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Ahoy, mateys, and welcome abroad! Looking for a place to be bad? The Sea of Conquest is the perfect place, or, may I say, the darkest place, that is full of pirates.

In Sea of Conquest, you are the captain of the ships you have unlocked, and you are responsible for every little detail in those ships.

For that, what are pirates known for? Attacking other ships, searching for treasures, looting as much as you can, and their famous drinks.

Drinks in Sea of Conquest have their own recipes, tiers, and even buildings, so in this article, we will go through everything related to the distillery.

Sea of Conquest – Buildings


Functional buildings
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In Sea of Conquest, you have many types of buildings, such as functional, explore & battle, and recreation.

Functional buildings are used to construct buildings about the game itself; in other words, they are used to increase the functionality of the ship, such as the builder’s unit, the capacity of the crew, or even the office for the gang.

Explore & Battle

explore & battle buildings
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The second type of building in Sea of Conquest is the explore and battle category, where you can build attacking stuff such as a gun bay to increase your firepower or a drill hall where your pirates can be trained.

But for the most important part, you can build storage, which adds extra storage for your ship so you can collect more loot from treasure boxes, ships you attacked, or even missions you have finished.

Each of these buildings requires a specific number of resources to build, and then you will need to hire a sailor in order to work for it. Each building requires a specific number of sailors, and the higher the levels of the buildings, the more sailors you will need.


Recreation buildings
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And to the most important part of Sea of Conquest regarding the distillery, there is the recreation category where you recreate resources; each building has its own unique resource output.

Starting with the Mess Hall, where you can sell items such as the drinks made in the distillery for huge amounts of gold according to their tiers.

Each of those buildings would require a specific flagship level to be unlocked, and you would be able to build it.

Flagship upgrade
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Flagship level indicates your ship level, and each flagship level has its own requirements. For example, you would need to upgrade specific buildings in order to level up your ship.

After you have finished all the requirements you will need to head to the ships pages and upgrade it, upgrading using gold.

You can get gold by attacking other ships, going to the shops, finding treasure boxes, selling in the Mess Hall the food and drinks you produce, or even using diamonds to get instant gold.

Distillery Requirements

the interior of the ship
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To build a distillery, you will need to finish its requirements first. You will need to build a water tank, a chicken coop, and a cattle shed.

Each of those buildings would give you different resources in order to produce drinks in the distillery.

The good part of the Sea of Conquest is that you will find rare resources in the depths of the sea, such as opening boxes and treasures.

In the distillery, you can find different drinks with different rarities; each drink would need specific ingredients, and the rarer the ingredients, the better the drink you will get.

Down below, we will mention the distillery recipe list that has been available until now with different rarities.

Sea of Conquest – Distillery Recipes List

S+ Tier

S+ Tier in Distillery
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The S+ tier drinks are the rarest ones, giving the highest benefits. Although their ingredients would take time to find, you will be able to sell them for high amounts of money, or you can use them to get supplies replenished.

DrinkIngredientsSupplies ReplenishSelling Price in the Mess Hall
Divine Gin Fizz1 soda, 1 juniper, 1 lemon, 1 sugar1923840
Divine Lonely Queen2 Agave, 1 orange, 1 lemon1923840
Divine Gin & Tonic 3 tonic water, 1 juniper1923840
Divine Tequila Sunset2 Oranges, 1 grape, 1 agave1923840
Heavenly Hot Toddy2 barley, 1 water, 1 sugar. 1 lemon, 2 sugar cane, 1 sugar.1923840
Heavenly Hometown1 Grape, 3 Junpier Berry1923840
Divine Gaucus’s Kiss2x Sugar Cane, 2x Barley1923840

S Tier

S Tier in Distillery
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This tier is easier to produce than the S+ tier but can still give you a lot of supplies and gold if sold in the Mess Hall.

DrinkIngredientsSupplies ReplenishSelling Price in the Mess Hall
Reserve Vodka3x Potato40800
Premium Tequila Sunset1 grape 1 orange 1 gift 1 juniper961920
Reserve Rum3x Sugar Cane40800
Reserve Gin3x Juniper Berry40800
Premium Gin Fizz1 soft drink 1 gin 1 lemon961920
Reserve Teqila3x Agave40800
Premium Gin & Tonic1 gin 2 soft drink961920
Reserve Wine3x Grape40800
Premium Hometown2 grape 2 juniper961920
Premium Mojito1 sugar cane 1 lemon 1 sugar961920
Reserve Whisky3x Barley40800
Premium Lonely Queen1 grape 1 water 1 lemon 1 gift961920
Premium Hot Toddy1 barley 1 water 1 sugar961920
Premium Gaucus’s Kiss1 barley 2 sugar cane961920
Premium The Sailor1 juniper 1 potato, 2 oranges961920

A Tier

A Tier in Distillery
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The A tier is just above the lowest tier which is much easier to produce than the S+ and S tiers but with low benefits.

DrinkIngredientsSupplies ReplenishSelling Price in the Mess Hall
Premium Rum2x Sugar Cane32640
Premium Whisky2x Barley32640
Ordinary Gin Fizz2x Juniper Berry, 1 Soda 641280
Premium Vodka2x Potato32640
Premium Wine2x Grape32640
Ordinary The Sailor1 juniper, 1 potato, 1 orange641280
Premium Gin2x Juniper Berry32640
Premium Tequila2x Agave32640
Ordinary Homeland1 Grape, 1 Juniper Berry, 1 Water641280
Ordinary The Sailor1 potato 1 orange 2 juniper641280
Ordinary Gin & Tonic2x Juniper Berry, 1 Tonic Water 641280
Ordinary Hot Toddy1 barley, 1 sugar 641280
Ordinary Gaucus’s Kiss1 sugar cane 1 barley 641280

B tier

B Tier in Distillery
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The B tier is the least beneficial regarding the benefits, which gives you the fewest supplies and the lowest amount of gold, but the B drinks are the easiest to produce, and some of them would require 1 ingredient that is easy to find.

DrinkIngredientsSupplies ReplenishSelling Price in the Mess Hall
Ordinary Rum1 Sugar Cane24480
Ordinary Vodka1 Potato24480
Ordinary Wine1 Grape24480
Ordinary Gin1 Juniper Berry24480
Regular Beverage1 Water24480
Ordinary Tequila1 Agave24480
Ordinary Whisky1 Barley2480
War in Sea of Conquest
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There you go, shipmates. That’s your treasure map to every distillery recipe in Sea of Conquest.

Although there are a lot of things you can do in Sea of Conquest, the distillery is one of the most interesting parts where you will need to mix and match different ingredients to get the required drink.

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