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(Last Updated On: September 26, 2023)

Welcome to Seven Knight Idle Adventure, where you can place your own heroes, make your favorite formation, and start battling against different monsters on different stages or go to the arena to release the true warrior inside.

Seven Knights is an idle game developed by Netmarble on September 4, 2023, and it’s available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Your goal is to reach high levels and take over your enemies by increasing the knight order stats, which are your overall power.

There are many ways to do so, and in this article, we will mention how you can increase your power so you can conquer the arena.


Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Formation in Manage Heroes tab
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The first thing to do to get stronger is to choose your formation wisely. The first thing you need to know is that you can use up to 10 heroes.

You start with a slot, and the more stages you complete, the more slots you unlock until you reach stage 321.

Heroes have different rarities, so always aim to place the ones with the highest rarity.

There are 4 categories of heroes: melee, ranged, defense, and support, so make sure you balance your formation so you can deal enough damage while maintaining a strong frontline for protection.

Advance and Level Up in Seven Knights

Advancing and leveling up Heroes
Photo: Netmarble

Advancing a hero would greatly increase their overall stats; advancing requires a specific number of copies, depending on the number of stars a hero has.

Going to the last tab below the screen, you will find Summon Hero, which you can use to get copies of each hero.

Mission completion yields advanced cards for summoning heroes, and the more copies of a hero you have, the stronger they become.

You can level up your hero in Seven Knights using hero EXP, which you earn by completing missions, right next to the advance button.

And don’t worry about leveling a hero by mistake, as you can always reset the hero level to get the EXP back.


Influrnce tab
Photo: Netmarble

Influencing is one of the greatest ways to increase the overall knight order stats, and it is divided into 3 categories: attack, defense, and HP.

Each influence tier in Seven Knights has a maximum level for each category, and the higher the tier, the more stats you get, that you can level up by spending gold that is earned from defeating monsters.


unlocking traits
Photo: Netmarble

Traits are another way to increase your overall stats, as they have three categories: attack to increase your damage, defense to increase your defensive stats, and utility, which is about the gold you earn.

Traits use the knight’s tokens to be upgraded, which you can get by going to the knight’s token dungeon. You can find this in the daily dungeon tab on the 4th tab.


Pets tab
Photo: Netmarble

Pet summoning works just like hero summoning, where you can summon pets, get multiple copies, and level them up.

Pets play a great yet cute role where they just stand there, increasing your overall stats, which you will unlock on stage 121.

Dishes in Seven Knights

Dishes tab
Photo: Netmarble

Dishes are a time-limited way to increase stats, so you can use multiple dishes to greatly improve your power for a limited amount of time just so you can take that huge boss.


There are many ways to increase your knight order stats in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure, and we have mentioned those above that are the most effective.

The game has a lot to offer! Check out our other guides where you can get more information: Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes + How to Redeem, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure – Ultimate Guide, Tips, & Codes.

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