Sea of Conquest – Can You Fast Travel?

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Fast travel in sea of conquest
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You can fast travel in the Sea of Conquest once you unlock two specific artifacts. One will let you speed up your ship by 1000% for a limited period, while the other will teleport you from one place to another in less than 5 seconds.

Below, I’ll be giving an overview of these two artifacts, which includes everything you need to know about them. Along with that, I’ll list down the missions you need to complete to unlock them.

Fast Travel Using Artifacts in Sea of Conquest

Using storm horn
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The two artifacts that will let you fast travel are Storm Horn and Eye of the Sea. The former speeds up your ship, and the latter simply teleports you from one port to another.

Let’s check out their details in more depth below.

Storm Horn – Fast Forward

Storm horn sea of conquest
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Storm Horn basically boosts the sailing speed of your ships by 1000% for 20 seconds. It’s for a short time, but the ships can cover a significant distance.

However, once you activate Storm Horn, it will have a 20-minute cooldown before you can activate it again.

One way to reuse it a few times without any cooldown is by completing missions and hunting treasures.

How to Unlock Storm Horn

  • Adventure level reaches Lvl 6
  • Henry Hall reaches Lvl 6
  • Upgrade the Flagship to Lvl 3
  • Own 3 Gun Bay(s)
  • Own 1 Sick Bay
  • Plunder a Level 4 Armed Freighter

Eye of the Sea – Teleport

The Eye of the Sea artifact teleports you to a port that your gang owns in only a blink of an eye. It also teleports you to ports where your gang members are present.

So, for instance, if there are 20 members in your gang in Sea of Conquest and each one is on a different port, you can tap on any one of them and easily teleport there.

The bigger your gang, the more areas you can teleport to.

You can activate Eye of the Sea 5 times per day, and each turn has a cooldown of 5 hours.

Let’s say you have 5/5 of this artifact and you activate it twice. Now the figure would read 3/5, and it will take 10 hours for it to get back to 5/5.

I hope it is easy to understand!

How to Unlock Eye of the Sea

  • Reap 5000 Gold through trading
  • Discover a total of 7 port(s)
  • Improve the relations with one guild to Friendly
  • Adventure level reaches level 15
  • Donate to the gang 20 times
  • Complete Sea in the Mirror – 1-8


Unlocking and utilizing these two artifacts in Sea of Conquest will let you fast travel and go from one corner to another in a matter of seconds.

However, make sure to activate them efficiently, so you don’t end up using them for nothing.

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