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Seas Battlegrounds poster
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The popularity of One Piece is known to everyone who loves manga or anime. Both of them have over 1000 episodes, and the franchise continues to grow. Now One Piece has made its way into Roblox with a free-for-all battle mode called Seas Battlegrounds.

Here, you can fight against multiple other players and show off your combat skills. However, the main attraction of this mode is the awakening of Luffy’s Gear 5. As of now, Gear 5 is the final stage of Luffy and his strongest power. So, you don’t wanna miss out on trying it!

In this article, I’ll be highlighting how to awaken Gear 5 in Roblox – Seas Battlegrounds. But before that, let’s see what Gear 5 really is and what prerequisites you need to take care of.

What is Gear 5?

Luffy using Gear 5 in One Piece
Image: Toei Animation Co.

Gear 5 is the ultimate form of Luffy, and it has the ability to kill multiple players with a single hit in a certain radius. It is just like in the anime if you have seen it. The in-game animation is pretty cool too!

If you see someone in the awakened form, you’d want to avoid them unless you want to see how the animation folds out.

How to Awaken in Seas Battlegrounds

Now that you know how powerful Gear 5 is, it is needless to say that you’d want to try it yourself. And to do that, there are two steps you need to go through, as follows:

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Step 1: Fill up the Ultimate (Purple) Bar

There are two bars in the game mode. The red one depicts your current health, while the purple one loads up your ultimate.

Full purple bar seas battlegrounds
Image: Roblox Corporation

You need to make sure your purple bar is full. And to do that, you will have to beat other players quickly. Don’t stand idle because the bar will start reducing.

Luffy has quite the move set to fill up the bar quickly. Here’s what he offers while fighting:

  • Pistol: A single punch with a good range.
  • Hawk Gatling: A multi-punch attack that deals high damage.
  • Red Hawk: A flaming, stretched arm that slings forward and damages the enemy.
  • Rocket: Both arms stretch for a punch.

Combine all these attacks, and it won’t be long before that purple bar is full. Once done, move on to the step below!

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Step 2: Get Yourself Killed

It might sound strange, but you’ll have to get yourself killed to awaken and activate Gear 5. But before that, make sure to activate your ultimate using the key G or any other key that you might have set for the purpose. Once pressed, you will see the purple bar reducing.

Purple bar activated Seas Battlegrounds
Image: Roblox Corporation

Now, you can ask any other player to kill you, or you can simply lose a fight yourself. Once done, you will see a cut scene take place and Luffy awakening with Gear 5.

Luffy awakened gear 5 seas battlegrounds
Image: Roblox Corporation

Now you can go on your merry way and absolutely destroy your enemies with single blows in Seas Battlegrounds!

If you have already tried awakening Luffy in Seas Battlegrounds, do let us know about your experience! And if you haven’t, then what’s the wait about? Try Seas Battlegrounds now!

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