Ultimate Shadovia Fuses Guide

Al Bagiuo

Shadovia allows you to explore its vast world, which possesses plenty of opportunities to start an epic adventure, strengthen your character, make friends, and create fond memories.

As you progress through, you get to challenge powerful enemies across the seemingly endless world and dungeons, then uncover treasure chests that bestow various weapons. Weapons that can be further strengthened with the use of Fusion.

The Elemental Deux

One of the unique features of Shadovia – Roblox is the fusing of weapons to obtain the best weapons on the roster. In this article, I will help you understand the mechanics of this system and a list of possible fusions.

Shadovia – The Blacksmith

Certain weapons in Shadovia can be combined with another weapon to forge a stronger variant. The more powerful and rare the weapon you possess, the stronger the fusion version gets.

The Elemental Deux

To get started, head to any Town and find the Blacksmith. You can access the Fusing System in every Blacksmith on the map in Shadovia.

As mentioned, you can fuse weapons to create a new variant with different stats, and rarities play a crucial role in producing a better weapon.

For instance, fusing two Rare weapons results in an improved Rare variant with an added chance of getting an Epic rarity.

The Elemental Deux

The best approach to this unique system is taking advantage of Mythic rarity. Most Mythic Weapons in Shadovia can be obtained through Quest Rewards, Shops, and Crafting.

Combining two Mythic gives you a chance to obtain a Legendary rarity. The Crafting System is also available through the Blacksmith NPC in Shadovia.

The Elemental Deux

Crafting materials for Mythic Weapons are mostly found in treasure chests, monsters, and boss drops. So, keep grinding and collecting those sweet loots to craft your way to victory.

Fusion Weapon

Crafting a weapon is one thing; Fusion is another. Once you have obtained the weapon requirements for your desired Fusion Weapon, head to the Blacksmith to forge it.

The Elemental Deux

Here is a compilation of potential weapon fusions in Shadovia. Additional fusions will be added over time:

Weapon 1Weapon 2Fusion
Bloodletter Orb+Bloodletter Orb=Basic Meditation Beads (+35 Melee)

Iceborn Hammer
(+40 Melee Power, +15 Defense)

Horus Staff
(+40 Magic Power)
Bloodletter Orb+Horus Staff/Basic Meditation Beads=Wand of Cactology
(+195 Magic Power)

Witches Wand
(+50 Magic Power),

(+55 Melee Power, -30% ATK SPD)
Bloodletter Orb+Iceborn Hammer=Seeker Blade
(+50 Melee Power, +50% Roll SPD)
Bloodletter Orb+Caster’s Spellsphere=Vortex Orb
(+70 Magic Power)
Bloodletter Orb+Werewolf Claws=Sanguine Claws
(+50 Melee Power)

Note: Bloodletter Orb is dropped by Giga Golem (Boss) and Count Vermillion (Boss) in Shadovia.

The Elemental Deux
Weapon 1Weapon 2Fusion
Tree of Fist+Bugle/Nerfeti Harbinger=Scythe
(+31 Melee Power)

Mystic Lamp
(+100 Magic Power)
Tree of Fist+Superball=Irridance
(+130 Melee Power)

Stravant’s Lightning
(+80 Magic Power)

Inferno Staff
(-25% ATK SPD, +100 Magic Power)
Tree of Fist+Timebomb=Caster’s Spellsphere
(-25% ATK SPD, +100 Magic Power)

Golden Glade, Shiny Chaingun
Tree of Fist+Mushy Fist=Shiny Chaingun, Golden Glade

Mystic Lamp
(+100 Magic Power)

Note: Tree of Fist is dropped from Wise Grand Tree, which can be found in the Forest Map of Shadovia.

The Elemental Deux
Weapon 1Weapon 2Fusion
Basic Meditation Beads+Basic Meditation Beads=Claymore
(+55 Melee Power, -30$ ATK SPD)
Basic Meditation Beads+Witches Wand/Wand of Cactology/Weaponized Cheese=Mystic Mallet
(+48 Melee Power)

Crossbow, Wise Tree Longsword
Basic Meditation Beads+Mystic Mallet=Molten Glade

Note: Basic Meditation Beads can be obtained from Meditating Man in Shadovia. He’s sitting on the edge of the Upper Desert near the docks.

The Elemental Deux
Weapon 1Weapon 2Fusion
Mystic Mallet+Mystic Mallet/Witches Wand/ Wand of Cactology/ Weaponized Cheese=Mushy Fist
(+3 Armor Pierce, +60 ATK Power)

Stonecleave, Mighty Kanabo
Stonecleave+Stonecleave/D. Cane/Mystic Mallet=Bugle


(+25 Melee Power)
Stonecleave+Nerfeti Harbinger/Mushy Fists=Superball

(+60 Magic Power)

Flamin’ Blunderbuss
(+50 Melee Power, -35% ATK SPD, +50% Bullet Spread, +6 Max Pellets)
Superball+Nerfeti Harbinger/D. Cane/Mushy Fist/Timebomb=Fist of Tree, Endymion Daggers, Sledgehammer
(+130 Melee Power)

Note: Shadovia’s Mystic Mallet can be obtained from Giga Golem in Brimstone. Scythe is dropped from Grim Reaper in The Ghost Town.

The Elemental Deux
Weapon 1Weapon 2Fusion
Smithy Hammer+Desert Halberd=Bloodletter Orb
Flatty Blade+Flatty Blade=Hunter’s Machete, Bloxwood Bow, Pokey Dagger
Black Iron Mace+Black Iron Mace=Elegant Axe, Sheriff’s Shotter, Goo Blade
Homemade Shooter+Brutal Halberd=Raptor Axe, Red Mercy, Traveler’s Shotgun
Steel Katana+Brutal Halberd=Farmland Scythe,
Cursed Bandages, Knight’s Foil
Vampire Knives+Stravant’s Lightning=Ying and Yang,
Irridance, Caster’s Spellsphere
Ying and Yang+Ying and Yang=Irridance,
Caster’s Spellsphere
Javelin+Horus Staff=Wand of Cactology,
Witches Wand,
Lost Knight’s Sword+Keybrand=Sealed Brandish,
Precision Spear,
Wayfarer’s Greatsword
Lost Knight’s Sword+Brutal Halberd=Desert Brandish,
Desert Knight Halberd,
Woodland Bow
Steel Katana+Homemade Shooter=Traveler’s Shotgun,
Brutal Halberd,
Goo Lance
Goo Lance+Homemade Shooter=Blue Shooter
Blue Shooter+Lost Knight’s Sword=Steel Katana,
Red Mercy,
Raptor Axe
Blue Shooter+Keybrand=Lost Knight’s Sword,
Farmland Scythe,
Knight’s Foil


There are plenty of possible Fusion combinations in Shadovia that offer impressive stats to cater to every playstyle, and the developers are diligently expanding the content to entertain their cherished player base consistently, especially for the endgame.

Their Fusion List keeps expanding daily! Check out their official Discord channel to keep in the loop with updates.

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