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AFK Journey - Side Quest Feature

In AFK Journey, side quests usually mean extra missions or tasks that players can participate in along with the main plot. Such quests often give prizes as a result.

Check below for a full list of Side Quests, as well as additional information!

List of All Side Quests

Side Quest Walkthrough

AFK Journey Side Quest
Side QuestRecommended Lv.
Warmth in Winter (Side Quest) - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Warmth in Winter
AFK Journey - Side Quest - Scholars in Distress
Scholars in Distress
North and South Story Quest Completion
Resonance Lv. 28
AFK Journey - Jumeo and Roliet - Side Quest
Jumeo and Roliet
Vineyard’s Secret Story Quest Completion
Resonance Lv. 30
Holistone Merchant - Side Quest - AFK Journey
Holistone Merchant
Truth Behind Fire Story Quest Completion
Resonance Lv. 30
AFK Journey - Where is Bradduck - Side Quest
Where is Bradduck
Truth Behind Fire Story Quest Completion
Resonance Lv. 30
Lost Maiden side quest guide - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Lost Maiden
Unlock Dark Forest 1
Resonance Lv. 80
AFK Journey - Side Quest - Who is Merlin
Who is Merlin?
Merlin’s Ward Story Quest Completion
Resonance Lv. 80
Golden Secret Side Quest - AFK Journey (AFK2)Golden SecretMerlin’s Ward Story Quest Completion
Resonance Lv. 80
Deer Spirit's Treasure: Secret Side Quest Guide - AFK JourneyDeer Spirit’s Treasure: SecretLost Maiden Side Quest Completion
Resonance Lv. 80

How to Unlock Side Quests?

Progress Through Story

AFK Journey - Side Quest Front

Progression through the Story Quest unlocks them. A new quest will unlock as you complete each Storyline, defeat bosses, or reach new areas of Esperia. As these quests are optional, you may pick them up whenever you’re available for another unique adventure.

These alternative quests branch out once you have completed certain parts of the Story Quest or unlocked a new location on the map. Some serve as continuations of a side questline or another story involving residents of the area. There are plenty of quests to discover, each filled with challenges and tales.

Increase AFK Level

AFK Journey - Side Quest Front

Some quest unlocks once you reach a certain level with your heroes or AFK Stages. As you level up by gaining experience points through battles and quests, new side content becomes available in AFK Journey.

What Are Side Quests?

Optional Quests

This type of quest in AFK Journey serves as an “optional” content that provides extra rewards upon completion.

They may include different activities like defeating some types of monsters, walking through specific sites, finding materials, finishing complex challenges, or unraveling riddles.

These quests usually have no expiration and are ready to pick up whenever you can take on another set of adventures. Rewards provided upon completion range from diamonds, gold, and experience points to even costumes for your Merlin to wear and enjoy.

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