SEGA Heroes: How to get Character Shards

Anurag Ghosh
Play Events Stages to Get Characters
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Turn-based tactical combat in SEGA Heroes can be tough if you have limited choices for building a team. You must select the strongest characters to fight enemies – heroes that boast powerful max and passive skills, but it’s not possible if you have a few unlocked heroes. You should own several characters and only then you can choose the best and the most powerful heroes from your collection. Thankfully, there are different ways to get characters in this game. You will have to collect shards of your favorite heroes and get a complete character once you collect the required number of shards. Read our guide to know how to get them for free: 

Finding Shards

To unlock a hero, you will need a certain number of shards. For example, to unlock Sonic the Hedgehog, you will need 50 Sonic shards.

To get shards, you will have to find them first. All you have to do is tap the “Heroes” tab on the bottom of the screen and then tap on each locked hero to find his/her shards.

How to Find Shards

When you tap a hero’s portrait, his stats screen pops up. Now tap the “Find” button. It will show a list of locations, including select campaign stages, where you are likely to obtain shards.

If you want Axel Stone (Streets of Rage character), you just have to tap “Find” on his portrait and get a list of locations. Axel Stone shards can be found in the “ultimate chest” or his shards can be purchased in the variety shop. But there’s more. You can also obtain his shards if you win campaign stage 25, 28, 92 and stage 94.

Finish Campaign Stages

You can get shards from certain campaign stages. On the map, you will notice character portraits above some stages. If you complete these stages, you will receive shards. You can also find what additional rewards you will be receiving under the “possible loot” section when you tap a stage.

Replay a Stage to Farm Shards

Finished campaign stage and received only a few shards? No worries. You can play that stage again to farm shards. And if you have received three stars in a stage, you don’t have to fight enemies all over again. Just tap “Loot” and get your rewards. You will have to spend the same amount of energy to loot a three-star stage – that’s it. No special tickets to replay 3-star stages!

Open Treasure Chests

When you open the free chest, you not only receive coins and energy, but also character shards. The free chest on your home screen is available every three hours. When ready, just tap “Open” to get your rewards. Oh wait! There’s another free chest that can be found at the shop. You can find it just below the variety shop, under “Treasure Chests”.

Get Free Hero Shards from Treasure Chests

You can open up to 4 treasure chests in a day. A free treasure chest is available every 3 hours. The last chest is a rare one, so you will get better rewards, including rare/epic hero shards. A set of treasure chests resets in 16 hours, so make sure you check back every 3 hours to open a chest if you don’t want to miss out on the current chest set.

Play Event Stages

You will unlock events in SEGA Heroes when you reach player level 7. Tap the calendar icon on the bottom of the screen to access new events. You will find at least one event that grants shards. Since they are available for a limited time, you will have to complete them before they expire. But don’t worry; they will be replaced by new events.

Play Events Stages to Get Characters


Currently, the “Premiere Event” will let you earn shards and gems. Tap it and complete stages to get your rewards. Event stages won’t be easy to win and the recommended “power” level will be higher than campaign stages, so make sure you take your best team to battle enemies. The premiere event ends in twenty five days, so make sure you complete all stages before it disappears.

Complete Achievements to Get Sonic Shards

While most character shards can be obtained by completing campaign stages, a few of them can be acquired by completing achievements. Right now, you can get Sonic the Hedgehog shards if you complete achievements. Tap “Quests” and then tap the achievements tab to get a list of tasks. When you complete a task, come back again and tap the “collect” button beside each achievement to claim your rewards. Along with shards, you will also receive gold.

Get Shards from the Variety Shop

By now you must have accumulated lots of gold. You can use them to purchase hero shards in the “Variety Shop”. Tap shop and scroll down until you find this section. The variety shop refreshes every 8 hours so come back later if you don’t find shards of your favorite characters.

Variety Shop

The variety shop also features spirit stones, skill stones and reagents, which is used to upgrade hero skills.

Check the Shop for Introductory Offers

Special offers appear in the shop every now and then. Most of the times, these offers will let you purchase characters at a discount, but sometimes you may find a free offer. When you see the banner “special offer” pop up above the shop, tap it to see the latest offers, which includes shard bundles, gems etc.

Don’t forget to grab the introductory offer. You will get Death Adder for free. Claim all 50 Death Adder shards before the offer expires.

Get Shards from the Gift Chest

Keep an eye on your inbox for rewards. If you have just started playing SEGA Heroes, then you should quickly tap the envelope on the top-right corner of the home screen to claim a green treasure chest. It contains Axel Stone, Knuckles, Joe Musashi and Gum shards.

Get Shards from Gift Chests

I guess this is a pre-registration reward, but I am not sure. The chest I received had shards and gold and it was available for a limited time. Make sure you check your inbox (envelope) to see if you have received this gift.