How Do You Get Sea Safari Monopoly Go Rewards

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Sea Safari Monopoly Go event
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(Last Updated On: October 12, 2023)

Let’s dive into the world of Monopoly Go! and make the most of the Sea Safari Monopoly Go Event!

Inspired by the real-world Monopoly—Monopoly Go! is one of the top-charted games of 2023. You get to buy properties, sell them, earn rewards, and much more in a free-to-play world (in-app purchases can be made for game progress, though).

Monopoly Man has been eager to invite you to the three-day event, Sea Safari! You can get your hands on mind-blowing rewards and make in-game progress with a head start. So, let’s begin, shall we?

What is the Sea Safari Monopoly Go Event?

Sea safari event monopoly go
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The Sea Safari Event in Monopoly Go! is short-lived, only for three days at a time. It packs a great list of 41 rewards, although at a cost. You can win cash rewards, sticker packs, free dice rolls, and more in Sea Safari.

Here’s a list of all the rewards you can get in the Sea Safari Event in Monopoly Go! The grand prize is a Pink sticker pack and 7.5K dice rolls at tier 41 milestones.

Sea Safari MilestonesPoints NeededSea Safari Rewards
130Green sticker pack
24020 dice rolls
345Cash rewards
417580 dice rolls
55010 Min Cash Grab
655Green sticker pack
765Cash rewards
8400185 dice rolls
970Cash rewards
1090Green sticker pack
11100Cash rewards
12800425 dice rolls
1312515 Min Rent Frenzy
14150Green sticker pack
15175Cash rewards
161.2K680 dice rolls
17175Green sticker pack
181805 Min cash boost
19200Cash rewards
202K1.1K dice rolls
21220Green sticker pack
2237510 Min High Roller
23300150 dice rolls
241.5KCash rewards
25400185 dice rolls
26650Blue sticker pack
278005 Min cash boost
284K1.8K dice rolls
291KCash rewards
301.5KBlue sticker pack
311.7KCash rewards
328K3.2K dice rolls
332K20 Min High Roller
342.2KCash rewards
352.4KPink sticker pack
362.8K750 dice rolls
377KCash rewards
383K800 dice rolls
394KPink sticker pack
405KCash rewards
4117KPink sticker pack and 7.5K dice rolls

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How to Get Sea Safari Monopoly Go Event Rewards?

The concept is easy to understand. You have to land on the suitable tiles on the board to collect points. These points give you rewards. You will get:

  • 2 Points by landing on Chance Tiles
  • 3 Points by landing on Community Chest Tiles
  • 5 Points by landing on Railroad Tiles
Sea safari event rewards in Monopoly GO
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After this, you receive points according to the multiplier you used. For instance, the ×5 multiplier on Railroad gives you 25 points in the event.

Chance only gives you 2 points, but it’s a great tile to land on. Why? With Chance, you may often get pushed to the next Railroad—which means you win points for both Chance and Railroad!

Completing Sea Safari Monopoly Go Event

The Sea Safari Monopoly GO Event requires thousands of dice to complete all 41 milestones and get rewards. If you don’t have thousands of dice to complete the event, you can still win prizes for the dice you can invest.

Sea Safari Monopoly Go
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Completing the Sea Safari is a daunting task, so here are a few pieces of note:

  • Grind for free dice as much as you can
  • Perform well in tournaments for more dice
  • Try to complete the Sticker Collection alongside the Sea Safari Monopoly Go Event
  • Get free dice for your Net Worth Milestone

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The Sea Safari Monopoly Go Event calls for you to win extravagant rewards as you invest dice in the Monopoly Go World. Are you ready to grab all those rewards, or are you too busy with the dice grind?

Whichever it may be, it ensures that you will excel in this event and take home all the rewards.

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