Sky Dancer: Tips, Hints and Strategies to Beat Your High Score

Anurag Ghosh
Sky Dancer

Sky Dancer takes running and jumping to extreme levels. Thank god it’s just a game, but it will still make you feel giddy while playing. You will be controlling daring adventurers as they keep falling from dizzying heights. You will have to press the right and left side of the screen to make them land safely, avoid obstacles and collect coins throughout their run.

This stunning endless runner is not easy to play as you will have to time your jumps and land safely on a platform. You will also have to tap the left and right side of the screen at the right time to ensure your character moves towards a platform while falling down. Here are some beginner-level tips and hints that will help you score more points and complete challenges:

1. Here’s How You can Make Your Character Land Safely

Jumping from one cliff to another can be tricky. You will have to make sure that your character shouldn’t fail to reach a platform. When your character dives, you will have to get his direction right so that he can land safely. Try not to press the screen too long when gliding from one platform to another. Basically, when you jump from a platform, you will have to tap the left/right side of the screen to make your character glide to that direction. So if you tap the left side of the screen and lift your finger up, it will continue drifting to left until it lands on a new platform.

Sky Dancer

Light tapping will help you fine-tune the direction of your character. As your character comes nearer to a platform, it will be easier for you to decide what direction he/she needs to drift to make that perfect landing. Pressing and holding the screen works well if the next platform is very far from the current one. So if the platform is located on the left side and pretty far away, you can press the left side of the screen and hold until your character comes closer to the platform.

2. How to Perform Precise Jumps to get Bonus Points

Noticed the white circle at the end of a cliff? You will have to jump from that circle to pull off a precise jump. You will get bonus points for performing such jumps. You also get bonus points for performing perfect landings. You will need to land on the center of a platform to get a perfect landing. Keep in mind that timing your jumps and landing on the center of a platform will let you earn bonus points and complete in-game challenges.

3. Complete Challenges to Unlock More High-Scoring Challenges

When the game begins, it will show a list of objectives, such as reaching a score target, performing precise jumps, perfect landings etc. Once you complete objectives, you will get more challenges and they will be more high-scoring than the previous set. Keep completing challenges to unlock more high-level objectives and complete them to increase your overall score. This will you will be able to beat your previous high pretty quickly.

Most challenges are not required to be achieved in one run. However, you may have to complete certain challenges in on run, so if you complete half of them and fail to reach a platform, you will have to start the same challenge from scratch.

4. Collect Shining Objects Scattered Throughout Platforms to Unlock New Characters

When jumping from one cliff to another, you will stumble on glowing objects. Collect them to unlock a new dancer. Objects come in different shapes and sizes. You will come across tiny boots, legs, horns etc. Collecting a certain number of such objects will unlock a new character. It won’t be easy as you may have to collect lots of objects of the same type to get a character.

For example: You will need at least 200 legs to unlock a robot.

5. While Falling, Choose a Spacious Platform

As you keep jumping from one platform to another, you will come across multiple platforms, which come in all shapes and sizes. To perform perfect landings, you should prefer dropping your character on wider platforms instead of narrower ones. Chances of landing safely are more if you select the wisest cliffs. The game may confuse you by throwing big rocks. Avoid them at any cost!

Sky Dancer is all about practicing dives and landing safely. As mentioned in the first tip, gentle taps will make it somewhat easier for you to make your character move to the right direction and land safely. Tapping and holding either side of the screen should be done when the next platform is very far away from the current one. Holding for a longer time will make your character gather pace while falling down.