Sea of Conquest – Season 3 Cooking Recipes List

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Ahoy, ye scurvy sea dogs and buccaneers! Hoist the mainsail and set yer compass for a culinary adventure on the high seas with Sea of Conquest – Season 3 Cooking Recipes List! ‘Tis time to turn yer galley into a haven of hearty feasts and fine grog.

Whether ye be plunderin’ the briny deep or battlin’ the fiercest of foes in Sea Of Conquest, these recipes will keep yer crew’s bellies full and spirits high! So grab yer cutlass and apron, and prepare to dive into flavors and aromas that’ll shiver yer timbers!

Sea of Conquest
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Season 3’s Culinary Treasures Await

Most of the ingredients in Sea of Conquest are essentially very easy to find – be it Orange Fish or something as simple as a grain of Maize.

Sea of Conquest

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The reason for this is to ensure that your focus only stays on the main theme of the game. Sure, this part is important, but in Season 3, everything is about depth, and strategic awareness.

While these recipes might not make your journey a complete 180, they can sure as heck add more elements to it, thereby enriching the experience as a whole!

Sea Of Conquest – Recipes List

Here is the complete recipe list for season 3 of Sea of Conquest:

Sea of Conquest recipes

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Divine Fish Soup1 Orange Fish, 1 Purple Fish, 1 Water88440
Heavenly Fried Fish Taco1 Maize, 3 Purple Fish6003000
Exquisite Fish Slices4 Orange Fish3841920
Crispy Fried Fish2 Eggs, 2 Orange Fish104520
Finger Licking Grilled Fish1 Purple Fish, 1 Orange Fish80400
Sumptuous Cake3 Milk, 1 Egg96480
Heavenly Minced Meat Taco1 Maize, 3 Raw Meat6003000
Tasty Fish Soup1 Orange Fish, 1 Blue Fish, 1 Water72360
Smooth Ice Cream4 Milk64320
Nice Fried Egg4 Eggs32160
Fluffy Cake2 Eggs, 2 Milk64320
Luscious Meatballs4 Raw Meat3841920
Appetizing Fruit Salad4 Berries192960
Crispy Tortilla Chips4 Maize192960
Tender Fish Slices2 Orange Fish, 2 Purple Fish192960
Wonderfully Fried Fish2 Eggs, 2 Purple Fish72360
Yummy Grilled Fish2 Purple Fish64320
Delicious Broth4 Water32160
Delicious Fried Fish Taco1 Maize, 2 Purple Fish3841920
Delicious Minced Meat Taco2 Maize, 2 Raw Meat3841920
Nicely Grilled Fish1 Orange Fish48240
Freshly Made Tortilla Chips3 Maize108540
Fresh Fish Slices4 Purple Fish128640
Freshly Fried Fish1 Orange Fish, 1 Egg, 1 Milk56280
Hot Fish Soup1 Water, 1 Orange Fish56280
Freshly Baked Cake3 Eggs, 1 Milk40200
Freshly Made Ice Cream3 Milk36180
Freshly Fried Egg3 Eggs1890
Hot Broth3 Water1890
Freshly Made Meatballs3 Raw Meat2161080
Fresh Fruit Salad3 Berries108540
Freshly Made Fried Fish Taco3 Blue Fish, 1 Maize2161080
Freshly Made Minced Meat Taco3 Maize, 1 Raw Meat2161080
Ordinary Grilled Fish1 Purple Fish20100
Ordinary Fish Slices1 Orange Fish, 3 Blue Fish96480
Ordinary Fried Fish2 Blue Fish, 1 Egg30150
Ordinary Fish Soup2 Blue Fish, 1 Water30150
Ordinary Cake2 Eggs, 1 Milk (or 2 Milk and 1 Egg)24120
Ordinary Ice Cream2 Milk20100
Ordinary Fried Egg2 Eggs10100
Ordinary Broth2 Water1050
Ordinary Meatballs2 Raw Meat2101050
Ordinary Fruit Salad2 Berries105525
Ordinary Tortilla Chips2 Maize105525
Ordinary Fried Fish Taco2 Blue Fish, 1 Maize168840
Ordinary Minced Meat Taco1 Maize, 2 Raw Meat168840
Canned Broth1 Water420
Slimey Ice Cream1 Milk840
Greasy Cake1 Egg, 1 Milk1575
Mushy Tortilla Chips1 Maize24120
Burnt Fish1 Blue Fish, 1 Egg1575
Salted Fish Soup1 Water, 1 Green Fish1575
Rare-Grilled Fish1 Green or Blue Fish850
Burnt Egg1 Egg420
Tough Meatballs1 Raw Meat48240
Rotten Fruit Salad1 Berries24120
Raw Fish Taco1 Maize, 1 Green Fish30150
Raw Minced Meat Taco1 Maize, 1 Raw Meat24120


Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

In essence, it’s all about the Maize and the Fish in Sea Of Conquest. As long as you have those, you’ll be able to craft a fair chunk of recipes. But should you dare to dig deep, you’ll find recipes that not only give, but fulfill.

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