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Heroes section in sea of conquest
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There are 5 damage types in Sea of Conquest that differ from hero to hero. Some heroes do direct damage, while others do damage over time. Similarly, some heroes attack multiple opponents, while others attack a single ship. Knowing all this will help you devise better strategies and progress faster.

Read ahead to learn all about these damage types while also learning the difference between direct and over time damage.

Direct and Over-Time Damage

Before we move on to the actual damage types, let’s understand what I’ll be meaning by direct damage and damage over time.

Direct Damage

Direct damage simply means that your heroes will attack the enemy ship directly, and the attack will immediately lower that ship’s HP.

Over-Time Damage

Think of them as stacks. The more stacks you have on the opponent’s ship, the more damage you’ll be doing.

However, these stacks will disappear in a few seconds. For Blazing damage, the limit is 8 seconds, and for Drowning damage, it further reduces to 5.

Having said that, if you’ve got multiple stacks of these two damage types, you’ll be doing more than enough damage to your targets every second.

I’ll mention their damage power under their own individual headings.

Damage Types in Sea Of Conquest

Apart from the basic damage that every ship and hero does, there are 5 more damage types that you need to understand.

Knowing them will help you devise your strategies better, and you’ll place certain heroes carefully on your ships.

Following will be a short breakdown of all 5 of them.

Cutthroat Damage

Cutthroat direct damage is the most useful against single enemies. and will target the ship with the lowest HP to take them out of the battle.

When you’re battling sea monsters in Sea Of Conquest, taking on solid flagships, or participating in a PvP battle, the heroes with this damage will help out a lot.

Also, it will target the ship with the lowest HP to take them out of the battle.

Yes, it might not be the best at attacking multiple targets, but it is very handy to destroy individual enemy ships quickly.

Artillery Damage

Artillery damage hero in Sea of Conquests
Image: FunPlus International AG

The Artillery direct damage is your go-to when you’re up against multiple ships.

For instance, if you’re battling 5 ships at once, the heroes with the Artillery damage can be game changers as they will be attacking every ship.

This damage type isn’t the most useful against single enemies.

Strategic Damage

Strategic damage hero
Image: FunPlus International AG

Strategic direct damage is a mixture of Cutthroat and Artillery damage in Sea Of Conquest.

The heroes that have this damage type attack mainly with their skills, unlike the other two damage types mentioned above, which use both skills and the artilleries.

Heroes with this type of damage are powerful, but they might not be as effective as the others.

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Blazing Damage

Blazing damage hero in Sea of conquest
Image: FunPlus International AG

The Blazing damage-over-time type does 10% damage in accordance with the attack stat of your ship for each stack that is on the enemy ship.

So, if there are 10 stacks of Blazing damage, you’ll be doing 100% damage to the opposition.

Each stack of Blazing damage remains for 8 seconds.

Drowning Damage

Drowning damage
Image: FunPlus International AG

Drowning damage is another damage-over-time type and does 20% damage for each stack equivalent to your ship’s attack stat for 5 seconds.

Yes, the damage is more than Blazing but the time is shorter, on the other hand.

However, even if you only have 6 stacks of Drowning damage on an enemy ship at the same time, you’ll be doing more damage over time than Blazing.

Drowning damage-type heroes will also attack the ships that have the highest HP to break them down quickly.

If you’re unsure how to get heroes in Sea of Conquest, click on the hyperlink to check out our detailed guide.


So, this was all about the damage types in Sea of Conquest. Deciding which heroes to put on your ships plays an important role and can make or break the battle for you.

Make sure to utilize the damage types to keep stacking damage as much as you can, and you won’t be losing many battles.

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