Sea of Conquest – Where to Spend Emeralds

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Where to Spend emeralds in Sea of Conquest
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Emeralds are the top-tier currency in Sea of Conquest and should be spent in the Rock Merchant section, in upgrading ships, and in speedups.

You can get emeralds by completing missions, defeating other ships, participating in battles, and more. Below will be some details about all three places where you should spend them.

Best Places to Spend Emeralds in Sea Of Conquest

Emeralds are not very difficult to get in Sea of Conquest, but using them without any planning can hurt you in the long run.

Therefore, make sure you are spending them only on valuable things and only when it is necessary.

Dock Merchant

Dock Merchant in Sea of Conquest
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Dock Merchant is the place where you can buy many things with Emeralds. For instance, there’s Excellent Oak and Premium Teak, which are used to upgrade ships.

Moreover, you can buy conches to get heroes and cigars to upgrade their skill level.

There are also Speedups, Hearts of Atonement, Iron, and Wood.

The Parlor section above Dock Merchant and Baron’s Fleet (it’s time-limited) is also pretty handy if you want to spend Emeralds.

Upgrading Ships

buying coins with emeralds
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In case you’re short on coins to upgrade your ship, you can buy coins with emeralds.

High-level ships help you keep up with the pace of the game and win more battles as you go along.


Apart from spending emeralds to buy gold and upgrade ships, you can buy speedups and increase the time consumption of any construction of your ship’s rooms.

This will help you upgrade your flagship’s compartments faster, resulting in an increase in armor, power, HP, and more.


There are other places where you can spend Emeralds in Sea of Conquest, but the ones mentioned in this article are the most useful.

All of them will help you progress faster in the game, one way or another.

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