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How To Remove Infamy (Featured Image) - Sea of Conquest

You can reduce your Infamy in Sea of Conquest by using an item called “Heart of Atonement”, which can be bought from the Dock Merchant stall.

If you want to learn more about Sea of Conquest’s Infamy system, the Wanted List, and how to reduce your Infamy, scroll down and read more!

How To Remove Infamy In Sea of Conquest

Heart of Atonement - Sea of Conquest
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If you don’t want to be constantly looking over your shoulder for players who are after your bounty (which can be inconvenient especially if you’re Auto-Trading), then you’ll have to use Heart of Atonements to reduce your Infamy.

Heart of Atonement available for purchase (Dock Merchant stall)- Sea of Conquest
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As you can see from the image above, you can buy three different kinds of Heart of Atonements from the Dock Merchant stall in exchange for Emeralds. 

Here’s how much each type of Heart of Atonement costs and how many points they deduct from your Infamy:

Purchasable Heart of Atonements (Dock Merchant)Purchase CostInfamy Points Deducted
Heart of Atonement – Primary (Green)10 Emeralds100 Infamy
Heart of Atonement – Primary (Green)50 Emeralds100 Infamy
Heart of Atonement – Advanced (Blue)150 Emeralds300 Infamy
Heart of Atonement – Savvy (Purple)250 emeralds500 Infamy

What Is Infamy? 

Infamy level rises to Cursed Path - Sea of Conquest
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The Infamy System in Sea of Conquest puts Gold bounties on players who commit acts that reduce their reputation. These bounties can be claimed by other players who manage to sink those with high Infamy.

Here are all the levels of Infamy you can attain in Sea of Conquest, as well as how much bounty in Gold and restrictions each level places on your fleet:

Infamy LevelInfamy Points RequiredGold Bounty & Penalties Given 
Risin’ Urge300 Infamy10,000 Gold Bounty
Cursed Path500 Infamy30,000 Gold Bounty
Butcher o’ the Seas1,000 Infamy50,000 Gold Bounty
Chance to be included in the Wanted List
Foul Stench1,800 Infamy100,000 Gold Bounty
Monstrous Sins2,800 Infamy200,000 Gold Bounty
Cannot loot resources from other players or Merchant Ships

How Players Get Infamy

Merchant Ship - Sea of Conquest
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You get points in your Infamy mainly by committing the following acts:

  • Attacking other players
  • Attacking Merchant Ships

You can see how much Infamy you currently have by checking the red skull icon at the middle left part of your screen.

Moreover, you can also check how many points will be added to your Infamy after sinking a Merchant Ship by simply clicking on the ship and reading the summary sheet that pops up before you attack.

The Wanted List

Wanted List - Sea of Conquest
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In Sea of Conquest, the Wanted List is a list of players in your server that have accrued the Infamy Level of Butcher o’ the Seas and above. 

If you’ve killed enough players or merchant Ships for your Infamy to reach 1,000 points, then watch out—you might just get a warrant and be put on the Wanted List!

All of the players on this list can be tracked anytime, making hiding or escaping nigh impossible unless you’re prepared to re-dock in ports again and again or pay for extended docking time by purchasing a Stay Permit in exchange for Emeralds.


Despite having its risks, sinking other pirates and plundering merchant vessels comes with the whole pirating experience, so don’t let the Infamy system dissuade you from doing whatever you want in Sea of Conquest.

Complete freedom—now that’s the mark of a true pirate!

Now that you know how to decrease your Infamy and avoid being on the Wanted List, read Sea of Conquest – Ultimate Ship Guide and Sea of Conquest – How To Get Ship Parts to optimize your ships, just in case you do get pinched and have to fight off other ships coming after you!

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