Sea of Conquest – How to Get Echo Conches

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How To Get Echo Conches - Sea of Conquest (Featured Image)

You can get Echo Conches in Sea of Conquest by following the Main Plot, clearing Trial stages, doing Mist Incidents while exploring, participating in events, purchasing them from stalls, completing your weekly missions, and redeeming coupon codes.

Scroll down if you’d like to learn all the ways you can get Echo Conches, as well as some helpful tips to keep in mind while you farm!

Sea Of Conquest – How To Get Echo Conches

Main Plot page - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Follow The Main Plot

The best way for most players—especially beginners—to get Echo Conches in Sea Of Conquest is to keep following the story (i.e. the Main Plot), as it’s very easy to track and gives you other valuable resources such as Adventure Experience, Wood, Iron, and Gold. 

You get Echo Conches every time you finish a chapter of the Main Plot, making it a reliable source of conches early on. 

However, as you go further in the story, you’ll eventually be roadblocked from doing more Main Plot tasks by a high-difficulty/time-locked task or an Adventure Level requirement. Make sure you’re leveling up fast to keep those conches coming!

Clear Trials

Trials (Chapter 3) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

You can also clear Trial stages for more Echo Conches. On the Trials page in Sea Of Conquest, there are three main types of stages that you can play:

Stage Types (Trials)Primary Rewards
Hero BattlesEmeralds
Speed Ups
Ship BattlesEmeralds
Echo Conches
Starlight Shards
Boss BattlesEmeralds
Speed Ups

As you can see from the table above, you’ll need to complete Ship Battles if you want to get Echo Conches. It is, however, not the only source of Echo Conches on the Trials page.

The Star Rewards is where you’ll get most of your Echo Conches after clearing Trial stages. This feature rewards you based on your performance in each Trial chapter, which is then determined by how many stars you got per chapter.

Star Rewards - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

To get the most Echo Conches out of this feature as possible, you should aim to clear all Trial stages with a 3-star grade. This will give you the 30/30 Star Reward for each chapter, which nets you a lot of Echo Conches.

Do Some Exploring

You can earn quite a hefty amount of Echo Conches just by taking advantage of exploration features that are implemented in the world map, such as First Kill Rewards and Mist Incidents.

First Kill Rewards (highlighted) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

First Kill Rewards can be obtained by sinking Armed Freighters with different levels. You get one Echo Conch for every First Kill Reward you claim. 

Hence the name “First Kill”, do keep in mind that you can only get one Echo Conch from an Armed Freighter that has a different level than all the other Armed Fighters you’ve previously sunk. 

Mist Incident (Drifting Barrels) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Mist Incidents, on the other hand, are interactable locations in your map that you can unlock by exploring and discovering ports with your Golden Compass. 

There are several types of Mist Incidents, but so far, we’ve found only two that give you Echo Conches:

  • The Merchant (Trade 1 Echo Conch for 50 Emeralds)
  • Drifting Barrels (Looted from floating barrels, potentially gold ones)

Always prioritize looking for these Mist Events while exploring, but note that the rewards you can get from them won’t always include Echo Conches.

Participate In Events

Showdown o' Gangs event page - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Events are by far the best source of Echo Conches in the game, but only if you’re an active player who doesn’t mind dedicating at least a few hours to the game and logging in at specific time frames per day.

This is because most events in Sea of Conquest require you to do tasks over a long period or have hourly schedules, with some even pitting you against fellow players for better rewards via a Leaderboard system.

Azure Promise event page - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Events don’t just give you Echo Conches and other valuable resources—you can also get more heroes from them! For example, all beginner players will have access to the Azure Promise event, which gives you 20 Echo Conches, 10 Hymn Conches, and an Epic hero (Will) just for logging in for seven days.

Buy Them From Stalls

Market stall - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Here are all the stalls in Sea of Conquest that sell Echo Conches:

Stalls (Echo Conch)Purchase RequirementsStock Refresh
Baron’s FleetEmeralds (Price depends on discount)Yes
Cartographer’s Corner250 World Emblems (1 Echo Conch)No (Max Purchase: 30)
Rogue’s Retailer100 Rogue’s Coin (1 Echo Conch)Yes
Bloodstone Emporium25 Bloodstones (1 Echo Conch – 50% Discount)
50 Bloodstones (1 Echo Conch)
Market2,000 Gang Seals (1 Echo Conch)Yes
Guild Emporium“Respect” Relations & 10 Emeralds (2 Echo Conch per Guild)No (Max Purchase: 14)
Hero Token Exchange500 Hero Tokens (1 Echo Conch)Yes
Parlor5,000 Chips (1 Echo Conch)Yes
Dock Merchant500 Emeralds (1 Echo Conch)Yes

Before you buy Echo Conches from any of these stalls, remember that some shops give you better offers than others. 

For example, unless you’re a big spender, we don’t recommend buying conches from the Dock Merchant, as 500 Emeralds for 1 Echo Conch is just too steep of a price. You’ll be better off spending Emeralds elsewhere in Sea Of Conquest, especially since they’re fairly hard to farm.

Complete Your Weekly Missions

Treasure of Tides (weekly missions) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

The Treasure of Tides feature allows you to earn a variety of rewards by completing Weekly Missions, which of course includes Echo Conches. 

You get different rewards depending on how high the level of your treasure chest is. To level up your treasure chest, you must collect Tide Points, which you get by doing tasks listed in your Weekly Missions.

Redeem Coupon Codes

Redeem Reward codes (highlighted) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Last but not least, we have Sea of Conquest’s code redemption feature, which is practically a staple for games in the same genre. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

If you’d like to know all the codes you can redeem for Echo Conches as well as other precious items in the game, then go ahead and visit our article: Sea Of Conquest: Code List & How To Redeem Them.


Echo Conches are essential if you want to get more heroes for your fleet. They’re not as rare as Hymn Conches, but they’re every bit as valuable, especially for F2P players who rarely have access to their more premium counterparts.

If you’re interested in learning how to farm other valuable items aside from Echo Conches, then you should read our Free Emerald Farming Guide and Gold Farming Guide!

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