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How To Get More Ships (Featured Image) - Sea of Conquest

Aside from shelling out real cash to buy ships in Sea of Conquest, you can also get more ships by following the story, grinding for them in events, and through the Shipbuilding mechanic, which unlocks in Season 2. 

Read more if you’d like to know the specifics on how to get more ships and a few things to consider before using each acquisition method!

How To Get More Ships In Sea of Conquest

Your ships and their ship parts contribute significantly to your total Power level. 

Each ship is specialized for a specific damage type or role, so it would make sense to collect as many ships as you can, just so you’ll have lots of build options whenever you get more heroes for your fleet.

Get Free Ships From The Story

Dragon Lance ship unlocked - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Just by following the story in Season 1, you can get two free Rare ships:

  • Dragon Lance (specialized for taking damage)
  • Black Raven (specialized for general DPS)

Sure they might not look enticing on account of their low rarity, but these two are pretty good options—especially the Black Raven which is a staple for both F2P and some P2W ship builds.

You can also unlock them in the first few chapters of the game, which means you can start developing either of these ships early on and make them a solid member of your fleet.

Earn Ships Through Events

Pirate Captain's Trail event page - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

You can get two free Epic ships from the following events in Sea of Conquest:

Events That Reward Players With Free ShipsSeasons FeaturedFree Ships Rewarded
Pirate King’s TrailSeason 1Crimson Sentinel
Sea VoyageSeason 2Providence

These ships are the higher-rarity and more “specialized” versions of the Rare ships you get from the story. 

For instance, the Crimson Sentinel ship boosts Burning and Drowning damage instead of general DPS, while the Providence is the tankier, more versatile version of the Dragon Lance as it also specializes in taunting enemy ships.

Shipbuilding (Season 2 Onwards)

Shipbuilder's Hammer's item description - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Once you get to Season 2, you’ll be able to unlock the Shipbuilding mechanic which allows you to craft ships using Shipwright’s Hammers, Gold, and Ship Blueprints.

You can craft either the Warhammer or the Stormbringer ships using this mechanic, but do keep in mind that you’re not guaranteed to get their Legendary copies, as the results of shipbuilding completely rely on chance:

Ship RarityRate Of Acquisition (Shipbuilding)
Shipbuilder's Hammers in the Dock Merchant stall - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

You can buy both Ship Blueprints and Shipwright’s Hammers from stalls like Rogue’s Retailer and Cartographer’s Corner, but in Season 1, you can buy hammers from the Dock Merchant stall already—as you can see from the image above.

We recommend not buying these and just waiting for them to be featured in other stalls in Season 2, just so you can focus your resources on upgrading your cabins instead.

Buy Ship Designs Via In-App Purchases

Warhammer ship page - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

If you don’t mind spending a sizable amount of cash to support the game financially, then remember that you can just buy the following ships via in-app purchases:

Ships With Available Premium PackagesRarity
Estimated Cost (Prices may vary)
Fearless PrincessEpic$10

Getting new ships in Sea of Conquest requires lots of time and dedication (not to mention luck) if you’re planning to go completely F2P, so if you have the money, we recommend just buying them to save you the hassle.


It’s simple—the more ships you have, the more flexibility you’ll get when it comes to creating strong builds with specific hero comps. 

With all the knowledge on how to get more ships in Sea of Conquest now covered, how about reading Sea of Conquest – How To Get Ship Parts and Sea of Conquest – How To Select Ship Parts so you can better optimize the ships you currently have?

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