Sea of Conquest Guide and Walkthroughs Wiki

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Sea of Conquest Guide and Walkthroughs Wiki

Sea of Conquest is an MMORPG game that sees players scouring the seas, engaging in epic battles, and exploring the unknown. Lead a fierce crew, build relations with various factions, select the best ship parts, and perfectly manage your resources with our guides below!

Character Guides

Characters in Sea of Conquest come in all shapes and sizes. Ensure that you’re bringing along the strongest characters by browsing through our tier list. Additionally, learn how to get more heroes, and even find information on the best heroes to use!

All Hero Guides

Heroes Tier List
How to Get HeroesBest Heroes to UseBest Heroes for Naval Combat

All Recipes

Our recipe list boasts a complete and updated list of all the Cooking and Distillery recipes currently available in the game!

Ship Guides

View our ship guides for various tips to increase your knowhow when it comes to anything related to ship building!

Ultimate Ship Guide

General Ship Guides

How To Get More Ships (Featured Image) - Sea of Conquest
How to Get More Ships
Best Rooms to Upgrade First - Sea of Conquest (Featured Image)
Best Rooms to Upgrade First
Sea of Conquest
How to Get Ship Parts

How to Select Ship Parts

Latest News

Patch Notes


Check out our regularly updated codes articles to see a list of codes, as well as instructions on how to redeem them!

Sea of Conquest Codes

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks - Sea of Conquest

Read through our collection of Tips and Tricks to quickly bolster your power. These tips and tricks range from activities you should participate in actively, and even things you should do while you’re AFK!

General Tips and Tricks

How to Increase Power Fast

How to Increase Guild Relations

How to Remove Infamy
How to Get StaminaAuto-Trading GuideWhere to Spend Emeralds
How to Get Hymn ConchesHow to Get Echo ConchesHow to Smuggle Goods
Damage Types GuideHow to Level Up FastCan You Fast Travel?
Free Emerald Farming GuideAll Treasure CluesAll Ports and Goods
How to Get and Earn More Gold Fast5 Must Know Tips and Tricks
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