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Auto-Trading Guide - Sea of Conquest (Featured Image)

If you want to make tons of Gold and improve Guild Relations in Sea of Conquest, then Auto-Trading is a very good way to do it.

Read further to learn all about Auto-Trading—including some tips to help you take your Auto Trade sessions to the next level and earn even more Gold and Guild Relations!

What Is Auto Trade in Sea Of Conquest?

Auto Trade prompt - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Auto Trade is a feature in Sea of Conquest that allows you to trade goods between two ports without human input

This means you can close the game or do something else while you AFK and your ship will continue going back and forth between ports—trading goods automatically!

As you can imagine, Auto-Trading as often as possible will allow you to gain tons of Gold passively, making it one of the best ways to make Gold in the game.

How To Auto Trade (Step-By-Step)

In case you missed the Auto-Trading tutorial or if you just need further clarification regarding this feature, here’s a brief run-through of how to Auto Trade in Sea of Conquest:

Step #1: Visit The Port’s Trading Venue

Trading Venue (highlighted) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Most ports have a Trading Venue where you can buy and sell goods. Furthermore, each port’s Trading Venue has Specialty Goods, which are goods that you can only buy from that specific port.

Now, if you want to either Auto Trade or just trade manually, click the floating “Trading Venue” icon in the port your ship is docked in—as shown in the image above.

Step #2: Click Auto Trade (Friendly Guilds Only)

After opening the Trading Venue of the port you’re currently docked in, you can now start Auto-Trading by clicking the “Auto Trade” button, as shown here:

Auto Trade button (highlighted) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Do note that you must have “Friendly” relations with the Guild that owns the Trading Venue before you can unlock Auto Trade with that specific Trading Venue. 

If you look again at the image above, you can see that the Guild that owns the Trading Venue I’m currently trading with has “Respect” for me, which is a level higher than “Friendly”, so that means I’m good to go!

Guild Relations description - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

All Trading Venues are owned by a Guild in Sea Of Conquest. The higher your relations are with a Guild, the higher the quality of the Specialty Goods you can buy from the Trading Venues that they own.

Auto-trading using a Trading Venue owned by a specific Guild increases your relations with that Guild, which makes Auto-Trading one of the best ways to improve your Guild Relations.

Step #3: Choose The Other Port To Trade With

Auto Trade (2nd port selection) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Now that you selected your first port, it’s time to choose the second port you’ll be trading with. Remember the second port has to be already familiarized via the Golden Compass and that the Guild who owns the Trading Venue there must be “Friendly” with you as well.

You can see the estimated amount of Gold and Guild Relations you can get from each port you can trade with while choosing your second port, so use it to your advantage!

The farther away the second port is from the first port you selected, the more time the Auto Trade would take to finish, but the more Guild Relations and Gold you earn.

Step #4: Track Your Auto Trade (Optional)

Auto Trade stats - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

After choosing your second port, you’ll now have a “trading route”, which is the path that your ship will automatically travel back and forth over while Auto-Trading. Once the route is established and your ships start moving on their own, your Auto Trade is now in session.

As you can see from the image above, you can check the status of your Auto Trade, which includes the trade logs, your current profits, and how much time or trips you have left before the Auto Trade ends.

Auto Trade report in the mail - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

You can also check the time consumed and total amount of Gold you’ve earned by specific Auto Trade sessions by visiting your Mail > System > Auto Trade Revenue in Sea Of Conquest.

How To Get Better At Auto Trades (Auto-Trading Tips)

If you want to earn more Gold and Guild Relations with your Auto Trades in Sea Of Conquest, then have a look at these three Auto-Trading tips!

Find Ports With Sought-after Goods

Sought after goods (highlighted) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Sought-after Goods are goods that sell for a much higher price in a specific port. You can see which ports have Sought-After Goods at the time by checking if they have a green arrow pointing upwards near their name or in their Port summary, as you can see above.

Do note that Sought-after Goods reset every 24 hours, so you’ll have to check them often just in case you’re trading the wrong goods, or in the wrong port.

Sometimes, two ports will have Sought-after Goods that each other sells. This is usually a great indicator that these ports are the best ports you can Auto-Trade with at the moment.

Use Gang-affiliated Ports For More Profit

Gang-affiliated ports (+20%) profit - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Trading with Trading Venues located in a port that your Gang has occupied will give you 20% additional profits whenever you trade, which gives a significant boost to your total earnings via Auto-Trading.

This isn’t a requirement, of course, but we highly recommend only joining the strongest Gangs in your server (or seas, at least) if you want to maximize your Auto Trades.

Place All Your Storage and Oarsman Quarters In Your Flagship

Cabins (Storage and Oarsmen's Quarters) - Sea of Conquest
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Last but not least, you must make sure that all of the Storage and Oarsman Quarters (for additional Sailing Speed) you can build are placed in your Flagship and not stowed away before Auto-Trading.

After all, the more storage you have, the more goods you can transport, and the faster your Flasghip is, the quicker your Auto Trade sessions end—translating to more Gold and Guild Relations farmed in the long run.

If you’re out of space, consider removing some of your Gun Bays and replacing them with Storage units and Oarsman Quarters. Just put them back once you’re done Auto-trading!


In a nutshell, you buy goods at a low price from one port and sell high at the other port, then vice-versa. Auto-Trading repeats this cycle automatically up to 50 times (150 if you bought the Gold Blessings Subscription), allowing you to gain resources even while AFK.

Now that you know how Auto-Trading works and how to use it more effectively, feel free to read Sea of Conquest – How to Smuggle Goods and Sea of Conquest – How To Get Ship Parts if you want to learn more about the game!

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