Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes + How To Redeem – April 2024

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Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes are redeemable codes you can enter into the game to receive various rewards. These codes are often given out by game developers Netmarble, for milestones and special events.

Continue reading to see a list of all giveaway codes we could find online, as well as a quick guide on how you can redeem these codes for yourself!

All Seven Knights Idle Adventure Codes

  • 14NOTICE5193
  • 10COUPON8425
  • 8MASTER3682
  • 24SNSLOVER1796
  • 4CLASS1217
  • 22UPDATE2978
  • 5LINK2074
  • 25website2961
  • 3pass5847
  • 11CATEGORY4863
  • 6NPC6905
  • 19SOCIAL2185
  • 2SPEC3752
  • 12letter7384
  • HAPPYLNY2024
  • 17BOSS7777
  • 24banner3468
  • 24banner3468
  • 23HIDE2806
  • 22faq3294
  • 21SNS8467
  • 20DEAL3468
  • 19main5134
  • 18store6905
  • 25BOSS5959
  • 3MAIL4712
  • 7KNIGHTS2024
  • 12OFF4305
  • 13RUBY2547
  • 2TIP7291
  • 5ACQUIRE6293
  • 8ARENA5738
  • 6SUMMON1019
  • 4PET7755
  • 9EMPTY1247
  • 16PASS1499
  • 17NOTICE0162
  • 10DEFEAT2153
  • 1BOSS1004
  • 11POOKI7602
  • 14DROSS3098

How to find new Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes

Netmarble has a history of distributing redeemable codes through all manner of mediums! Follow them on their Twitter/X, Facebook, and Forums to stay up to date with the latest news on Seven Knights: Idle Adventure!

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How to Redeem Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes

There are currently two ways in which you can redeem your Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes! The first is through their official forums. This can come in handy when you don’t have access to the game or are stuck at work and aren’t allowed to use your phone.

The second is through the app itself, via an option in the settings menu. Let’s go over both of these methods step by step below!

How to Redeem Codes Through Their Forums

Photo: Netmarble
  • Step 1: Head over to their official forums.
  • Step 2: Press on the “Enter Coupon Code” button located on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Step 3: Enter your member code
    • Your member code can be found by clicking on the settings menu in-game, and pressing on the “Account” tab, and then copying your member code
  • Step 4: Enter the redeemable code.

Rewards received from successfully redeemed codes will appear in your mail! Take note that because this method requires you to have your member code handy, so we highly recommend either keeping a copy of it somewhere, or just redeeming codes in-game!

How to Redeem Codes In-Game

Photo: Netmarble
  • Step 1: Open up the menu by pressing on the four-squares icon on the top right side of the screen.
Photo: Netmarble
  • Step 2: Press the gear-shaped icon, located in between the trophy icon and the battery icon, to open up the settings menu.
Photo: Netmarble

Step 3: Press on the “Redeem Code” button to open up a separate browser where you can redeem your Seven Knights: Idle Adventure codes.

Photo: Netmarble

This method is significantly simpler since you can easily access this menu through the game, and you do not need to have your member code memorized or saved.

Closing Words

That’s all you need to know regarding Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Codes! Remember to keep an eye out on their official sites, which we’ve left links for above! If you’re still looking for more guides about Seven Knights: Idle Adventure, check out our Ultimate Guide, and Tier List!

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