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How To Get Hymn Conches - Sea of Conquest (Featured Image)

Aside from purchasing premium packages with IRL cash, the only reliable way to get Hymn Conches in Sea of Conquest is to either participate in Events for a chance to earn them as rewards, keep playing the story, or buy them from stalls. 

If you want to know the specifics of all the methods you can use to get Hymn Conches in Sea of Conquest without spending a dime, then scroll further below and give our article a read!

How To Get Hymn Conches in Sea Of Conquest

Inventory (Hymn Conches) - Sea of Conquest
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Hymn Conches can be used either for summoning Trinkets (if you’re in Season 2 and above) or heroes from Limited Recruit banners.

These limited banners give you higher rates for Legendary heroes compared to the Standard Recruitment banner, where you instead use Echo Conches.

Listed below are all the methods you can use to obtain Hymn Conches in Sea of Conquest—aside from making in-app purchases, of course.

Participate In Events

Pirate King's Trail event (Hymn Conches available) - Sea of Conquest
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For F2P players, the most reliable way to get a steady-ish supply of Hymn Conches (the same goes for most resources, really) is to be an active player and keep participating in Events.

For example, three events that all players can access that feature Hymn Conches as earnable rewards are the Pirate King’s Trail, Showdown O’ Gangs, and Azure Promise events.

Showdown O' Gangs event (Hymn Conches available) - Sea of Conquest
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Make sure you’re always checking your Events page and doing the required tasks for events like these, as some of them (like the Pirate King’s Trail and Showdown O’ Gangs events) have time limits.

Follow The Story

Main story dialogue (Henry Hell) - Sea of Conquest
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Although they’re quite rare and are only featured as rewards much later in the Main Plot, you can get Hymn Conches by merely following Sea of Conquest’s main storyline.

Make sure that you’re completing Main Plot missions whenever you can not just for the Hymn Conches, but also because following the story is one of the best ways to level up faster in Sea of Conquest!

Buy Them From Stalls

Hero Token stall - Sea of Conquest
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Aside from playing Sea of Conquest’s events and the story, the only other reliable way to get some Hymn Conches is to buy them from either of the two stalls in the game:

Stalls That Sell Hymn ConchesPurchase Requirements
Hourly/Daily/Weekly Refresh
Guild EmporiumEmeralds“Reverence” Guild Relations“Worship” Guild RelationsNo (Max Purchase: 37)
Hero Token Exchange 320 Hero Tokens (1 Hymn Conch)Yes

320 Hero Tokens are hard to come by as a F2P player or a small spender, so if you’re either of those, we would suggest turning your focus on improving Guild relations instead so you can buy Hymn Conches from the Guild Emporium.


That’s about it for Hymn Conches! Keep in mind that you can also get them from other sources like VIP offers or mail rewards, but these would require either light spending, lots of consecutive log-in days, or relying on the devs’ generosity.

Now that you’ve gotten to know how to get Hymn Conches, why don’t you visit our Gold Farming Guide and Free Emerald farming guide to learn how to farm these other valuable items?

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