Sea Of Conquest – How To Select Ship Parts?

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Ah, pirates, you love them or you hate them. The relationship isn’t something to boast about, but what can one do when Sea of Conquest drops, packaging our childhood dreams into a nice little game? We plunder mateys!

But, to have the satisfaction, we first need to be strong enough, and that’s where it gets tricky. With lots of ships to choose from, what should one get? For starters, do ships even matter? Let’s answer that, as we set sail on this article.

Sea Of Conquest – Ship Mechanics

Sea Of Conquest
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Sea of Conquest’s mechanics are built around an extensive naval control system, including aspects like ship customization, crew management, and resource allocation.

Your success hinges on creating a well-balanced fleet, pairing them with appropriate ship parts, tailored to your strategic approach.

Customization and Upgrades

Sea Of Conquest
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Customizing ships goes beyond aesthetics since they need to be practical, and well-connected. You cannot expect to make a defense-heavy portion work with a movement-focused part.

There are combinations, yes, but before experimentation, having a stable fleet takes precedence. Each component – sails, wheels, cannons, and figureheads – enhances your ship’s performance.

Select parts that align with your playstyle. Do you like to fight any fleet on sight, or are you a heavy explorer aiming to breeze through before a fight can brew? Be it speed, power, or durability, select parts that complement your intentions.

Core Components of Customization

Sea Of Conquest
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Your flagship is the heart of your fleet. Upgrading it should be a priority. Improvements in your flagship translate to better battle effectiveness and trading capabilities.

  1. Sails and Wheels: These parts primarily affect your ship’s speed and maneuverability. Quick and agile ships are crucial for outmaneuvering opponents and dodging enemy fire.
  2. Cannons: The firepower of your ship. Opt for cannons that offer a balance between range, damage, and reload speed. Your choice should complement your combat style, be it direct confrontation or hit-and-run tactics.
  3. Figureheads: Often underestimated, figureheads can provide unique buffs and enhancements to your ship, adding an extra layer to your strategy.

Incremental advancements in your flagship set the tone for your overall naval strength.

Ship Parts and Stat Boosts

Sea Of Conquest
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Each part you add to your ship impacts its stats. Cannons, figureheads, helms, and sails contribute significantly to your ship’s overall capabilities.

Collect parts from the same set for synergistic boosts or enhance them with unique items for general improvements.

Sea of Conquest has a variety of ships, each with unique stats and skills:

  1. Warhammer: Known for its balanced approach, suitable for various scenarios.
  2. Fearless Princess: Offers exceptional maneuverability, perfect for evasion and fast attacks.
  3. Crimson Sentinel: Boasts unique abilities, standing out in specific combat situations.
  4. Dragon Lance: A mid-tier ship offering a balanced performance.
  5. Black Raven: While details are scarce, it’s known for its all-around capabilities.


In essence, Sea of Conquest is an experience involving land fights, treasure hunts, and an engaging plot. Selecting the right ship parts is a significant aspect of the game, requiring you to blend tactics with an engrossing narrative.

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  1. Which ship parts have the best bonuses like some of them have certain bonuses, which bonuses is the best bonuses you can get. How high do the attack % go on ship parts

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