Shadow Lord – Legends Knight: How To Upgrade Weapons

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Are you ready to become a mighty hunter and conquer the world of Shadow Lord – Legends Knight? While the game offers thrilling adventures and intense battles, one of the most significant challenges lies in the weapon progression.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, understanding how to obtain and enhance your weapons is crucial for success in the game.

In today’s article, we will delve deep into the complexities of weapon rarity, leveling them up, enhancing them, and even offer some tips and tricks to make your journey in Shadow Lord – Legends Knight smoother.

You can download Shadow Lord – Legends Knight from Google Play Store or App Store.

How To Upgrade Weapons

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The first step in your quest for getting powerful weapons in Shadow Lord – Legends Knight is understanding rarity of weapons.

These weapons range from Great to Legend, with the latter ones being exceptionally hard to get.

Obtaining the rarest weapons may sometimes feel like quite a challenge, but it is really worth the effort.

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To progress further in the game, you will need to be on the lookout and collect as many loot boxes as possible.

The higher the box rarity, the more formidable the weapon will be, so keep your eyes open for these elusive treasures.

Obtaining these rare weapons is only the beginning of your journey, as leveling them up requires even further effort.

Leveling Your Weapons in Shadow Lord

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In Shadow Lord – Legends Knight, each weapon tier has a similar level cap, meaning the number of weapons required to reach the maximum level is consistent across tiers.

Unfortunately, you can’t level up your weapons with just any items. You can only use weapons as fodder to enhance your main weapon.

While the conversion rate might not feel like the most generous, accumulating a stash of useless gear is not worth it. This system encourages you to focus on a select few weapons and invest your resources wisely.

Enhancing Your Weapons

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Once you have reached the level cap for a weapon, your journey doesn’t end there. In Shadow Lord – Legends Knight, enhancing your weapon is also crucial to unlock its full potential.

This process involves collecting similar weapons and combining them to create a more potent weapon.

It is essential to note that the weapons you combine must be of the same rank. Attempting to level up a rare weapon with a common one will not work.

Enhancing your weapon through this method increases the level cap of it without resetting all of your hard-earned levels. This levels up your weapons and makes them a lot more powerful!

Investing Real-World Money

Starter Pack
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If you are not up for the grind of leveling each weapon to the highest rarity, there is an easier route to achieve this.

Shadow Lord – Legends Knight allows you to use real-world currency and purchase the starter pack. While the contents of this pack may vary, it always guarantees an ultra-rare weapon.

However, it is worth mentioning that there is no way to obtain an ultra-rare weapon through the in-game shop.

While this approach reduces the pay-to-win element, it also means you will need to dedicate your time and effort to the game in order to progress further.

Watch Ads
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There is also the option to watch ad videos to obtain free rewards; which include weapons and items. You can watch videos multiple times to increase the outcome.

Unlocking Weapon Chests

Unlocking Chests
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In Shadow Lord – Legends Knight, there are a variety of ways to unlock weapon chests. You can unlock them for free by watching an ad, or use diamonds for a bulk roll.

There is also the option to use some keys but keep in mind that even these chests come in varying rarities.

Fight in Shadow Lord
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Silver chests typically contain beginner-level weapons, which are perfect for newbies. Gold chests hold higher-tier equipment, which makes them a better option for more seasoned players.

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Shadow Lord – Legends Knight, demands a combination of strategy, patience, and dedication. While there are various methods to obtain and enhance your weapons, each comes with its unique challenges and rewards.

Keep these weapon progression tips in mind as you embark on your epic quest, and may your weapons always be sharp and your victories plentiful.

Please feel free to comment in the section below on easier methods you may have found to upgrade weapons.

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