Simon’s Cat Crunch Time – Tips and Strategies to Get More Treats for Your Kitties

Anurag Ghosh
Simon's Cat Crunch Time
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Strawdog Studios’ Simon’s Cat Crunch Time is made for lazy Sunday afternoons. Amazing artwork, lovely kitty animation, adorable cats and a simple, yet addicting gameplay will go very well with casual gamers, especially those who like relaxing puzzle games. Created by Tactile Games, a company known for making beautiful puzzle games like Lily’s Garden and Cookie Cats, Crunch Time brings your favorite cats, such as Simon, Jazz, Maisy and Chloe to life.

Your goal is to feed your kitties by linking three or more treats of the same color. And because you will be connecting food items instead of swapping them, there will be no fixed matching pattern required in this game.

There’s only one requirement though – treats should be “linkable”, i.e. placed in a way that you can drag your finger to connect them. This unique link-to-match feature will definitely appeal to match-3 puzzle fans.

When matching colorful food items, focus on a cat’s food needs. Kitties on the top of the game board will have a speech bubble above them.

Each speech bubble will show what type of food a kitty wants. So if a cat wants a heart-shaped item, then you will have to connect all heart-shaped treats to feed her.

Along with feeding the right food type, you will also have to collect a certain number of items to fully satisfy a kitty’s hunger. Once all foods are collected, the cute little animated kitty gorges on food, which is probably the most gratifying sight on Earth.

If you have just started playing Simon’s Cat: Crunch Time, then these quick tips and strategies will help you feed all kitties. You will also learn how to make the most of special treats to collect food items faster. Don’t miss our gameplay video below to know more about this “pawdorable” game. In the video below, you will learn how to get gold, complete daily quests to get awesome rewards and use catnips to spin the catnip king for boosters:

1. Keep Calm and Match Treats

Feeding cats is super easy. You just have to create a chain of items by dragging your finger over cat food. However, as you progress, levels will throw various challenges towards you.

Simon's Cat Crunch Time

Game board layouts will be designed in such a way that it will force you to jog your brain cells before creating a chain of treats. Thankfully, there are no timers, so you can take your time hunting for a bigger chain for your hungry kitties. Patience is the key to complete all puzzles, so think before creating a chain.

2. How to Make Special Treats

Special treats will help you clear more number of objects on the game board. To make a special item appear on the game board, you will have to create a long chain. You will have to link at least 6 treats of the same color to create a line blaster.

The longer the chain, the more number of special treats you can create all at once. So if you link 10 or 11 items of the same color, you will be able to create two line blasters.

In Simon’s Cat Crunch Time, there’s only one type of special treat – line blaster. You can create a horizontal and a vertical line blaster.

When a special treat line blaster is linked with two or more common treats of the same color, it clears a row or column of items depending on the line drawn on it.

A horizontal line on a special treat suggests that it will clear a row of objects, whereas a vertical line indicates that it will clear a column of objects.

3. Match a Special Treat Carefully

Yes that’s right. A special treat can help you collect the much-needed food type for your kitty. Simple speaking, you can take advantage of it to collect those foods that you need.

Here how you can do this:
Once a special treat is created, you can activate it by linking it with two or more common treats of the same color. When you drag your finger to link them, keep in mind that a special treat clears the last line you touch.

Example: There’s a special treat on row 3, another on row 4 and the last one on row 5 and all three of them can be linked diagonally. When you drag your finger from row 3 to row 5, the fifth row will be cleared as the last treat was placed on the fifth row. If you want to clear row three (which may have more number of treats for one of your cats), just link all three, but you will need to drag your finger from row five to row three.

Along with the placement of the last treat, check the line drawn on your special treat and then make your move. The line suggests whether your special treat will clear a row or column (explained in Tip No. 2)

4. Don’t Run Out of Moves: Look for a Long Chain of Treats

While there are no time limits, there certainly is a move limit. You will have to feed all cats before running out of moves. The move counter is displayed at the upper-left corner of the screen.

If you want to finish a level with a few moves still remaining, then the best way to do this is create a long chain or treats.

So, if cat no. 1 wants 8 fish-shaped food, then try to create a long chain of at least 4-5 fish treats in one move. This way, you can feed him in two moves. Also focus more on creating special treats as they will help you clear an entire row or column in one move.

Remember: The longer the chain, the faster you can finish a level before the move counter hits zero.

5. How to get Rid of Rodents

To get rid of rodent(s), just remove all burrows as soon as possible. You will have to match treats close to burrows to remove them. You will have to do this before running out of moves, so aim to create longer chains.

A rodent scuttles from one burrow to another. When he peeks from a burrow, just match treats that are near the rodent to stun him. He won’t move for one turn. This way you can constrict his movement while removing all burrows one by one. You will defeat him once you get rid of the last burrow.

6. Complete Achievements to Get Gold

Gold coins are premium currency. You can buy boosters using gold. You will have to spend real money to buy gold, but there’s one free way to get them.

All you have to do is complete achievements. Tap the trophy icon on the bottom of your home screen to see a list of achievements, which range from finishing a certain boss level to reaching a score target.

Number of gold coins can be seen just beside each achievement. Just complete an achievement and tap the claim button to collect gold.

7. Send and Receive Lives from Friends

Have you run out of lives and want them right now? Well, I can understand your impatience given that this game is so addicting. What you can do is connect to Facebook. Chances are that your Facebook buddies are playing this game.

You can request lives from them via the app or send them to your friends if they run out of lives. There’s another advantage of connecting your game to this social networking site: You get 5 bonus lives. Just tap the envelope icon and connect to Facebook to get lives for free.

  1. I love this game, but level 1368 is killing me! How do I move the bottles? When they get to the top, they fall back down?! I have tried everything and now I am about to find a new game. Help?!?!

    1. I can’t imagine getting to that level! I’m still on 120 and having trouble. I hate the villain and the moles. Good luck!

  2. The winner of the star tournament has way too many stars and he didn’t win the level dash . I had mostly 3 stars and won the level dash and suddenly the winner of the star tournament has won way more stars than I did but his name wasn’t even on the first 3 on the level dash .
    Something is not right there as the only way to get stars is from passing a level.
    Fed up with this game

    1. Actually you can go back to level you only got one or two stars to try and gain more stars.
      It took me awhile to realize that. Hope it helps.

    2. Star tournament and level dash are two different competitions. Sometimes you are competing with different players. In level dash you only compete with players starting on the same level as you. No never true in star your tournament

  3. My row of bonus items to use during the game does not show the Line Blasters. How do I see them, so I can use them?

  4. I’m stuck on level 1306. It says 1 yellow but doesn’t seem to be any yellow. Help!

    1. There is one yellow, its in the middle of the bottom row, hidden behind a pink lock. Absolute pain of a level!

  5. I’m on Level 240 and have been working on it for a long time! Just when I think I might get close that nasty gardener throws more acorns and messes it up! Any tips?

    Also, many times I have Watched Ad for an extra turn and it doesn’t get credited to me. This has happened to me several times – I don’t use coins anymore because I can’t risk losing them!

    Any help?

    1. In level 240, the gardener’s health can only be reduced if you throw orange tiles at him. You will have to create a long chain of treats so that the orange tiles underneath those treats are used to attack him. When you link 3 or more treats and if there are any orange tiles underneath those treats, they will be used to attack the gardener.

      When he throws acorns, he also throws those orange tiles with them. The trick is to clear those acorns to free those orange tiles and then match treats on them to attack him. Here, the use of line blasters is crucial so that you can throw more orange tiles at him in a few moves. You can create a line blaster special treat if you connect six or more treats of the same color. Also try to break those upturned pots to free orange tiles underneath them.

  6. Its one of the worst games you can download, it has advertisements popping every second and the algorithm is designed in a way that’s horribly tiresome and constantly provoking people to BUY, yes, the game aims buying all the time or you are stuck into same levels where no patterns help. Do not be surprised if you are supposed to play the same level 20 times, its not because you are a bad player, its the algorithm that wants you to pay. In other words – the fun is gone. So different than many other games where the fun is a priority…

  7. Hi, I have made it to level 557 and no known strategies are working for me to get more than 2 of the bottles through the entire maze of arrows taking me back and losing all progress. I’m seeing no way to get around it without using multiple boosters and buying at least 2-3 extra rounds of additional moves. It’s too costly and not as much of a fun challenge. Am I missing a strategy to make it less costly and satisfyingly challenging? Thanks!

  8. The steal the treats Fox – e.g. red fish are in glasses, chain as many as possible red fish together so that the chain runs through the glass. the number on the glass will be reduced by the number of red fish you have chained together.

  9. How do I get the treats under glass in the daily challenges? You’re given only 18 lives and each glass needs 50 shots to break it. Thanx

  10. Hi, I can’t get past the horrible dog that spits, I can do the squirrel and the gardener but this one defeats me every time. Can you help please?

  11. How can I get a gold ticket for a gold tournament? I have 22 bronze, 1 silver but can’t seem to get a gold one. I’m in level 627.

  12. I am on the level where you have to defeat the villain that sucks up the long string of objects. It seems that when he/it does this you lose a percentage. I am at 80% I look up again and it’s 20%. What is up with that? He even steals right from under my finger!

    1. I guess it’s that vacuum cleaner villain (Level 80)? You will have to defeat it by linking pink or blue treats. When you link them you attack the villain and it loses hit points by a certain percentage. Your goal is to reduce its HP to 0 to win the level. Check the signboard beside the vacuum cleaner. It shows two treats – pink and blue. Its health will reduce only when you link blue or pink treats. You can however link special treats with them to clear more. Clear as many blue and pink treats as you can to reduce its health to 0 before running out of moves.

      1. Ok so I actually want it to be going down. I guess first it goes up then down. I feel like I’ve been on this forever. Yes level 80!

  13. On level 930. I can defeat Mr. Potts but cannot earn enough points for 3 stars. How can I earn maximum points?

    1. Not easy as treats that appear after clearing more treats are randomly generated. BTW, congratulations on defeating Mr. Potts.

  14. A Ghosh,
    Thank you for the site. Do you know the rule about the little monster that explodes? I noticed there is a number next to it 95/25. What does it mean?

    1. That’s catnip. It appears randomly on game boards. You collect one when you match it with other treats. “95/25” shows how many catnips you have collected so far. You have collected 95 catnips. You can use them to spin the “Catnip King” to get awesome rewards like boosters. On your home screen tap that number (95/25) and activate catnip king.

  15. Why can’t we post a screen shot to our comments? If I ever pass level #136 I would like to show the world.

    1. Does anyone know what you do with all the bronze awards? Mine are accummulating, but what comes from it?

      1. If you are referring to those bronze coins, then they can be used to purchase a “boost” at the beginning of each level, buy extra moves if you fail to clear a level and skip time limit to play the daily quest instantly.

        1. Thanks, Anurag. My problem is a see when I earn one, then it instantly flashes away so I cannot access it for use. Does it help you on its own without you having to access it? I can’t seem to find a “bank” for it.

          1. You can see how many coins you have accumulated so far on the upper-right corner of the home screen (the level map). When you use a bronze coin, it is deducted from the total coin count shown on the upper right corner of the screen. You can use a bronze coin when a boost or extra lives are offered. For example: If you fail to clear a level, a box will pop up on the screen, offering you extra moves for coins. You will have to tap the button on the box to spend coins in exchange of extra moves.

  16. The man bubble that explodes. Are we to avoid him/it/whatever I did not see it mentioned in the rules. I am obsessed w/ S C T.

  17. Why won’t it let me play for keys pass level 150? There’s a fence, but it won’t let me play anymore.

      1. Thank you! How are they calculated/how do they add up as part of the 100%? Are they worth a certain number each?

  18. I’ve been stuck on 87 for about 2 weeks now. I get right to the end and only need one more milk bottle! I need help to get past this! I love playing this game. I don’t have anyone playing with me, so I don’t get help from other people. Please tell me how to move forward.

    1. Collect long chains to get boosters. Use vertical boosters to immediately drop the milk. You don’t need to use a whole chain. It only takes 3 treats for a minimum chain, so you can save to use with other boosters toward other drops. Also, right before you play each level it asks if you need a boost. You can use a coin, or you can watch an ad. It will give you an extra boost or possibly an extra move. Hope this helps.

  19. All of a sudden when I win a level the catnip box pops up and wants me to spin. I like accumulating my catnip until I need a booster. The only way I can find to get rid of it is to exit and clear the game and then come back in. Is there a way to get this to stop? Thanks

    1. It does this once you hit 25 and have earned a boost. Go ahead an collect your boost. You don’t have to actually use it for a level until you want to.

  20. How do you “slap moles 25 times during game play”? For the achievement? I have thrown apples, used special treats to clear them, bought some bonus tiles. Still 0 on the board. I am at level 593 and these are the only 3 achievements that I still need. Thank you.

  21. Is there any way to influence if the special treat is horizontal or vertical or is it always random?

  22. I´m on level 640, at a gate trying to get keys. But it doesn´t work. As soon as I get one key, next time I try to get another the first one is gone. So I´m stuck now.

    The same thing with the daily task. It starts with day one every time I play that, so I never get more than 1 coin every time.

    1. AFAIK catnips appear randomly on the game board. You will have to keep clearing treats at the bottom to bring new treats on the game board and a catnip might appear from above. When you spot one, make sure to connect it with a treat of the same color. So if you see a blue catnip, connect it with blue treats to collect it.

  23. I don’t understand what kills the squirrel or the Hoover vacuum. For the squirrel, I still have acorns on the board but the squirrel gets knocked off. For the vacuum, it seems like a random act reduces the number to knock the vacuum down. What am I supposed to be doing?

    1. Where are the timed games? Keeps talking about them but haven’t come across one yet. Or the spot the difference.

      1. I guess the “Spot the Difference” mini-game appears randomly. Today when I opened my app, this mini-game popped up on my screen. If it appears on your screen, make sure you play it before it expires. You will have to solve three levels of spot the difference – Each level is timed. You will have to find 5 differences in each level before the timer hits 0.

  24. I’m stuck on level 76. I thought I had finally passed it, and then it said I didn’t. I have been stuck here for about 3 + weeks. I’m so disappointed that I’m ready to delete the game and quit. I started out enjoying playing. Please help me move forward.

  25. Stuck on level 60, can’t get past the squirrel pelting me with acorns. It seems impossible and no actions seem to make sense. Help!

    1. The banner next to the squirrel gives a nice little hint. It shows a red/green treat and an acorn. Focus on matching red and green treats to deal more damage to the villain. Acorns can also deal damage, so don’t forget to match treats that are adjacent to acorns on the game board. Those acorns will hit the squirrel and his health will reduce.

      Also, pay attention to the glow behind the squirrel’s head. This glow warns that the squirrel will throw acorns soon after your next move. You should look to create a long match to ensure you deal max damage before the squirrel flings those acorns at the game board. Create more special matches and use them wisely to ensure that max acorns on the game board hits the villain.

  26. Patricia, to blow up the whole board, you need 4 special treats in a single chain, not 3.

    My question is: sometimes I get a special treat even if my chain was less than 6 treats long. I don’t get the regular indicator before I lift my finger, but after the special treat just pops up. Anybody know how/why that happens?

  27. I somehow managed to connect the right things, and cleared my entire board, but I have no idea what I did. I thought it was just connecting 3 special treats of the same color, but I have done that again since without clearing the board. What’s the trick?

  28. I can’t seem to figure out other ways to count down steal the treats except for the direct connect of the correct treats. I know it happens other ways. I just don’t understand how. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. You can blast an entire line even though the treats are not directly connected to the upside down glass. When I start the game I try to gather as many special treats as possible by connecting at least 6 treats wherever they are on the board. Once you have special treats in Simon’s Cat Crunch Time, there’s only one type of special treat – line blaster. You can create a horizontal and a vertical line blaster.

      When a special treat line blaster is linked with two or more common treats of the same color, it clears a row or column of items depending on the line drawn on it. A horizontal line on a special treat suggests that it will clear a row of objects, whereas a vertical line indicates that it will clear a column of objects. if you just hold down your finger as you drag to connect the special treats yo will see the number in the glass go down even tho you haven’t directly connected to the glass. As long as the glass is in the horizontal or vertical line you should see a reduction in number. If you don’t see the number reduce, untrace the line and try another way.

  29. How are points calculated for those treats cleared with the special treats/full rows? Is there a difference if clearing them by connection vs special treat, esp in the same row?

    1. Yes there is a difference in points if you connect normal treats with a special treat. You will get more points.

  30. Why do the hours of lives run down even when my iPad is turned off and I am not playing, all other games save your hours and minutes and restart the clock when you go back to the game,

    1. Why isn’t this a good thing? Everyone wants their lives to be refilled faster, so when your device is turned off the timer still keeps going and runs down so that lives are refilled fast.

      1. If I have earned or paid for hours of unlimited lives and I stop playing for the night when I turn it on in the morning all my hours are gone, others games stop counting down when the device is off

  31. How are the number of stars calculated? Doesn’t seem to be by points. I get a lot of points and still only one star. Thanks!

    1. You can easily get the first star but not the subsequent stars because the blue bar from the first star needs to be connected to the second star and once it connects, the second stars slowly fills ups when you match treats. You will collect the second star when it fills up fully.

      Noticed the three empty stars on the upper-left corner of the screen? The first star fills up bit by bit when you match treats. To fill the first star faster, you will have to create long chains, make more special treats and link two special treats with others to clear several objects at once.

      Once you get the first star, you will have to make sure the blue bar reaches the second star faster. The only way to do this is to create long chains and use special treats to clear more objects from the game board. Now when the blue bar links to the second star, you must keep clearing more number of treats using special treats or create long chains to fill up the second star and when it fully fills up, you get another star.

      The stars you collect are by points, but since there are limited a number of moves plus the blue bar (which has to be connect to the next star and only then you will be able to fill it by matching treats), it becomes difficult to reach the second star and collect it.

      Here’s a trick to know how many points you will need to get to the next star. Replay a previous level in which you got one star. Tap the level on your map. It says you will need to reach a score target to get the next star. For example, on Level 9, I got only one star. I tapped the level on the map to replay it and it said that I will need to score 15000 to get the next star.

  32. How do you find the free gifts? It says I still have 5 free gifts but none will open when I touch them. The leve indicator says 5, 15, and 30 and I am passed those levels

  33. I’m at the gate after level 90 and I’m stuck. It’s the one with 8 milk bottles. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

  34. What’s the strategy with the fox and treat jars? I would create long chains and clear colors only to have the jars remain unchanged or even seemed replenished at times. It was a hugely frustrating level and I used many precious coins to finish the level. Clearly I’m misunderstanding the object/strategy

    1. You will have to connect the treat inside the jar with treats of the same color. The number of treats inside the jar reduces when you connect an “X” number of same-colored treats with it. For example – In the screenshot below, the jar displays “34” orange treats. This reduced to 19 when 15 more orange treats were connected to the orange treat inside it.

  35. @Bea and @Karin – Guide updated with a new section on rodents. Please read No. 5 on how to defeat them.

  36. Hello,
    I have a very hard time to get rid of the rodent(s). I’ve tried it by hitting them directly but I can’t find the clue that works…….
    Can you give me a hand, please ?

  37. Why do the cats require more feeding as soon as I clear a treat color?! Omg it’s so annoying! Help!

    1. Did you figure this out? There are 3 cats on the fence but at higher levels there are one or more waiting on the other side of the fence. So once one of the first three are satisfied it jumps down and a new, hungry cat takes its place.

  38. Help! How do I get past level key 2 to open the gate for level 121? Is there a strategy apart from creating long chains?

  39. How do you “beat the Villians?” What is the object? The squirrels throwing acorns… what am I trying to do. I need a hints button ????

    1. Hi for this level the little square at the top shows the treats you need to use to get rid of the squirrel /gardener/ etc. The order of the treats show the value so if it lists yellow, blue , red try to make chains of yellow first. I always find these levels hard. If you can combine some of the special treats together. You have to watch out for them throwing out more acorns, that block your chains. The squirrel will do his angry dance the move before he is about to throw more acorns.

      Hope this helps
      Good luck

  40. I need help with the squirrel and acorn levels. I don’t understand the objective. I assume we need to line up the pieces shown in the box, but how does that work? What about all the acorns? Why is there a box with special treats at the bottom?

    1. I’d like to know the answer to your question too Joanna, and I can’t work out why sometimes acorns repopulate, but sometimes they don’t!

      1. Hi for this level the little square at the top shows the treats you need to use to get rid of the squirrel /gardener/ etc. The order of the treats show the value so if it lists yellow, blue , red try to make chains of yellow first. I always find these levels hard. If you can combine some of the special treats together. You have to watch out for them throwing out more acorns, that block your chains. The squirrel will do his angry dance the move before he is about to throw more acorns.

        Hope this helps
        Good luck

  41. I am at the level where there are milk bottles and I do not understand how to break them or get them off the board. It might be nice if you put an icon up to tap on for helpful hints for each level. Btw I adore this game. The graphics are incredible and amusing and never boring

    1. Hi Gale. If this is early in the game you simply have to get the milk bottle to the bottom. There should be a little arrow pointing down on the bottom row you need to head the bottle towards that. Easiest way is to have it on the second bottom row then use one of the treats that will delete a whole row to delete the bottom row. Hope this helps. This does get more difficult later when some of the rows start to move.

      Good luck

    1. The Bee – goes after all the some color/shape kibble and knocks them off the board.
      Paintbrush – changes color of several kibble to allow you to connect longer chains.
      Rainbow Catfood – connect the matching colored kibble to the can and all the kibble around the can changes to that type of kibble (temporarily) so you can add them to your chains. Changed kibble will stay that way. Note that you can cross over between a chained pair of kibble.
      I think you can understand the others.
      Good luck.

  42. I can’t get past the screen where the “wizard” says “the cats are hungry.” I tap the three treats highlighted and nothing advances. Any tips for getting past this part?

  43. Love this game but I don’t understand how the points /scoring works. I have played many boards over and over but just can’t seem to get enough points to earn the third star. Are different colored treats worth different points? Do you score more points after you break the flower pots?

    1. You earn a total of 150 points when you match 3 treats of the same color. A single treat carries 50 points. However, when you create a long chain, you get a +20 points increase after every 3 matched treats. Example: If you create a long chain of 9 blue treats, then the first 3 blue treats will carry 50 points each, followed by 70 points each for the subsequent treats and finally 90 points for the last 3 treats.

      To score more points make sure you have several moves remaining at the end of a completed Simon’s Cat level. These remaining moves will be used to make more matches and you will receive bonus points, which will be added to your final score.

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