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How To Get Heroes - Sea of Conquest (Featured Image)

The best way to obtain heroes in Sea of Conquest is to unlock the Sea Soul Mirror artifact and summon heroes with Conches, although you can also participate in Events, visit stalls, or buy premium items to get more heroes.

x10 Echo Conch summons - Sea of Conquest
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Read ahead to learn how to unlock the Sea Soul Mirror, which events you should play, what stalls to visit, and how to get more heroes in Sea of Conquest!

How to Get Heroes (All Methods)

Listed below are all the methods you can use to get new heroes in Sea of Conquest, as well as some important notes to keep in mind.

Unlock The Sea Soul Mirror

Sea Soul Mirror artifact page (left) and Standard Banner page (right) - Sea of Conquest
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Your primary source of heroes is the Sea Soul Mirror—an artifact that you can unlock by clearing Chapter VI of the Main Plot.

The Sea Soul Mirror gives you access to the “Conch” page, which then allows you to summon heroes in exchange for the following items:

Item NameBanners They’re Used In
Sea of Conquest - Hymn ConchHymn ConchLimited Banners
Sea of Conquest - Echo ConchEcho ConchStandard Banner
Start Banners

You also get one free summon per day on the Standard Banner as soon as you unlock the Sea Soul Mirror. Don’t forget to use these free daily summons!

Participate In Sea Of Conquest Events

Sea Voyage Event - Sea of Conquest
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You can also get more heroes as well as tons of other valuable resources from ongoing events. 

Most events require you to complete a set amount of missions before you can obtain the rewards though, so you’ll have to prepare for some grinding in Sea Of Conquest. 

For example, there are two events that you can access no matter when you play and give you heroes for free: 

Non-Time-Limited EventsRequirementObtainable Heroes
Azure PromiseLog into Sea of Conquest for the 2nd timeWill (Epic)
Pirate King’s TrailGet 24 Event PointsLulu (Epic)

There are a lot more events aside from these two that can potentially give you heroes as new time-limited events get added to the game, so keep checking your Event page.

Buy Them From Stalls

Wanted Captains List (highlighted) - Sea of Conquest
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As highlighted in the image above, you can buy an item called “Wanted Captains List” from a couple of stalls on the Trade page. This item takes quite a while to save up for, but it allows you to choose one Legendary hero from a set.

Here are all the stalls where you can purchase new heroes directly, as well as the ones that sell Wanted Captains Lists:

Stalls That Sell HeroesPurchase RequirementsPurchase LimitObtainable Heroes
Guild EmporiumMax Relations with GuildsOnce per accountSharkie (Transylvania Trade Guild) 
Lester (Golden Pyramid Guild)
Luna (Plantegenest Guild)
Rogue’s Retailer 6,000 Rogue’s CoinsOnce per week (1 Wanted Captains List)Sharkie
Parlor300,000 ChipsOnce per week (1 Wanted Captains List)Sharkie

No matter how strong or rare they are, Legendary heroes have limited usage if their rank is low. 

With this in mind, don’t hesitate to buy duplicates of Legendary heroes from the stalls listed above so you can get their badges and rank them up—especially for the ones that you use often.

Spend Money On Premium Items

MELODY OF THE SEA package purchased - Sea of Conquest
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At the end of the day, Sea of Conquest is a freemium game, which means making in-app purchases will get you further in terms of how many heroes you can get compared to if you were to just stay F2P.

Buying Echo Conches and Hymn Conches for more hero summons with real money is one thing, but you can also purchase heroes directly from Hero Packages or unlock the following Legendary heroes through VIP Offers:

  • Boa (VIP Offer 7)
  • Magnus (VIP Offer 15)

Do note that you can also unlock Boa and Magnus from the VIP Offers completely F2P just by logging into the game consistently, but it will take you a very long time without spending real money for VIP Points.


Compared to earning lots of gold and farming free emeralds, making sure that you get plenty of heroes and their duplicates for rank promotions is just as crucial if you want smooth, worry-free account progress in the long run.

Now, if you’d like to know which heroes you should aim to get while using any of the methods we’ve mentioned above, then please check out our Sea of Conquest: Hero Tier List!

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