Shield Hero – RISE: Ultimate Game Guide

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For anime lovers who double as gamers, the release of Shield Hero Rise will surely bring out that immense feeling that characterizes journeying through any epic story. The turn-based gacha game developed by Eggtart is an adaptation of the anime The Rise of the Shield Hero.

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The first chapter of the anime/manga is iconic, splattered with the betrayal of Myne and the introduction of your companions, and you get to experience all these in the game. Aside from that, Shield Hero Rise has very clean graphics, which guarantees immersive gameplay.

the shield hero fighting the dragon
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Like any game adapted from anime, there are certain challenges with the gameplay bordering on game mechanics, characters, main story, menus, etc. Hence, this Shield Hero Rise game guide hopes to introduce the core things about the game so you can start and enjoy seamless gameplay.

Shield Hero RISE Gameplay

shield hero rise game menu
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The first thing on this Shield Hero game guide is to introduce its gameplay mechanics. Shield Hero Rise incorporates three gaming terms: turn-based, gacha, and RPG setups, making it like games such as Nikke-Goddess of Victory and Hero Adventure – Idle RPG. However, it has a smoother and cleaner graphics compared to them.

a simple battle with balloons
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The gameplay takes you through the anime storyline, allowing you to experience the story as Iwatana Naofunmi, the Shield Hero himself. Here, you (the Hero) and your allies (characters) get to fight different levels of enemies in a turn-based system.

allies lineup in shield hero rise
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The game is mainly in the PvE (Player vs Environment) mode, where you can access the main story and other challenges, quests, events, etc. There is also the PvP (Player vs Player) mode, where you can play with other players.

stages in shield hero rise
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The Main Story is a rendition of the anime storyline and comprises many stages. Each stage involves a battle and several cutscenes/dialogues. You can complete a stage with a 3-star rating if you win without suffering any casualty. If you suffer one character, you get a 2-star rating; if you suffer more than one casualty, you get a 1-star rating.

a battle in the game
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Like many turn-based RPGs, you can play Shield Hero Rise in auto mode using Auto. In this mode, the game uses the abilities of each ally based on their turn.

Furthermore, you can play at a higher speed using X2 or skip the battling process by pressing SKIP initially. Using the two means (Auto and Skip), losing or winning depends on the team selection and lineup.

responding to dialogues in shield hero rise
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A fun fact is that the Shield Hero fight style is limited based on being a shield user. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the cool animations surrounding him and other characters.

Furthermore, the game involves certain dialogue during cutscenes or during the battle that might need input from you. The system can make the right choice for you. Although some might affect the rewards you get.

The Hero and Characters

iwatani naofunmi the shield hero
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Shield Hero Rise introduces one Hero (Iwatani Naofunmi) and several characters you can have as allies in the game.

The Hero and characters share some things, such as equipment, upgrades, and exclusive weapons. However, they differ regarding the Hero having a Holy Weapon while characters can increase their Quality.

thorne a character in shield hero rise
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The Hero and every character in the game are unique, and using the best characters to complement your Hero can make a difference in a battle. Furthermore, the major challenge in the game is related to the characters.

Hence, this section of the Shield Hero Rise game guide will fully discuss what you need to know about the Hero and every character.


basic skills of the shield hero
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Characters and the Hero have three classifications of skills: Basic, Passive, and Secret, each arranged from left to right on the character/hero page. Each skill is unique to the character and functions based on its current level.

passive skills of the shield hero
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Using the Shield Hero as an example, Iwatani Naofunmi has the Shield Attack, Shield Protection, and Air Strike Shield. The Shield Attack is a basic skill that allows him to attack an enemy once with his shield, dealing damage.

secret skills of the shield hero
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Shield Protection is a passive skill that buffs up the allies and protects them for the entire battle. Air Strike Shield is Iwatani’s Secret skill, allowing him to create a barrier that blocks damage for allies and restores AP to the allies. Furthermore, can also upgrade each skill by upgrading the character/hero


ren amaki stats
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Aside from the skills, the Hero and every character have their stats on the left side of their page containing parameters such as:

  • ATK: Attack power
  • DEF: Defense against the enemy’s attack
  • HP: Health Point
  • SPD: Speed during their turn
  • Crit Rate: Chance of landing a Critical Hit on an enemy
  • Crit Dmg: The damage dealt by the Critical Hit
  • Hit Effect: Increase the chance to land a debuff on an enemy
  • Immunity: Reduce the chances of the enemy debuffing/controlling you 
  • P.DMG Down / M.DMG Down: Reduce the Physical or Magical damage dealt by an enemy


upgrade the shield hero
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You can upgrade every character and the Shield Hero by consuming XP potions or gaining experience during battles. In terms of XP potions, every character and the Hero requires a unique number of XP potions depending on their level

level up the character stats
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Press the Upgrade button on the character/hero menu and check the Estimated material cost to know the type and amount of XP potions you need. You can even click on the item to know where to obtain them.


character class in shield hero rise
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Every character in the game belongs to one of the four classes: Last Judgment Star, Protection Star, Charge Star, and Discipline Star.

Characters with Last Judgement Star have high defensive prowess, making them suitable for protecting other allies. Characters with the Protection Star class are also defensive. However, they are more aggressive.

bond in shield hero rise
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Charge Star characters and the Shield Hero are both offensive and defensive. For example, Iwatana can use his shield to deal significant damage to enemies while protecting his allies.

The Discipline Star characters have defensive and offensive capabilities and are typically versatile, playing different roles in a battle.


physical damage character
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Characters in the game can also be grouped based on the Damage into Physical DMG or Magical DMG. On the one hand, characters that deal Physical damage, such as Iwatani Naofunmi, use their equipment to damage enemies.

On the other hand, characters that deal magical damage use spells to deal damage to enemies


roles in shield hero rise
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Every character in the Shield Hero Rise also belongs to three roles: Damage, Support, and AP roles. Damage characters deal the most damage to enemies using their abilities.

Support characters use their healing abilities to buff their and their allies’ abilities. Lastly, characters control the battlefield using their abilities. A very good example of an AP Character is the Shield Hero.


equipment in the shield hero rise
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Equipment can be obtained by playing the game or from the Store. Their use and the number of permissible equipment depends on the hero/character.

enhance the gear in shield hero rise
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For the Hero, Iwatani can only equip five things, while the characters can equip up to six. However, Iwatani can add an exclusive Holy Weapon, which gives him new abilities, stats, and skills.

enhance or equip a gear in shield hero rise
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On adding a piece of equipment, you can see the effect it has on the stats of the character/hero.

Furthermore, you can upgrade the equipment using the Enhance option and select the enhancement materials. Enhancing a piece of equipment allows it to go from zero to fifteen; for every +3 enhancement, the equipment gets a new stat or higher one.

Awakening and Qualify

qualify a character
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Awakening and qualifying in Shield Hero Rise are only available to the characters. It allows you to increase the tier list of your characters (like the Holy Weapon to the Hero) and improves their passive stats.

On the other hand, character qualify increases the character’s Phase, skill powers, and some passive stats.

Gacha Rates

Shield Hero is a gacha game, and there are several ways you can get characters or items in the game. To get new characters, you can access the following banners under the Recruit Tab on the main screen.

Rising Banner

rising banner
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This is the first banner for summoning characters in the game. A Summon costs 500 Gold, while ten summons cost 5000.

Every reward (item and character) obtainable from this Summon has a unique probability of getting them. Furthermore, this banner has a featured character, which you can get in 68x summons.

rewards and their probability in the rising banner
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The probability of each reward/character:

  • Featured Special Hero: 1.5%
  • Character Token: 30%
  • Epic Random Soul Star: 15%
  • Rare Random Soul Star: 25%
  • Common Random Soul Star: 15%
  • 10 Common Dragon Hands: 0.45%
  • 6 Common Dragon Hands: 3.80%
  • 10 Repel Inscription Shards: 0.45%
  • 6 Repel Inscription Shards: 3.80%
  • 1000 Magical Energy Crystal: 2.50%
  • 10k Stone of the Skies: 2.50%

Newcomer Recruit

newcomer recruit
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You can get either Epic, Rare, or Basic characters in this banner. A Summon in this banner costs 200 Gold or one Premium Recruit, while ten Summons cost 2000 or ten Premium Recruit.

probability of getting the newcomer recruit
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The probability of getting the characters is:

  • Epic Rate Up Characters: 1.2%
  • Epic Characters: 2.8%
  • Rare Characters: 32.86%
  • Basic Characters: 63.14%

The probability of getting the Epic Character on the main banner is 5%. If you draw another character, this probability increases until it is up to 100%.

Wishful Serenade

wishful serenades
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The “Wishful Serenade” banner allows you to choose up to 5 Epic, Rare, or Basic Characters. A summon costs 200 Gold or Premium Recruit while ten costs 2000 or ten Premium Recruit.

probability of getting wishful serenade
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The probability of getting the characters is:

  • Epic Characters = 4.05%
  • Rare Characters = 34.91%
  • Basic Characters = 61.04%

Basic Recruitment

basic recruitment
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This “Regular Recruit” banner allows you to get Rare or Basic characters. A summon here costs one Basic Recruitment Order, and ten Summons cost 10). The probability of getting the characters can be seen by clicking the “i” icon. Generally, the probability is: 

  • Rare Characters: 8.3%
  • Basic Characters: 91.7%

Shield Hero Rise Tips and Tricks

This Shield Hero ultimate guide contains everything you need to set yourself up. However, the game is also a large universe, meaning it might not cover everything you need. You can use the following tips and tricks to stay ahead in the game.

Read instructions and information

read instructions
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Since this Shield Hero Rise game guide can’t explain every minute thing in the game, you need to have an open mind by reading instructions and any information about a feature or function. This will help you in making the right decision.

Remove the Secret Technique Animation

remove the animation
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The game showing you the animation for an ally attack can seem fun at the beginning.

However, later, it can be a little boring. So, you should remove the animation. Removing the animation will only allow you to see it the first time a character uses it. Navigate to Settings and Toggle off Secret Technique Animation.

Interact with the dialogue/cutscene if possible

interact with the cutscenes
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Shield Hero Rise sometimes needs you to interact with the game during play. For example, you might see the need to make a choice in a battle.

While some choices do not have significant results, some can affect the course of the game by determining the rewards or the number of enemies you face. 

Use the auto mode

use the auto mode
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When you have a strong team, make use of the Auto mode. This means that the system will oversee coordinating and enacting attacks. Nevertheless, the coordination follows the turn-based style of the game.

You also can skip the game or use the fast-forward option to increase the game’s speed. You can quickly finish a battle using both methods and move to the next one.

Do not miss the events

dont miss the events
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Shield Hero Rise has several events that allow you to obtain items such as equipment, potions, gold, etc. Events in the game include Battle Pass and several Bounty orders. Ensure you make use of the events and get huge rewards.

Understand the enemies and the lineup

understand the enemy lineup
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Before you enter a battle, ensure you know the enemies and their lineup. This will make it easy for you to plan and use the right characters. Understanding the enemies and their abilities will increase your chances of winning.

Field a very strong team

a defeat in shield hero
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Ensure you use the right team. A good team should have a strong attack and support characters. Or you can tailor the team using the enemies’ abilities to increase the chances of winning.

Final Thoughts

Shield Rise Hero is the game adaptation of The Rising of the Shield Hero, and it is available on the Play Store or App Store and promises an enjoyable gaming experience.

This game guide intends to help you understand the critical parts of the games to have a seamless experience. Looking for other guides related to the Shield Hero Risen or another game? Check us out to get answers to your questions.

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