Shadow Lord – Legends Knight: Weapons Guide

Muhib Nadeem
Shadow Lord - Legends Knight

Become a mighty hunter and slice and dice your way to success in Shadow Lord – Legends Knight. Developed by Casual Media Game, this one is a blast to play.

However, the same can’t be said about progression, especially when you have to collect stronger and sharper weapons.

There’s no tutorial regarding that, so how can you – a newbie, become the owner of these awesome weapons? In this article, let’s explore that aspect and go as deep as possible to ensure you won’t have to think about weapons anymore.

Weapons Rarity

Shadow Lord-Legends Knight Weapons Rarity
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Getting started in Shadow Lord – Legends Knight, the first aspect we need to look closely at is rarity. It goes all the way from Greate to Legend, the latter of which is a pain to obtain. You need to be vigilant, collect all the loot boxes possible, and sell your soul to satan to obtain it.

However, the ride doesn’t end there, since after obtaining the weapon comes leveling it, and that aspect goes into combining. The more items you combine, the sooner you will reach those higher rarity levels.

How To Level Your Weapons in Shadow Lord – Legends Knight?

How To Level Your Weapons?
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In order to level your weapons, you need to feed weapons to them. Each weapon tier has a similar level cap – meaning, the number of weapons required to level up a weapon to max is not subjective.

Unfortunately, you can only use your weapons as fodder to level up your main weapon. The conversion rate does not play nice, but it’s still better than having a stash of useless junk.

Enhancing Weapons

Enhancing Weapons
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You’ve reached your first level cap in Shadow Lord – Legends Knight, and there’s nothing to do, right?

No, you can still upgrade/enhance the weapon to bring out its full potential. This would require you to collect similar weapons and combine them to form a stronger weapon.

The similar copies need to be of the same rank as well, so trying to star up an Uncommon weapon with a Grate one won’t work. This will increase the level cap without resetting all of your levels.

Easy Route

Easy Route
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Don’t want to go through the pain of leveling each weapon to obtain the highest rarity? Invest in real-world currency, and purchase the starter pack. The contents might change, but it always guarantees an ultra-rare.

Unfortunately, though, there’s no way of obtaining an ultra-rare weapon through the in-game shop. Therefore, while it does lessen the pay-to-win element, it also means, you need to put your blood, sweat, and tears into the grind.

Unlocking Weapon Chests

Unlocking Weapon Chests
Photo: Casual Media Game

These weapon chests can be unlocked for free in Shadow Lord – Legends Knight; if you watch an ad, or for diamonds if you’re considering a bulk roll. Aside from that, you can also use keys to unlock it, but even chests have a rarity.

You have silver chests, which are more geared towards beginner weapons, and Gold chests, which hold the higher-tier equipment.


In essence, finding and mastering the weapons in “Shadow Lord – Legends Knight” requires a blend of strategy, patience, and dedication.

While the game offers a myriad of ways to obtain and enhance weapons, each with its own set of challenges, the progression system can be a bit demanding.

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