Sea Of Conquest – 5 Tricks You Must Know

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Welcome abroad, mateys. We have all dreamt of conquering the ocean, building an empire, or crushing enemies; all of these are available in Sea of Conquest.

Sea of Conquest isn’t like any other ship game, as you need to keep an eye on many details in order to become the strongest pirate.

To become a powerful pirate, you need to be tricky, and down below we will mention 5 tricks you must know in Sea of Conquest to dominate.

Sea of Conquest – Recruiting Heroes

Heroes page in Sea of Conquest
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Let’s start with the heroes. Who’s going to be the leader of your ship? You need to select a powerful hero.

If you are new to the game, don’t worry; Sea of Conquest will be giving you free rewards as a starter, but don’t fully rely on this, as the things for starters will become weaker as you progress in the game.

Fear not, as you can summon as many heroes as you want by participating in events and activities that will reward you with summoning currency to use at the lucky draw.

Also, you can collect heroes’ shards from treasure hunts.

Upgrade the Ships

Ship interior in Sea of Conquest
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Having heroes isn’t enough if you don’t have a ship, or, may we say, a powerful ship that’s ready to go into the water.

When we say ships that include the crewmates onboard, you must keep an eye on every little detail inside your ship to keep it in good condition.

Each flagship you upgrade, which is an indicator of the level of the ship itself, would make you able to build new things and upgrade existing buildings.

So always upgrade your ship, assign crewmates to work on tasks inside the ship, and make it ready to face enemies in the deep seas.

Follow the Quests

Quests in Sea of Conquest
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Running out of resources or feeling lost in the sea? Follow the main quests, as they will provide you with lots of resources and put you on the right path in the game.

The Sea of Conquest quest system is one of its kind, as it’s divided into chapters; each chapter has its own quests.

One of the great things about it is that it doesn’t force you to do something in order to play; it only helps and guides you.

Use Artifacts

Artifacts in Sea of Conquest
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Artifacts are a great way to cut down on time and find your lost treasure. Every couple of levels, you will collect pieces of artifacts until you fully unlock one by completing different quests.

Looking for the golden treasure and feeling lost in the sea? Don’t worry, as the golden compass will guide you straight to your lost treasure.

Once you are near a treasure, using the compass will set an indicator to show you the route, so always use your artifacts to get everything you want.


Gang in Sea of Conquest
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Joining a gang or even creating one is a great way to fully enjoy Sea of Conquest, as you will be able to unlock a lot of things.

Being a leader would make you the boss who orders all the members and recruits the best pirates.

But being a member also has its perks, as you will be able to unlock the gang benefits and get access to many things, such as the black market and rally battles.

Battle in Sea of Conquest
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Those are among the most important tricks you need to know, but the sea in the Sea of Conquest has a lot to offer.

Get your ship ready and forge your own path to legendary conquest.

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