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You can increase your Guild Relations and get to Worship level quickly in Sea of Conquest by Auto-Trading, doing Commissions, donating to Governors, exploring the map, using Guild Sail Patterns on your ship, and being a Port Official.

Scroll down to learn more about all the ways you can improve your Guild Relations, as well as several tips to maximize the amount of Relations you get from every source!

How to Increase Guild Relations In Sea of Conquest (Get Worship Relations Fast!)

Listed below are all the methods you can use to improve Relations with every Guild in Sea of Conquest.

Earn Guild Commemorative Coins By Auto-Trading

Acquired Gold and Guild Relations in Auto Trade (highlighted) - Sea of Conquest
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As you can see from the image above, trading with ports—more notably—Auto-Trading also gives you Guild Relation points (i.e. Guild Commemorative Coins) in addition to Gold.

Considering how often you’ll need to be Auto-Trading to make lots of Gold in Sea of Conquest, this is by far one of the best ways (if not the best way) to improve Guild Relations in the game as well. In short, Auto-Trading in Sea of Conquest is basically hitting two birds with one stone!

The type of Guild Commemorative Coin you receive in trades is determined by which Guild owns the Trading Venue of the port you’re trading with. 

This means that Auto Trades can give you up to two types of Guild Commemorative Coins since you’ll be trading with two ports using this feature. That’s two Guilds you can potentially be improving Relations with per Auto Trade session!

Do Commissions Regularly

Commisons page - Sea of Conquest
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Commissions give you Guild Commemorative Coins in exchange for doing tasks like trading goods between ports, delivering letters, or sinking Armed Freighters.

You need an item called Pirate Seal to take on one Commission. You get one Pirate Seal every 8 hours, and you can only have up to 15 Pirate Seals at once. Commissions are divided into risk levels:

Commission Risk LevelsGuild Commemorative Coins Given
Safe (Gray)10,000 Guild Commemorative Coins
Low Risk (Green)15,000 Guild Commemorative Coins
Risky (Blue)25,000 Guild Commemorative Coins
High Risk (Purple)40,000 Guild Commemorative Coins
Hazardous (Orange)80,000 Guild Commemorative Coins

You can get Commissions with higher Risk Levels by completing Commissions from one Guild consecutively. This means that the more Commissions you complete for a specific Guild, the better the rewards you get, which is another reason why focusing on improving Relations with one Guild at a time is ideal.

On a related note, do not let your Pirate Seals stay at max capacity. Try to take and complete commissions while playing Sea of Conquest every day, preferably from one Guild only until they Worship you!

Governor icon in port (highlighted) - Sea of Conquest
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Each port in Sea of Conquest has a Governor. Clicking on the floating “Governor” icon on the port that you’re currently docked in will show you which Governor runs it, and what Guild he’s affiliated with.

From there, you can “Donate” Gold to the Governor to increase your Relations with the Guild they’re affiliated with, as well as the Prosperity of the port which unlocks higher quality goods for the port’s Trade Venue.

Governor page - Sea of Conquest
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The amount of Gold required for donations increases after every 10 donations, but it resets back to its original amount every 24 hours.

We recommend you donate at least 20 times per day to the Governor of a port owned by the Guild you want to increase your Relations with. Preferably more if you can afford it, of course!

Explore The Map

100% Port Incidents - Sea of Conquest
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Doing the following exploration activities will give you Guild Commemorative Coins:

  • Port Acquaintances via Gold Compass
  • Mist Incidents
  • 100% Quick Exploring ports (All Mist Incidents & Landward Quests cleared)

You increase Guild Relations by a lot just by exploring your map and doing these activities—enough, in fact, to bring most Relations from Neutral to Friendly without even doing Commissions, donating, or Auto-Trading.

So if you’re a new player, we recommend exploring new sections of the map as soon as they’re open so you can increase your Relations with Guilds that you’re not prioritizing to at least Friendly!

Use Guild Patterns On Your Sails

The Ocean Bros Guild Pattern - Sea of Conquest
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You can get a Guild’s custom Pattern for your sails in the Guild Emporium stall for free once you reach “Friendly” Relations.

Equipping a specific Guild’s sail pattern on your Flagship’s sails will increase your Relations with that Guild whenever you sink another ship, so we recommend equipping the pattern of the Guild you want to Worship you as soon as you get it!

Become A Port Official In Your Gang

Port Officials in Gang - Sea of Conquest
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In Sea of Conquest, officials can be appointed in ports that your Gang has occupied. There are four official titles that players can be appointed to:

  • Lord of the City
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Commanding Officer
  • Tax Collector 

Not only does being a Port Official give you status and bragging rights over your Gangmates and all other players on your server, but it also allows you to claim Guild Commemorative Coin Selector Chests every day.

Hence their name, these chests allow you to pick which Guild Commemorative Coin you’d like to get, which is a huge help to farming Relations with specific Guilds so you can get worshipped by them faster.

Best Guilds To Build “Worship” Relations With In Sea of Conquest

Guild page - Sea of Conquest
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We highly recommend getting Worship Relations with the following Guilds first:

Best Guilds To Prioritize Relations WithLegendary Hero UnlockedUnlock Requirements
Golden Pyramid AllianceLesterWorship Relations
100 Emeralds
Transylvania Trade CompanySharkyWorship Relations
100 Emeralds
Plantegenest GuildLunaWorship Relations
100 Emeralds

As you can see from the table above, the reason why you’d want to prioritize these Guilds is because they reward you Legendary Heroes once you obtain Worship Relations with them. That’s way better than the rewards you get from other Guilds!


Guild Relations can be increased in a lot of different ways, and following all the information that we’ve listed above consistently is your best bet to getting maximum Guild Relations as fast as possible.

Now that you’ve just learned how to get Worshipped by Guilds quickly in Sea of Conquest, how about giving our Ship Part farming guide and Free Emerald farming guide a read? 

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