SEGA Heroes: 8 Tips, Hints and Strategies for Campaign Stages

Anurag Ghosh
SEGA Heroes Boss Mode
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

SEGA Heroes is an excellent puzzle RPG that lets you collect legendary characters from the SEGA universe and build a team of four to defeat Dremagen’s minions. The game combines turn-based battle with match-3 puzzle elements.

Your heroes attack when you match 3 or more gems of the same color. Each hero has his own favorite color. Just match gems of their fave colors and see them unleash their signature attacks. The game also lets you use a character’s special skills. A hero has three unique skills – a star skill, passive skill and max skill. You will have to make proper use of each skill to vanquish enemies in turn-based battles.

Winning turn-based tactical battles in SEGA Heroes would be easy if you know when to use skills, which enemies to defeat first, how to build a stronger team and make your heroes powerful. Check out these tips, hints and tricks if you want to win campaign missions:

1. Choose Your Team Wisely

As you progress, you will acquire more characters. But there will always be confusion regarding their selection criteria. And because you can have a team of only four characters, you will have to select the best ones. You can choose those characters whose skills deal more damage than others – This applies to both max and star skill. Also, select a hero whose skills inflict debuffs to enemies or buffs to allies/self when the rally meter reaches certain levels. Make sure you consider these points if you want to build a powerful team.

Select Your Team

You will be able to select SEGA Heroes characters to build a team after tapping the fight button on the campaign map screen. In the “Choose your Team” page, you can select a green, red, blue and yellow character. So if you have two yellow characters, you can select only one of them. You can decide which character would be the best fit for your team once you have viewed their stats, power levels and skills. Just tap and hold a character’s portrait to bring up his stats page, which will help you decide better. Also, make sure you have at least one epic character in your team. You will get Death Adder character in the initial stage, so make sure you add him to your all-star squad.

Don’t forget to train your heroes to increase their power. The more “power” your heroes have, the easier it will be for them to defeat enemies. Make sure the combined power of all heroes is more than the recommended power in a campaign stage. You can check a stage’s power level on the map screen.

2. Have an Attack Strategy before Each Battle

You will need an attack strategy to defeat several enemies in a campaign stage. A campaign stage is divided into several rounds. Your goal is to defeat all enemies without taking much damage in each round. In every turn, you will be facing multiple enemies. Try not to lose heroes when you reach the final round of a stage because defeating enemies won’t be easy if you have fewer than four heroes.

The counters above each enemy may help you make an attack plan. The counter decreases by 1 each turn. An enemy attacks after his/her counter hits zero. The exclamation mark above him indicates that he will attack your heroes when his turn comes. If there’s a match available for your most powerful hero, then you should use him to target an enemy who will take 2 or 3 turns to attack. An enemy with a higher turn count will take more time to attack then those whose turn counts are lower than him. You strategy should be to eliminate such enemies so that you will have to deal with fewer and fewer enemies.

Choose a Target with Higher Turn Count

For example, if you see an opportunity to match 3 yellow gems and you have Death Adder in your team, then match them straight away, but make sure you select a villain who has the highest turn count. This way you can easily get rid of him before his turn comes up and you will face fewer enemies in the next turns. You just have to tap an enemy and then match gems to attack your target.

As you progress, enemies with higher turn counts will not be easy to defeat, so make sure you train each hero and upgrade their skills so that each hit will decrease lots of HP of your target enemy. Also, don’t forget to activate a hero’s star and max skill when it’s available for use. When a hero skill is activated, he deals greater damage to enemies.

3. Attack Enemies That Deal Higher Damage

Besides choosing an enemy with the highest count, you should also consider attacking an enemy that deals greater damage than others. Between these two, your priority should be to target the latter as the damage dealt by him would reduce your hero’s HP significantly. Usually, tougher enemies will have higher turn counts than others so make sure you check their counters as well as stats before choosing your target. In a boss round, your target should be the mini-boss as the damage dealt by him will be higher than his minions.

SEGA Heroes Boss Mode

To find out which enemy deals the highest damage, tap and hold him until a stats box appears on the screen. The stats box not only shows the damage dealt per hit, but also his HP and ATK stats. Knowing enemy stats before attacking them will be very helpful as it will help you decide which enemy to attack first.

Let me know what your attack strategy to deal with enemies is – Do you target those that have fewer turn counts or attack enemies that deal higher damage than others? Post your strategy in the comments section below.

4. Why Should You Train Your Heroes from Time to Time?

Like I said earlier, you will face tougher enemies as you progress and the strategies explained above can be of no use if your team members are weak. You should train them from time to time to make them stronger. But there’s a catch. You can’t level them up them every now and then. You will have to reach a new player level to unlock higher hero levels and only then you can train them. So if you want to upgrade a character to level 6, you will have to reach player level 6 first. To view your current player level, tap the tiny blue circle on the upper-left corner of your home screen.

Train Your Heroes

To reach a new player level, you will have to earn XP, which you can easily get by completing daily quests and campaign missions. You can replay previously completed stags to farm XP.

When you train your heroes, you boost certain stats such as health and damage. You also increase their power, something which is very essential in a battle as a team with high power will have a higher chance in winning a battle. Bear in mind that your team’s total power is the sum of all heroes’ powers.

5. How to Make Your Hero’s Star Skill More Powerful

SEGA Heroes lets you create a special star gem by matching four or more gems of the same color. You can match the star gem with two or more same-colored gems to activate a character’s star skill. A star skill deals more damage to an enemy. It’s easy to make more star gems as you will have to match only four gems. The more gems you match, the more powerful will the star gem be.

If you match 5 gems of the same color or make a T or L shaped match, you will create a star stronger than the one made using four gems. You can then use the supercharged star with two or more gems of that color to activate a character’s skill. Each character has a unique star skill. Check it out on a hero’s card – Tap “Heroes” and then tap his/her portrait. Now tap the skill on the middle to get more information about a hero’s star skill.

6. Use Max Skills against Tougher Enemies

Whether you are fighting a mini-boss or trying to defeat a tougher opponent, you should use a hero’s “Max skills” when it’s ready. To activate a hero skill, you will have to fill his/her mana bar. This bar can be seen just under a hero’s portrait on the battle screen. To fill mana, you will have to match colored gems for that particular hero. For example, to use Amy Rose’s skill, you will have to fill her mana bar by matching gems. Since she is a “green hero”, you will have to match green gems to fill her mana meter. Once full, tap her portrait on the battle screen to unleash her skill. The word “MAX” will be written on her portrait suggesting that her skill is ready to be unleashed. You can check each hero’s skill via the “Heroes” tab on your home screen. Just tap the skill icon under a hero to know damage, buffs/debuffs it deals when activated.

When you activate a hero’s skill, the damage dealt by him can be huge, which is why you should use it against stronger enemies and bosses. Some hero skills have the ability to inflict debuffs against enemies or buffs for allies. For example, when you reach rally level 2, and activate Ax battler’s “Earthshaker” skill, it inflicts stun on the enemy team besides dealing additional elemental damage.

A third skill, called “Passive skill” is unlocked when a hero reaches level 10. You will have to reach player level 10 to upgrade a hero to level 10 to unlock his/her third skill. Each hero has a unique passive skill. For example, Blaze Fielding’s “Blitz Fighter” passive skill grants lightning speed that gives her an edge over her opponents.

7. Fill the Rally Meter to Power up a Hero’s Skill and Boost Your Team’s Damage

Matching purple rally tiles will fill the rally meter. The rally meter is located just below character portraits on your battle screen. When full, your team’s total damage increases by a certain percentage for the rest of the stage. When the rally meter fills for the first time, you reach rally level 1 and get 10 percent bonus damage. Along with bonus damage, a “Rally” can also empower certain hero skills. An empowered skill can inflict additional damage or buffs/debuffs. However, not all heroes’ skills are empowered. You will have to check which hero’s buffs/debuffs activate when the rally bar reaches a certain level via the “Heroes” menu. Ax Battler’s “Earthshaker” max skill is powered up when the rally reaches level 2+. When you activate this skill, it can stun an enemy for a few turns besides dealing extra damage to him.

8. Upgrade a Hero’s Skills using Reagents

Along with training your heroes to make them more powerful, you should also upgrade their skills to increase additional damage. To upgrade, you will need a certain number of reagents.  “Reagents” are special items which can be acquired from campaign stages, daily quests and free chests.

You can preview upgrade stats of a hero skill. Tap the Heroes tab and the touch a character’s portrait. Now touch his/her skill and then tap and hold “preview upgrade” to check how much damage will increase after upgrading the skill.

How to Find Reagents

You can easily find reagents. Go to heroes – touch a hero portrait – tap one of his skills – tap the reagent’s pic to find it.

Bonus Tip: How to Farm Items

Sega Heroes’ “Loot” mode allows you to farm reagents, XP or character shards. The Loot button appears if you have earned three stars in a campaign stage. Tap the home icon and then tap a stage in which you have earned three stars. You will notice a new “Loot” button appear on the screen. Just tap it to get rewards straightaway if you don’t want to replay the game again.

The best part about “Loot” is that you don’t have to collect any special tickets. All you have to do is to use energy to loot a stage.