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Sea of Conquest
(Last Updated On: November 5, 2023)

FunPlus International AG, the mastermind behind popular titles such as State of Survival: Zombie War, Project Entropy, Guns of Glory: Lost Island, and more, has launched an exhilarating pirate adventure called Sea of Conquest.

Navigate a vast and dangerous sea brimming with both dangers and riches. Explore every hidden crevice to claim every treasure as your own. Discover uncharted routes and explore unknown realms in the Sea of Conquest.

Sea of Conquest Feature
Photo: FunPlus

Imprint your legacy in every corner of the world and craft a new saga as the Pirate King!

Prepare to set sail with this game, matey! Head to the Google Store to seize your treasure chest of adventure!

In this article, I’ll chart the course to list the grub in Sea of Conquest and the ingredients you need to whip them up!

Galley and Ingredients

First, you must construct a Galley, which becomes accessible after upgrading your ship in the Sea of Conquest. To unlock new recipes, you’ll need to cook with the appropriate ingredients.

Sea of Conquest  galley
Photo: FunPlus

There are multiple methods to acquire ingredients in Sea of Conquest for your culinary endeavors, with some coming as rewards or loot from raids on Armed Freighters.

But the most reliable method for a steady supply is by constructing the following rooms on your ship:

Water CabinFresh Water
Chicken CoopEgg
Cattle ShedMilk
Salvage BayAquatic Products

Sea of Conquest: Food Tier

Sea of Conquest Food
Photo: FunPlus

Cooking food in the Sea of Conquest is one of the easiest methods to restock supplies and earn gold by trading it in the Mess Hall. Recipes are categorized into five tiers: S+, S, A, B, and C, with C representing the lowest tier featuring the most basic recipes.

Sea of Conquest 2 Recipe
Photo: FunPlus

It’s worth noting that certain dishes may have alternative recipes in Sea of Conquest, but in this list, I’ll outline the most accessible ingredients.

When it comes to the fish, keep an eye on their different rarities to ensure the desired outcome.

S+ Tier Recipes

Sea of Conquest S+
Photo: FunPlus

The finest and most exquisite offerings in the game that offer more supply replenishes and gold once traded in the Mess Hall in Sea of Conquest. They require the rarest and most sought-after ingredients, making them a true delicacy among pirates.

DishRecipeSupplies ReplenishMess Hall
Exquisite Fish Slicesx4 Orange Fish+3841920 Gold
Crispy Fried Fishx2 Eggs,
x2 Orange Fish
+104520 Gold
Finger Licking Grilled FishPurple Fish,
Orange Fish
+80400 Gold
Divine Fish SoupOrange Fish,
Purple Fish,
+88440 Gold
Sumptuous CakeEgg, x3 Milk+96480 Gold
Heavenly Fried Fish Tacox3 Purple Fish,
+6003000 Gold
Heavenly Fried Meat Tacox3 Raw Meat,
+6003000 Gold

S Tier Recipes

Sea of Conquest S
Photo: FunPlus

The food for this tier is also of high quality, offering substantial supply replenishment and gold. While not as exceptional as S+ Tier, they are still quite valuable and require rare ingredients in Sea of Conquest.

DishRecipeSupplies ReplenishMess Hall
Tender Fish Slicesx2 Orange Fish,
x2 Purple Fish
+192960 Gold
Wonderfully Fried Fishx2 Egg,
x2 Purple Fish
+72360 Gold
Yummy Grilled Fishx4 Blue Fish+62320 Gold
Tasty Fish Soupx2 Purple Fish,
+72360 Gold
Smooth Ice Creamx4 Milk+64320 Gold
Nice Fried Eggx4 Egg+32160 Gold
Fluffy Cakex2 Egg, x2 Milk+64320 Gold
Delicious Brothx4 Water+32160 Gold
Luscious Meatballsx4 Raw Meat+3841920 Gold
Appetizing Fruit Saladx4 Berries+192960 Gold
Delicious Fried Fish Tacox2 Purple Fish,
+3841920 Gold
Crispy Tortilla Chipsx4 Corn+192960 Gold
Delicious Minced Meat Tacox2 Corn,
x2 Raw Meat
+3841920 Gold

A Tier Recipes

Sea of Conquest A
Photo: FunPlus

Sea of Conquest’s A Tier recipe is above average in quality. These provide decent supply replenishment and gold suitable for maintaining a steady income. The ingredients used are moderately challenging to obtain.

DishRecipeSupplies ReplenishMess Hall
Fresh Fish Slicesx4 Purple Fish+128640 Gold
Freshly Fried FishGold Fish, Egg+56280 Gold
Nicely Grilled Fishx3 Blue Fish+48240 Gold
Hot Fish SoupWater,
Orange Fish
+56280 Gold
Freshly Baked Cakex3 Egg, Milk+40200 Gold
Freshly Made Ice Creamx3 Milk+36180 Gold
Hot Brothx3 Water+1890 Gold
Freshly Fried Eggx3 Egg+1890 Gold
Freshly Made Meatballsx3 Raw Meat+2161080 Gold
Fresh Fruit Saladx3 Berries+108540 Gold
Freshly Made Fried Fish TacoOrange Fish,
+2161080 Gold
Freshly Made Tortilla Chipsx3 Corn+108540 Gold
Freshly Made Minced Meat Tacox3 Corn,
Raw Meat
+2161080 Gold

B Tier Recipes

Sea of Conquest B
Photo: FunPlus

The B-Tier is the most basic, with minor benefits in Sea of Conquest. While not as potent as higher-tier dishes, these are practically the cheapest option, especially for those who have just started the game.

DishRecipeSupplies ReplenishMess Hall
Ordinary Fried Fishx2 Blue Fish,
x2 Milk
+30150 Gold
Ordinary Fish Soupx1 Water,
x2 Blue Fish
+30150 Gold
Ordinary CakeEgg, x2 Milk+24120 Gold
Ordinary Grilled Fishx2 Blue Fish+20100 Gold
Ordinary Ice Creamx2 Milk+20100 Gold
Ordinary Fried Eggx2 Egg+1050 Gold
Ordinary Fish Slicesx2 Orange Fish+96480 Gold
Ordinary Brothx2 Water+1050 Gold
Ordinary Meatballsx2 Raw Meat+2101050 Gold
Ordinary Fruit Saladx2 Berries+105525 Gold
Ordinary Fried Fish TacoCorn,
Purple Fish
+168840 Gold
Ordinary Tortilla Chipsx2 Corn+105525 Gold
Ordinary Minced Meat TacoCorn,
x2 Raw Meat
+168840 Gold

C Tier Recipes

Sea of Conquest C
Photo: FunPlus

This tier is considered the lowest quality in Sea of Conquest. These dishes provide minimal benefits and are made of the most common and easily obtainable ingredients.

DishRecipeSupplies ReplenishMess Hall
Burnt FishBlue Fish,
Water, Egg
+1575 Gold
Greasy CakeEgg, Milk+1575 Gold
Salted Fish SoupWater, Blue Fish+1575 Gold
Rare-grilled FishBlue Fish+840 Gold
Slimey Ice CreamMilk+840 Gold
Burnt EggEgg+420 Gold
Canned BrothWater+420 Gold
Tough MeatballsRaw Meat+48240 Gold
Mushy Tortilla ChipsCorn+24120 Gold
Rotten Fruit SaladBerry+24120 Gold
Raw Fish TacoCorn, Blue Fish+30150 Gold
Raw Minced Meat TacoCorn, Raw Meat+24120 Gold


Engaging in battles with Armed Freighters and sea monsters, alongside daily produce collection on your ship, ensures a consistent supply of ingredients for food preparation. This concludes this article!

If you discover a second ingredient for a recipe, please share it with us in the comments section below!

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