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How To Level Up Fast - Sea of Conquest (Featured Image)

In Sea of Conquest, you can increase your Adventure Level fast mainly by consuming your Stamina and attacking ships, the level of your heroes by farming Single Pieces and Sea Soul Crystals from a variety of sources, and your Flagship by collecting lots of Gold, Wood, and Iron.

Read more to learn all the best ways to level up your Adventure Level, Hero Level, and Flagship Level quickly—all of which you must increase whenever you can to rise above your competition!

How To Increase Your Adventure Level Fast

Adventure Level page - Sea of Conquest
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Your Adventure Level dictates the maximum level of your heroes. For example, if your Adventure Level is 35, you can only level all your heroes up to 35.

Adventure Level in Sea Of Conquest can be increased by collecting Adventure Experience, which is a resource that can be collected by doing a variety of activities in the game.

Listed below are the best activities that you can do to gain Adventure Experience and increase your Adventure Level quickly. 

Attack Ships

Search options - Sea of Conquest
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Attacking other ships such as Armed Freighters or Merchant Ships is the easiest way to level up fast in Sea Of Conquest. Do keep in mind that attacking ships consumes Stamina, and once your Stamina runs out, you won’t be able to gain Adventure Experience anymore.

Stick to Armed Freighters if you don’t want to get a bounty on your head, as attacking Guild-related ships like Merchant Ships and Smuggling Ships will give you Infamy—giving other players an incentive to hunt you down.

The higher the level of the ship you manage to sink, the more Adventure Experience you’re given, so if you want to get the most Experience per Stamina usage, you must always attack the strongest ships you can sink.

Hunt Sea Monsters

Sea Monster defeated (loot available) - Sea of Conquest
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Killing sea monsters such as Krakens or Sea Serpents also gives you tons of Adventure Experience in Sea Of Conquest. The catch is that you can only get rewards from slaying sea monsters up to five times daily. 

This means that after killing five sea monsters within a day, you won’t be able to loot any Experience or items from subsequent sea monsters you kill until tomorrow.

However, you do get Pirate Honor which you can then use to buy Single Pieces and Speed Ups in the Honor Locker stall, so don’t hesitate to help other players kill sea monsters even if your daily reward limit is up.

Complete Tasks (Main Plot, Side Quests, & Daily Missions)

Side Quests - Sea of Conquest
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If you’re a beginner in Sea Of Conquest, then following the Main Plot and clearing Side Quests is a surefire way to get some early Adventure Levels.

These tasks are very easy to track (you just have to click “Go” to start tracking a specific task), so remember to do them whenever they’re available.

All Daily Missions completed - Sea of Conquest
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Clearing all the milestones of your Daily Missions is very important as well, as it gives you up to 2,000 Adventure Experience

Make it a habit to clear your Daily Missions to at least 120 Bounty Points if you want a consistent source of Adventure Experience, amongst all the other items you get from completing Daily Missions.

Explore The Map

Tidal Prayer Port exploration rewards - Sea of Conquest
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Exploring the map in Sea Of Conquest and using your Golden Compass artifact in every port, checkpoint, and stronghold you can find is an absolute must not only because it removes the fog on your map, but also so that you can farm more Adventure Experience.

Aside from Adventure Experience, you can also potentially get the following resources just by doing exploration-related activities (e.g. Incidents, Treasure Hunts, Location Discovery, etc.):

  • Echo Conches
  • Emeralds
  • Speed Ups
  • Gold
  • World Emblems
  • Guild Relation Points
  • Single Pieces (Hero EXP Books)
  • Starlight Shards (Ship Part Enhance Materials)
  • Wood
  • Iron

You only get 20 uses of the Golden Compass per day, so make it count!

How To Level Up Your Heroes Fast

Hero level up page (Cordelia) - Sea of Conquest
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Hero Level dictates how strong your hero is generally, but other factors affect their strength as well, such as Rank Promotions, Skill Levels, and Trinkets.

As we’ve mentioned before, your Adventure Level limits the maximum level of your heroes, so increasing your Adventure Level should be your priority if you want your heroes to perform better in any PVE or PVP game mode.

AFK Rewards in Trial page - Sea of Conquest
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If you want to level up your heroes fast, consider farming the following items:

Items That Give Hero EXPAmount Of EXP GivenPrimary Sources
Sea Soul Stone1 EXPTrials (Soulscythe Shell)
Single Piece Vol. 120 EXPArmed Freighters  
Single Piece Vol. 2100 EXPArmed Freighters  
Single Piece Vol. 3500 EXPArmed Freighters 
Paid Packages
Single Piece Vol. 41,500 EXPArmed Freighters 
Paid Packages
Single Piece Vol. 510,000 EXPArmed Freighters  
Paid Packages

How To Level Up Your Flagship Fast in Sea Of Conquest

Flagship upgrade page - Sea of Conquest
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Your Flagship Level determines the maximum level of the rooms/cabins in your ship. For example, you can only upgrade your Shipbuilder’s Study, Galley, Astrologer’s Chamber, and so on up to Level 10 if you only have a Level 10 Flagship.

Your Flagship Level also dictates the number of rooms/cabins you can put in your ship, as well as influences your crew capacity, armor, and attack. Hence, increasing your Flagship Level should always be a priority! 

Resources page in the Inventory - Sea of Conquest
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To level up your Flagship Level fast in Sea Of Conquest, you will need to farm Gold. Lots of it. You need Wood and Iron as well, but they’re way easier to farm than Gold. You just need to play the game consistently to get all the Wood and Iron you need.

Auto-trading is the best way to earn Gold, but if you want to optimize your farming sessions and learn other ways to farm Gold, feel free to read How To Get and Earn More Gold Fast – Sea Of Conquest.


With that, you now know how to level up your Adventure Level, Heroes, and Flagship quickly in Sea of Conquest. Keeping these three levels as high as you can will allow you to stay competitive or catch up to veteran players in no time, so just be consistent and remember the notes we’ve mentioned above! 

If you’re new to Sea of Conquest or if you just want to learn more about the game so you can play more efficiently, check out Sea Of Conquest – 5 Tricks You Must Know and Sea of Conquest: Ultimate Game Guide.

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