Seven Knights: Idle Adventure – Ultimate Guide, Tips, & Codes

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Netmarble’s Seven Knights series continues to grow with the full release of Seven Knight: Idle Adventure. Released globally on September 6, 2023, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure reimagines the Seven Knights in an idle RPG setting.

The latest Seven Knights installment is set in a world overrun by monsters. Players must form a team of heroes and slay all the monsters in sight. Send your favorite Seven Knights Heroes to battle and team them up with some new and exclusive recruits.

While it is part of a well-known and beloved gaming series, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure has plenty of new features and mechanics. And this Seven Knights: Idle Adventure game guide will walk you through all of them.

From a gameplay overview to a walkthrough of the various mechanics, this guide has everything a beginner needs to get started.

Plus, I’ll share some tips and tricks that ensure smooth progression with the minimum of grind.

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So, let’s get started! 

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Gameplay Guide

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure is a fairly easy-to-play idle RPG. All the fighting is automatic. Players just need to collect Rewards, Summon, and Enhance Heroes to ensure smooth progression. 

That said, beginners can feel lost because the game has tons of mechanics. So, this guide will help those new to the world of Seven Knights. 

As for the veterans, there is some new stuff in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure, and you can learn all about it in this guide. 

Gameplay Basics

First up, let’s talk about the gameplay basics.

As an idle RPG, the gameplay of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure is exactly what you’d expect.

The combat is automatic. 

Heroes automatically fight and defeat monsters. Players just need to make sure the Heroes fight in the right Formation, have the highest possible power levels, and use the best equipment.

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While Heroes fight, players also have to Summon new Heroes to keep improving their deck. There are various Hero Classes in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure. You’ll learn more about them in later sections.

Coming back to the gameplay, players can take part in combat by turning off the Auto option. Doing so allows the players to control the movement of the Heroes. With Auto turned off, players will have to point and drag the Heroes towards the monsters.

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Another important gameplay aspect that’s manual is Boss Summon. 

Players must manually summon the Boss of every stage in Adventure Mode to progress to the next stage. Thankfully, an Auto Boss Summon button is also available. Turn that on, and you won’t have to worry about Boss Summon either.

The Guide Missions will teach you everything as you progress along. Do not skip the Guide Missions. You’ll learn all the basics within the first few minutes.

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As for the complex mechanics, this guide is more than enough.

Important Mechanics To Master

With the basics out of the way, let’s dive deeper into the core mechanics, i.e., the stuff that players need to focus on the most.

  • Heroes

This is where you’ll be spending most of your time- the Heroes section. In this section, players manage their Heroes, create deck Formations, manage Pets, and keep a Codex.

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Manage Heroes is where you’ll see all of the Heroes you currently own. Here you can Level Up your heroes by increasing their overall stats. You’ll need Hero EXP for this. It accumulates automatically, so there’s no need to worry about this.

Hero Advancement is another way to massively improve Hero stats. However, Advancement requires Hero Cards, and those are hard to earn.

Next up is Formation.

This is where you create a formidable deck of fighters by deploying your strongest Heroes. There are FIFTEEN tiles on the deck. You can deploy a maximum of TEN Heroes at once.

Photo: Netmarble

Here’s a simple strategy that I follow, and it works really well for me.

Deploy the strongest Heroes and hit the Auto-Formation button. The game will automatically place the Heroes in their best spots.

You can create up to THREE decks in the Formation tab. This allows players to change strategies according to the game mode.

Once you clear the Guide-277 quest, you’ll unlock Pets. These cute and cuddly partners boost the Collection Effect, improving your rewards collection in Adventure Mode.

The fourth tab in the Heroes section is Codex.

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This is where you earn precious in-game currencies for Leveling Up and Advancing certain Heroes. Do not sleep on the Codex. You’ll miss out on plenty of resources.

  • Strengthening

There are FOUR secondary CP (Combat Power) mechanisms in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure. These improve your CP by boosting the whole deck instead of focusing on just one Hero. Here’s a table briefly describing the Strengthening mechanisms.

InfluenceBoosts Attack, Defense, and HP of all the Heroes in Formation.
RelicsSummon and equip Relics to boost various stats of the whole deck.
TraitsBoost current Traits. Unlock and equip different Trait Paths for Heroes.
Essence ResearchResearch Monster essence for rewards and boosts to all Hero stats in Formation. 
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  • Summon

In the Summon section, players can summon Heroes using Hero Cards. This is something you’ll have to do a lot to get your hands on the best Heroes.

The Hero Summon mechanism in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure has a level system of its own. As your Hero Summon Level increases, so will the chances of summoning an Epic, Unique, or Legendary Hero.

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How to increase Hero Summon Level? Keep summoning Heroes.


Now that you know about the all-important core and secondary mechanisms, let’s take a glance at the Heroes of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure.

Right now, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure has 130+ Heroes. Plenty of Heroes from the original Seven Knights games are an integral part of the roster. But there are plenty of new faces as well.

Photo: Netmarble

When it comes to type, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure classifies the Heroes into FOUR types:

  1. Defense Type.
  2. Melee Type.
  3. Ranged Type.
  4. Support Type.

The names are pretty self-explanatory, so there’s no point discussing the type in too much detail.

Apart from types, Heroes are also classified by Rarity. 

There are FIVE classes of Heroes by Rarity in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure.

  1. Normal.
  2. Rare.
  3. Epic.
  4. Unique.
  5. Legendary.

Normal Heroes are the weakest and Legendary Heroes are the strongest.

When using Hero Summon, you’ll mostly get Normal and Rare Heroes. Epic and Unique Heroes show up once in a while. Legendary Heroes are a rarity because there are only FIVE Legendary Heroes in the game right now.

However, you might strike gold and get a Unique or Legendary Hero with your first draw. That’s when the chances of drawing a Unique or Legendary Hero are the highest.

Game Modes

There are FOUR game modes in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure.

First is the Adventure Mode where players kill monsters and fight a Boss at the end of every stage to progress to the next stage.

After that, once you complete the Guide 114 mission, you’ll unlock the Challenge Mode. Within the Challenge Mode are Daily Dungeon, Arena, and Infinite Tower.

Daily Dungeon is the dungeon raiding mode.

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Players enter a dungeon and kill monsters within a given time limit. There are FIVE different dungeons, each rewarding players with a different in-game resource.

  1. Gold Dungeon. 
  2. Hero XP Dungeon.
  3. Knight’s Token Dungeon.
  4. Relic Shard Dungeon.
  5. Pet EXP Dungeon.

Arena is the PvP mode of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure. Players can have 10v10 (deploy 10 Heroes) battles with other players in real time. 

Lastly, there is the Infinite Tower. Every floor of the tower houses enemies stronger than the last one. Keep climbing the tower by defeating enemies and receive rewards until you lose. 

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With that, the overview comes to an end. 

If you have read the whole section, you now know how the various features and elements of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure work.

Now, let’s move towards some tips and tricks.

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Beginner Tips & Tricks

To ensure smooth progression and build the strongest possible deck for PvP battles, you just need to take care of a few things. By following these tips and tricks, you can 2x your resource farming. And with an abundance of resources, you can create the strongest army of Heroes ever seen in the Seven Knights multiverse.

1. Focus On Guide Quests

Guide Quests serve two purposes: bringing in Rubies and helping you unlock new features and game modes. Complete as many Guide Quests as soon as possible for tons of resources and unlock other features and game modes.

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Most of the Guide Quests are combat-related. They’ll take care of themselves. Some are related to secondary elements like Hero Strengthening, Pet Summoning, etc. For these Quests, just tap on them, and the game will guide you through completion.

2. Automate Combat & Boss Summon

The only part of combat that players get to control is the heroes’ movement. Apart from that, the whole combat is automated. The heroes automatically perform the moves- attacking, defending, and healing as needed. 

There’s the option to automate fighter movement, and I suggest turning it on. See the following image to locate the Auto button.

Photo: Netmarble

This allows you to focus on Hero Enhancement, Hero Summoning, and other important stuff.

Secondly, you’ll be stuck playing the same stage until you summon and defeat the Boss. Thankfully, there’s an option to automate Boss Summoning as well. This ensures you progress along smoothly.

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3. Keep Levelling Up Influence

Influence is one of the most influential secondary mechanisms of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure. While it requires a lot of Gold to level up, it’s worth every coin.

As you go through Influence Tiers, you can 1x, 10x, or 100x the Attack, Defense, and HP stats of not just individual Heroes but your whole deck.

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If you want to defeat Bosses in one go, do not ignore Influence.

4. Complete Daily & Weekly Missions

Gold, Rubies, EXP Points, and Hero Cards are the most valuable items on Seven Knights: Idle Adventure. And, completing the Daily and Weekly Missions is the best way to get these items. 

You can see all the available missions in the Missions tab.

Photo: Netmarble

Some of these get completed automatically as you progress along in Adventure Mode. You just have to complete the ones related to Dungeons and Heroe Strengthening.

5. Get The Codex Rubies

There are THIRTY Codices in the Codex section of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure. All of these are connected to a Hero. When you reach a certain Hero Level or Advance Level, you’ll get Rubies. 

Since you’ll be continuously leveling up your Heroes, the Codex Rubies will become available regularly. 

However, don’t go leveling up weak Heroes just for the sake of Rubies. Target Rare, Epic, and Unique Heroes first. You’ll develop a stronger deck and get more Rubies as well.

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I think that’s enough tips and tricks for now. Try these out and let me know if these made any difference to your overall experience. 

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes + How To Redeem?

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure has a Redeem Code option. Players can get plenty of valuable items for free just by redeeming these codes.

In this section, you’ll learn how to redeem Seven Knights: Idle Adventure codes and find a list of active and expired codes. Moreover, this list will get regularly updated with new codes, so bookmark this page to get all the latest Seven Knights codes.

Also, check out our Codes Section to get codes for other mobile games.

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Active Codes

The following codes are active and can be redeemed to earn rewards:

  • 14NOTICE5193
  • 10COUPON8425
  • 8MASTER3682
  • 24SNSLOVER1796
  • 4CLASS1217
  • 22UPDATE2978
  • 5LINK2074
  • 25website2961
  • 3pass5847
  • 11CATEGORY4863
  • 6NPC6905
  • 19SOCIAL2185
  • 2SPEC3752
  • 12letter7384
  • HAPPYLNY2024
  • 17BOSS7777
  • 24banner3468
  • 24banner3468
  • 23HIDE2806
  • 22faq3294
  • 21SNS8467
  • 20DEAL3468
  • 19main5134
  • 18store6905
  • 25BOSS5959
  • 3MAIL4712
  • 7KNIGHTS2024
  • 12OFF4305
  • 13RUBY2547
  • 2TIP7291
  • 5ACQUIRE6293
  • 8ARENA5738
  • 6SUMMON1019
  • 4PET7755
  • 9EMPTY1247
  • 16PASS1499
  • 17NOTICE0162
  • 10DEFEAT2153
  • 1BOSS1004
  • 11POOKI7602
  • 14DROSS3098

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Expired Codes

The following codes are inactive, and can no longer be used:

  • SKIAMONCT2807 (Valid till February 11)
  • SKIAMONHT7426 – Hero Summon Ticket x200 (Valid till February 4)
  • PDSPECIAL2023 (Valid till January 31)
  • SACHIEL7381
  • 100SEKI
  • 100SEKIV2 (Expires December 27)
  • SKIAFRIDAY17 (Expires November 29)
  • Sevenknights777
  • sXjpcUId2Ynzr09VIm
  • d27zQE4ZDAU1Oca
  • fdPxsA2tzaMojeW

How To Redeem Codes In Seven Knights: Idle Adventure

Here’s a step-by-step guide if you want to know how to redeem Seven Knights: Idle Adventure codes.

  • Launch Seven Knights: Idle Adventure.
  • Tap on the 4-Squares icon.
Seven Knights
Photo: Netmarble
  • Tap on the Settings.
  • Tap on Redeem Code.
Photo: Netmarble
  • Put in the Code and tap Use.

You’ll receive the rewards in the mailbox if the code is active. 

Keep an eye on the official Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Twitter/X page for newly launched codes.


Those already familiar with Netmarble’s Seven Knights universe will definitely enjoy this idle version. But even for first-timers, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure can provide excellent idle RPG entertainment

I hope this Seven Knights: Idle Adventure guide helps you enjoy this exciting title to the fullest. Feel free to leave your queries in the comments below. 

Stay tuned for some Seven Knight: Idle Adventure codes. I’ll update the codes section as soon as I find some working codes. 

Until then, collect resources the old-fashioned way: everyday grind!

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