Guide: How To Get The Shadovia Reaper Scythe

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Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux

Do you have dreams of winning on the Shadovia battlefield with a Reaper Scythe? We are here to help you with an easy-to-follow guide.

Yes, it may take some time and work but the reward is worth having. Prepare for major farming and combat!

In the land of Shadovia, a big Roblox RPG adventure is waiting.

If you like learning close fighting skills or using magic, Shadovia has something for all people.

Fight hard bosses, collect treasure, and remember to get resources too. Use them to make great equipment for your character during the journey.

Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux

Shadovia Reaper Scythe in Roblox

oooohh im gonna take ur soul

In Roblox, the Shadovia Reaper Scythe is a big weapon that’s famous for being legendary. It can do medium-close fights well.

This special weapon has skills that make it popular in the game world.

The scythe’s actions include a strong cutting action and a downward strike attack. These both have extra dark fire damage added to them.

Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux

It lets users stop enemies’ attacks and take less harm. It also has a spinning move to hurt foes with dark fire damage.

The Shadovia Reaper Scythe’s rarity makes it very attractive, making many people want to have one in the computer world.

You can get this great weapon in two ways: by fusing weapons to getting it as a drop from the Grim Reaper. In the game, it is very special and wanted because powerful melee weapons are hard to come by.


Obtained FromEnemy Drop, Weapon Fusion
DescriptionInflicts dark flame on hit
Melee Power+50 Melee Power
Attack Speed+30% Attack Speed
Magic Power+50 Magic Power

How to Get Shadovia Reaper Scythe

The top way to make a normal Scythe in Shadovia is by mixing one. Use two weapons, like 2 magical ones (I suggest using 2 very rare and powerful ones). 

Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux

This normal Scythe can then be used to make a Reaper Scythe once you have the needed things.

The next thing you need is a container that might appear when fighting the boss Ama Chancellor. You can call this boss by using Abyssal Conduits!


  • Defeat the Stone Golems to farm Stone Vigils – these are then used to summon the Giga Golem boss
  • Summon the Giga Golem Boss – you’ll have to farm this boss fight!
    • Each gem has a drop-rate-hance

Abyssal Conduits

Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux
  • Head to Vampire Town
  • Once you’re there, head down to the tower and walk through a gate to the Vampire Castle
  • Go upstairs to find the NPC, Ghoulsford – you can purchase Abyssal Conduits from him during the nighttime in-game!
    • You can also craft Abyssal Conduits by using the recipe in the Crafting window


M1 – Slash

Slash your opponent

  • Damage: 105
  • Deals additional 8 dark flame damage

Aerial M1 – Downwards Slash

Slash in a downward motion

  • Damage: 125
  • Deals additional 8 dark flame damage

E – Block

Block your opponents attacks

  • Reduces taken damage

R – Spinning Attack

Spin in a quick motion, slicing your enemies

  • Damage: 85
  • Deals Darkflame damage
  • Deals additional 8 dark flame damage
Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux

Tips and Tricks

  • NPC Interaction: Talk to certain characters like Ghoulsford to get a scythe easily. Learn where they are and what they give so it will be easier and quicker.
  • Material Awareness: Know where to find and what rare items are, this is important for making or improving the scythe. This information makes the process of collecting materials for a better scythe easier.
Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux
  • Quest Participation: Join special tasks or events made to get unique improvements or rewards related to scythes. This helps in making your weapon stronger.
  • Strategic Building: Try out different designs for the Shadovia Reaper Scythe. Add smart upgrades that match your way of playing and make everything work better.

Exploring Shadovia in Roblox

Start a big adventure in Shadovia, it’s an interesting Roblox RPG where fun and excitement are around every corner. When you play in magical places, think about doing many different things to make your gaming even better.

Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux

Unearth the Lore

Throw yourself into the big story of Shadovia by doing missions found in villages and areas. Find out the secrets of the game’s story and get important prizes while you go.

Conquer Challenges

Meet scary bosses who live in different parts of Shadovia. Make friends, get a good team together, and take part in big fights to win valuable prizes.

Roblox - Divine Katana
Photo: The Elemental Deux

Craft Your Arsenal

Go into making and changing weapons as an art. Try different builds to make your fighting better and be special in the world of Shadovia.

Forge Alliances

Meet with other explorers, share things you have, and make friends to work together on problems. Shadovia is good because it connects people and makes your game more social.

Roblox - Shadovia Reaper Scythe
Photo: The Elemental Deux


Getting the Shadovia Reaper Scythe in Roblox is a fun trip that needs smart choices and clever thinking.

The main points are: Join two weapons, ideally Mythic ones. This helps make the powerful scythe you need.

In the old world of Shadovia, The Reaper Scythe is very powerful. You can get it by joining things together, going on quests, and searching carefully.

As players go deep into this magic RPG world, these guides are very important. They help make the keys clear to get a precious Scythe of Reaper that they all want.

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