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To get stronger fast in Sea of Conquest, you must level up your heroes, upgrade your Cabins and your Side Ships, enhance your Ship Parts, and Stargaze as often as you can.

Scroll down to learn how to fully utilize all the methods listed above to receive the most Power you can out of all of them, along with some tips to optimize your Power-farming several steps further!

How To Increase Power Fast In Sea of Conquest

Listed below are all the ways you can increase your Power in Sea of Conquest, giving your fleet a massive boost in overall survivability and damage.

Level Up Your Heroes

Hero selection page - Sea of Conquest
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Leveling up your heroes to their current max level and then assigning them to your Flagship or Side Ships is one of the most effective ways to skyrocket your Power in Sea of Conquest with just a few clicks. 

You can increase your heroes’ max level by increasing your Adventure Level, so make sure you’re always farming Adventure EXP whenever you get Stamina!

Of course, maxing out your heroes’ levels isn’t all there is to it. Make sure you get the 20% attribute boost by assigning heroes to their preferred positions in your ships (i.e. Captain, First Mate, or Gunner)!

Upgrade Your Flagship’s Cabins

Sickbay cabin upgrade - Sea of Conquest
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Cabins are rooms that you can build and upgrade in your Flagship. They give you access to a variety of features such as stalls, resource collection, and Stargazing, but more importantly, all Cabins increase your overall Power.

Of course, upgrading some Cabins will give you more Power than others. For Cabins that give you more Power, consider upgrading Cabins classified as Explore & Battle or Functional.

Speed-up cabin upgrade - Sea of Conquest
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If you want to increase your Power as fast as possible, then you should collect Construction Speed-ups from a variety of sources including, but not limited to:

  • Stalls
  • Gang’s Treasures 
  • VIP Offers
  • Events
  • Exploration

Upgrade Your Side Ships

Black Raven upgrade page - Sea of Conquest
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In Sea of Conquest, your Side Ships (a.k.a. Battleships) are ships that accompany your Flagship in both exploration and battle. You can also assign heroes to your Side Ships, which again adds a lot of Power to your fleet.

The type of Battleship you invest in and deploy your heroes at also matters a lot—especially if you want to specialize in a specific damage type. Always try to get more ships, just so you’ll have plenty of build options depending on which heroes you get from Conch summons.

High-quality Pine (item description) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

To upgrade Side Ships, you need the following Ship Upgrade materials depending on the rarity of the ship:

All Ship Upgrade MaterialsShips Upgraded
High-quality PineRare Ships (Blue)
Premium TeakEpic Ships (Purple)
Excellent OakLegendary Ships (Orange)

The best way to farm these Ship Upgrade materials is to sink Armed Freighters out in the seas, but you can also get them from other sources such as events or stalls.

Optimize And Enhance Your Ship Parts

Ship part enhanced (Lv. 10 > Lv. 15) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

One of the most effective ways to increase Power quickly in Sea of Conquest is to get Ship Parts and enhance them to max level with Starlight Shards or other Ship Parts.

Ship Parts—Helms (i.e. Wheels), Cannons, Sails, and are divided into rarities. In general, the higher the rarity, the more Power it gives your fleet.

Recommended Ship Level (highlighed) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Do note, however, that aside from their rarity, Ship Parts are also divided by their Required Ship Levels, which dictates what level your ship has to have before you can equip that specific Ship Part. You can check this stat under every Ship Part’s name—as shown in the image above. 

A Ship Part with a higher Required Ship Level will provide more stat boosts (hence more Power) to your fleet, so make sure you check this before you decide to invest materials in enhancing the Ship Parts you obtain, regardless of their rarity.

Stargaze Consistently

Stargazing page - Sea of Conquest
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Unlike all the other methods of increasing your Power in Sea of Conquest, Stargazing won’t give you any drastic or quick boost to your overall Power.

It does, however, give you various general utility-focused buffs such as increased Construction Speed, Port Sailor Replenishment Rate, and Critical Resistance.

Always Stargaze whenever you can, as even though the Power-boosting effects won’t be immediate, all the buffs and Power boosts you get from it will eventually compound over time!


If you want to get stronger in Sea of Conquest and get recognized by your fellow pirates, then increasing your Power should be your number one priority. Just follow all the information we’ve just gone through and you’re good to go!

But if you want to learn more about the game so you can play even more efficiently, then go ahead and read our Ultimate Game Guide and Tips & Tricks List for Sea of Conquest!

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