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Sea of Conquest

Sea of Conquest is an RPG Strategy game where you will become the pirate captain of your ship, sail the seas, as well as build a fleet of pirate ships under your command. 

To achieve this goal you need to build your ships up to the highest level possible, by obtaining ship parts. Find out more in this article!

Sea of Conquest - Game Play
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Getting Ship Parts

  • Ship parts in Sea of Conquest can be obtained from event rewards. Alternatively, ship parts can be obtained from attacking sea monsters, (up to 5 per day).
  • Monsters become available for you to attack after your ship has reached level 5 on Sea of Conquest. 
  • Teaming up with other pirates, to take on monsters with high levels will give higher rewards. 
  • Join up with a gang to help you receive the rewards more easily. 
Sea Serpent
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Chests can be bought in some of the markets which will enable you to select specific parts to serve your needs. 

Legendary ship parts can be purchased occasionally in various markets. 

Types of Parts in Sea of Conquest

There are 4 types of ship parts. One of each ship part can be placed on each of your ships. 

  • Cannon
  • Figurehead
  • Helm
  • Sail

Each of these 4 ship parts can be a part of 7 sets. 

There are advantages to using parts from the same set in Sea of Conquest, however, this is not a requirement.  

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These sets are:

  • Blade o’ Freedom
  • Sovereign o’ the Sea
  • Requiescence o’ Black
  • Queen o’ Revenge
  • Banquet o’ the Reaper
  • Crown o’ Searing
  • Rupturer o’ the Abyss

Parts Rarity and Levels

Ship parts rarity range from starter parts (grey) to legendary parts (orange). Legendary parts will have higher rewards or efficiency. 

Ship parts also come with different levels. 

These levels are 1, 12, or 18. Your ship will need to reach level 12 to equip a level 12 ship part. Also requiring a level 18 ship to be able to equip the ship part that is on that level. 

Level 5 Flagship
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Part Bonuses

As you collect a ship part it will have random attributes such as HP, Damage reduction, Impact, Attack Power, Bonuses to Armor, and so forth. 

These effects can be improved by upgrading these parts. 

You will also receive additional bonuses if you apply 2 or 4  pieces of each of the sets to the same ship. 

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Upgrading Ship Parts in Sea of Conquest

There are two ways to upgrade ship parts on Sea of Conquest. Upgrading the ship parts will increase their statistics. You will also be able to obtain stronger boosts. 

There are 2 ways to enhance them:

  • The main currency for upgrading parts is Starlight Shards, you can collect these from some of the rewards in the game.
  • You can also use other parts that you no longer require as currency to upgrade your ship parts.

It is advisable to upgrade your ship parts as soon as possible after receiving them. This will enable your ship to be much stronger. 

You can also swap out the ship part for a better one or keep it to use later for a quick boost. The other option is to keep the ship part to use on another ship.

Sea of Conquest Map
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Wrapping it up

Ship parts in Sea of Conquest are useful as well as effective in building the strength of your fleet of ships. It is worth the grind to set up the best ship parts as soon as possible. As you progress through the game, ship parts with higher bonuses will become available. 

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