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Shining Nikki: How to Obtain Gift Codes (2021)

Shining Nikki is a stunning dress up adventure game from Papergames. There are lots of new and exciting features, a deep storyline full of dialogues, twists and turns, fast-paced style battles, Nikki’s home where you can give gifts to her to increase bond and co-op battles where you and random players around the world battle against AI stylists to obtain rewards.

If you have played Dress Up: Time Princess, then you will be familiar with the gameplay. There’s so much to learn and do in Styling Nikki, but we are here to share the latest codes with you. They will let you earn bonus rewards that may help you in your style battles and adventures.

Latest Codes

Shining Nikki’s official Facebook page provides the latest gift codes. “Like” “Follow” the page to get the latest updates.

Here are some of the newest gift codes:

NIKKISHOW: Fantasy ticket, gold.

NIKKIPARTY (Redeem before 2021-7-20): Pink gem (used for buying gifts for Nikki at her home, Memory Key (SR), Memory Key (R), Mystery Ticket.

PRAISEMOMO (Redeem before 2021-7-18): Pink gem, stamina (used to play game modes, without stamina you won’t play, gold.

Memory key is used to rank up designer reflection cards.

That’s it. Bookmark our article to receive the latest gift codes.

How to Enter Gift Codes

This is your home screen. Tap on the portrait pic on the top-left corner of the home screen:

Shining Nikki Codes

Next, tap on “Settings” on the bottom right corner of the profile screen.

Profile page.

Tap on “Redeem Code”. You can find this on the bottom of the settings screen.

Settings page

In the empty space, enter your code and press the “Claim” button to get your rewards.

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