

Want to know which stage drops a new Skylander’s soul stones? Just check a floating island’s “Drop Info”. On your home screen, tap “Adventures” and then tap a floating island. Now tap Drop Info on the top of the screen. Select a stage from the drop-down list to know what items it may drop when you beat it.  

Check Each Stage's Drop Info

Make sure you acquire three-stars in a stage to improve your chances of getting soul stones. On certain stages, you might get special rewards as “first-time rewards”. You can get information for each stage under “Drop Info”. You may have to replay that particular stage more than once if you want to grind soul stones from that stage.  

Get Soul Stones by Reaching Star Milestones 

In each floating island, you will be awarded with gold and soul stones when you reach certain star milestones. As you already know, you earn stars for completing a stage. There are high chances of getting three-stars in every stage if you do not lose a single character while battling enemies. The stars you have earned in each stage is displayed on the bottom of the stage info screen. 

Reach Star Milestones

You will have to reach certain milestones, i.e. collect a certain number of stars to unlock rewards. For example: If you earn 15 stars from “The Singing Forest” “Easy” stages, you will get 45 “Hot Dog” soul stones. And if you earn a total of 21 stars, you will get a normal summon ticket. You can use this ticket to get soul stones at the summon shop.  

Please note that once you have earned three stars from a stage, you can’t earn more stars even if you replay it. However, you can replay a stage if you have earned one or two stars to get the remaining star(s).  

You will get soul stones of new characters if you play stages on the same floating island on higher difficulty (Normal, High etc.).  

Summon Skylanders Through the Spring of Souls 

You can summon soul stones in Skylanders Ring of Heroes using the Spring of Souls portal. You will unlock it early in the game. Once you open the portal, tap to enter it. You will find this portal in your floating island (home). You can also tap “summon” on the bottom of the screen to enter the portal.  

Spring of Souls Summon Shop

In Spring of Souls, there are three main types of chest – Normal, Ultra-Premium and Wish Stone. In a normal chest, you will receive x20 or more normal-legendary soul stones. You will have to spend 100 gems to open a normal chest.  

To open an ultra-premium chest, you will need 800 gems. It contains x65 or more soul stones with rarity ranging from Premium-Legendary.  

The “Wish Stone” chest may contain x10 or more soul stones of new or unlocked Skylanders: rarity is between Normal-Rare. You will need 1000 wish stones to open one.  

Ways to Obtain Wish Stones   

While it won’t be easy to open these three chests because it’s difficult to acquire gems and you will need several wish stones, the third chest can be opened using wish stones because it’s easy to earn them. Here are a few ways to get them for free:  

1. Missions: Complete certain tasks under “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Compilation”, “Challenges” and “Portal Master” missions to get wish stones.  

Clear Stages to get Wish Stones

2. Stages: Clear stages to get wish stones. Make sure you earn 3 stars in every stage to get more rewards. You may also get a lot of wish stones as “first-time” rewards when you beat certain stages. You will receive certain amount of wish stones in every stage.  

Tip: Replay older stages to grind wish stones. You will also get more wish stones if you replay the same stages on higher difficulty level (Normal, Hard etc.) 

How to get Gems  

In Skylanders Ring of Heroes, gems are premium currency, but you can acquire them for free. You can use gems to open Normal and Premium chests at the Spring of Souls portal. Here are a few ways to get them without paying a dime:  

1. If you have pre-registered for this game, you will receive lots of gems as “pre-registration rewards”. Tap the envelope icon on the upper-right corner of your home screen and then tap “currency” to claim your rewards. Claim them quickly before they expire. You can get a whopping 3000 gems as rewards (see screenshot).  

Get gems as Pre-Registration Rewards

More Pre-Registration Rewards

2. You can get gems and soul stones from certain quests. Tap “Quests” on the left side of your home screen. Quests are arranged in a particular order and you will have to finish the current quest, claim rewards and then only then you can take on the next quest.  

3. Keep an eye on certain daily, weekly, challenges, power-up, duels and portal master quests if you are looking to acquire gems.  

4. Login Daily to get gems as rewards. There are two kinds of login rewards – A 7-day reward and a monthly reward. Make sure you play the game on seven consecutive days to get lots of gems. You will obtain a total of 2000 gems. You will receive 400 gems on Day 1 and Day 4 each and then 800 gems on the 7th day as final reward. The login rewards screen appears every 24 hours.  

7 Day Gem Rewards in Skylanders Ring of Heroes

5. Along with gems, you will also receive summon tickets and soul stones of certain new Skylanders. Check the monthly calendar and Login daily to claim your rewards.  

Monthly Rewards Calender

Don’t forget to claim your monthly and 7-day login rewards from your inbox. Tap the envelope and then tap claim beside each reward to get it.  

6. You will also receive gems as “level-up rewards” every time you level up as a player. Complete stages to earn XP and level up to get your rewards. To claim level up rewards, tap menu on the upper-right corner of the screen.  

Pay Attention to Events to get Soul Stones, Gems and Tickets for Summoning New Skylanders  

Keep an eye on events, especially those that grant lots of soul stones, gems, tickets and wish stones. You can access a list of events via the menu button on the top-right corner of the screen.  

That sums up our beginner-level Skylanders Ring of Heroes guide to acquire new Skylanders, gems and wish stones. If you have any questions, please use the comment form below to post them.