Silent Hill – What to Expect When It Releases

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Silent Hill - Introduction
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2023)

Face your trauma together – that is the tagline of the upcoming and eagerly awaited Silent Hill Ascension. It couldn’t have been more accurate. Silent Hill Ascension is another installment of the highly-rated video game franchise. 

We are here to impart all the knowledge we have gathered about the highly anticipated game. 

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Who Are the Developers of the Upcoming Game?

The developers for the Silent Hill games are Bad Robot Games, Genvid Technologies, and Behaviour Interactive. 

Silent Hill - Gameplay
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment

Bad Robot is also responsible for the audio designing, art direction, and monsters of the game. Genvid, meanwhile, is the game’s publisher and has provided the technology for Silent Hill Ascension. 

Behavior Interactive already has prior experience working with the Silent Hill franchise when they did Dead by Daylight: Chapter XVI – Silent Hill, which was a crossover of the multiplayer game Dead by Daylight and Silent Hill. 

What to Expect From Silent Hill Ascension?

Silent Hill Ascension is an interactive game where the audience will determine the outcome of the story. It is a one-of-a-kind story mode, and that is the way the developers are pushing this game. 

Silent Hills - Monster
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment

Every day, an episode is going to air. The players/users can log in to the game, drop into a situation or a story event, and then make in-game decisions that will affect the final outcome of the story.

There will be a limited amount of time in which players can log in and play the game. 

The number of episodes will be limited. The decisions that the players make in-game will be final, and they won’t be able to change any outcome once they have made an input in the game. 

The fate of the characters, their relationship, and the eventual arc of them all will be decided by the audience playing the game.

This genre of live-streaming games is the new fad amongst gamers as they feel personally involved in the storyline, and the gaming experience also has an enhanced feel to it. 

Silent Hill - Liveplay
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment

How Will the Story Pan Out of the Silent Hill Ascension?

The developers will collect the data input of the players from around the world and then use the cut scenes in the story to make the series. That is why the emphasis on every decision of a player counts. 

Silent Hills - Visuals
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment

Also, do make a note of the fact that the Cloud series will only be streamed once. Players can go back, revisit, and play the game anytime they want, but the canonical outcome of the game will not change. 

The audience or the players who do not wish to participate in playing the game can also watch the story unfold. There is also the option of chatting with the community and leaving remarks about the released episodes. 

What Is the Mood Among the Fans of the Franchise?

The mood is pretty upbeat and positively anxious. Fans are waiting for the release of the game so that they can take part in the storyline of the game.

They realize that they can become a factor in the outcome of some characters and storyline on the whole. 

Silent Hill - Game
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment

The excitement amongst the fans is palpable, and so is the uncertainty of some of the fans who are unaware of the live-stream genre of gaming.

Some fans are skeptical as to how this will work out, but there is a lot more positivity than the uncertainty surrounding Silent Hill Ascension. 

When Can We Expect the Release of Silent Hill Ascension?

The final release date of Silent Hill Ascension is 31 October 2023. A Halloween release date has been finalized by the developers, which is quite apt for a game that is quite near to the spooky theme. 

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Silent Hill - Release
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment

What Is the Plot of Silent Hill Ascension?

The plot of the Silent Hill Ascension, on the whole, is TBA. It is still to be released to the general public. There is an excerpt on YouTube that we can share, and it will at least give the fans a general idea as to where the story will be going. 

Silent Hills - New Chapter
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment

Here’s the excerpt – The Hernandez family faces a crisis as another death in their familiar rust-belt town, which is situated in Pennsylvania, shakes them to their core.

Meanwhile, in an almost extinct fishing village that is in Norway, the Johansen family’s peace is thrown in a spanner when their matriarch, Ingrid, passes away under unusual circumstances.

The survival of these families depends on them solving the mysteries behind these deaths and how these deaths connect them in some way.

The trailer has mist, monsters, creepiness, thin-ice situations, and a lot more spookiness, which is a classic Silent Hill franchise trademark.

From the trailer, one can say Konami is going the high-risk, high-reward route because the intrigue they have built is genuine. 


The game was released on 31st October, so the anticipation is quite high, as expected as well. It is still a new genre for the fans to sink their teeth into, but the excitement is there for the fans for the release of the game. 

Silent Hills - Survival
Picture: Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Productions, dj2 Entertainment

The gameplay is gathering all the attention as it is the first time the Silent Hill franchise is going to the live-stream genre route. How will the game and the following Cloud series pan out? Only time will tell.

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