Shroom Guard – Rush Royale TD: Guide, Tips And Tricks

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Shroom Guard - Introduction

Shroom Guard – Rush Royale TD is a fun and addictive tower defense game that takes place in the magical Mushroom Kingdom. As a heroic colossus, your duty is to defend the kingdom against waves of invading heroes using an army of quirky mushroom monsters. 

With strategic gameplay and fun fusion mechanics, Shroom Guard offers a unique twist on the classic tower defense genre. This guide provides some tips and tricks to help you become an expert at protecting the Mushroom Kingdom!

What is Shroom Guard – Rush Royale TD?

Shroom Guard – Rush Royale TD is a fast-paced tower defense game that takes place in a colorful fantasy mushroom kingdom. As the name suggests, players take on the role of a giant mushroom colossus tasked with guarding the kingdom against invading heroes and villains.

Shroom Guard - Gameplay
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The core gameplay involves strategically placing mushroom towers along a path to stop waves of enemies from reaching your castle.

The mushroom towers have different abilities, like spitting projectiles or poisoning enemies. Players must balance offense and defense, upgrading towers while also building new ones to counter increasing threats.

Levels continuously introduce new enemy types with unique abilities to keep players on their toes. Special mushroom towers can be unlocked through gameplay or fused together for powerful combinations. Figuring out the most effective tower combinations and formations to counter each level’s waves is key.

Shroom Guard - Defense Strength Evaluation
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Along with single-player campaign missions, Shroom Guard also features co-op and versus multiplayer modes for battling other players. Daily and weekly events with special rewards give players regular incentives to come back.

Getting Started

When you first start playing Shroom Guard, go through the tutorial levels to learn the basics. Pay attention to how monsters are placed, the different types of monsters and their abilities, and strategies for defeating waves of heroes.

Shroom Guard - Acquire Rewards
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It may take a few levels to get the hang of balancing economy and defense, but once you do you’ll be ready to take on more challenging levels.

Understand and Utilize Monster Abilities

There are many different monster types in Shroom Guard, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Melee monsters like Mushrooms deal heavy damage up close while ranged monsters like Shroomers hit from afar. 

Shroom Guard - Utilise monsters
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Heavies like Rock Shrooms can block paths and absorb lots of damage. Spread out your monsters and place them strategically to maximize their abilities. Use heavy monsters to block entrances and tanks to hold the front line while ranged monsters attack from behind.

Upgrade Monsters Wisely

As you play levels, you’ll earn coins to upgrade your monsters. Focus first on upgrading your key damage dealers and tanks. Increase their health and attack to make them more formidable.

Shroom Guard - Victory
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 Resist the urge to upgrade every monster evenly – it’s better to have a few strong ones than a bunch of mediocre ones. Prioritize upgrades over having too many monsters on the field.

Utilize Special Monster Abilities

Some monsters like Healshrooms have useful special abilities. Use them at the right times to swing battles in your favor.

For example, use Healshrooms to top up your tank’s health after a big wave. Or have Poison Mushrooms weaken tough enemies before sending in your main attackers. 

Shroom Guard - Level Up
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Learn what each special ability does and use them strategically.

Some Tips and Tricks That Can Help You

  • Learn enemy attack patterns – Pay attention to the different enemies and bosses that appear on each level. Understanding their movement speeds, damage capabilities, and other attributes will help you plan your defense more effectively.
Shroom Guard - Tips and tricks
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  • Experiment with tower combinations – The key to a strong defense is synergy between your towers. Try combining slowing towers with high-damage dealers, or put towers with splash damage in areas that funnel enemies together.
Shroom Guard - Hint
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  • Use your resources carefully – You will need coins for constructing and improving towers. However, do not spend so recklessly that in the process you end up running out of resources later on. You can make the necessary savings to upgrade your tower or build something that will be useful for the boss wave.
  • Take the opportunity to use power-ups – Power-ups like damage boosts and slow fields can turn the worst situation into a much better one. Know when to use them for best results.
  • Improve your strategy by replaying levels – Most levels will take several replays to complete. Use every such failure as training and optimize your tower placements or resource management.
Shroom Guard - Tips and tricks
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  • Use daily events and rewards to your complete advantage – You are entitled to free resources if you log in daily to help boost your game. Special towers or bonuses can be earned at one-time events.
  • Create an alliance to play in a team – AAlliances allow you to team up with other players for rewards and social play. Work with allies to create even stronger defenses in the tower.
  • Have fun designing maze-like paths – One of the joys of tower defense games is designing convoluted paths to make enemies walk as far as possible while under fire. Get creative!

Keep Playing and Practicing

Like any tower defense game, practice makes perfect in Shroom Guard. Keep playing levels to get experience with different monster types and upgrade paths. Replay earlier levels to refine your strategies.

Learn enemy attack patterns and proper responses to them. Unlock new areas and monsters to expand your options. The more you play, the better you’ll get at tower defense fundamentals. Just have fun and keep guarding those mushrooms!

Shroom Guard - Keep playing
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Shroom Guard – Rush Royale TD takes the charming mushroom world of the classic Mushroom Kingdom and combines it with deep, strategic tower defense gameplay. Protecting the kingdom is both fun and challenging.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to fuse, place, and upgrade monsters like a pro.

Keep practicing your tower defense skills and you’ll have what it takes to become the ultimate Shroom Guard!

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