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AFK Journey - Side Quest - Scholars in Distress

Scholars in Distress is a sidequest in AFK Journey. During your visit to Southville to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the strange occurrences surrounding Lord Franz and his massive vineyard, you encountered a strange sound coming from the southwestern side of the small village.

You decided to investigate and find the source of the distant sound of distress. With our Scholars in Distress Guide, we’ll lead you through the location and rewards of the side quest mentioned.

Step-by-Step Scholars in Distress Guide

STEP 1: Find The Sound Source

After saving the bunny-eared guy from his predicament with Elite Gurglin, you heard a distant shout for help. Head to the location (346;96) to spot the woman making a distressed cry and talk to her to learn her situation.

STEP 2: Head to the Gurglin Camp

You found out that Melissa is from the Evergreen Conservatory, an institute dedicated to archaeology and the history of Esperia. She came to Golden Wheatshire to do research for a paper she was writing. However, she encountered a group of Gruglin and took Gali, her research partner, to their camp. Agree to help her to receive the Scholar in Distress sidequest, then head to the Gurglin Camp (352;100).

STEP 3: Save Gali

You will find Gali at Gurglin’s Main Camp (354;105) and interact with him to discover what happened. As it turns out, the book Grug Lingo helped him communicate with them, keeping him safe during the abduction. However, they got agitated and attacked when he asked the Gruglin about the Ruins. Prepare yourself for a Story Battle.

STEP 4: Ask Gali to Explain

AFK Journey - Side Quest - Scholars in Distress

After the Story Battle, interact with Gali again to get an explanation. It came to light that the Gurglin accused you and your group of capturing their chief and demanded to have them released. To clear the misunderstanding, Gali volunteered to help.

STEP 5: Save the Chief

Assist Gali in saving the Chief. Head to the mechanism that trapped the giant gruglin (346;105). Once you free him, Chief Gruglin will mistake you for intruders. Prepare for a Story Battle.

STEP 6: Follow the Chief

After combat, Melissa explained to the Giant Chief that it was all a misunderstanding. As an apology, the Chief led you and your team to the ruins (338;96). Follow him to discover the history of the ruins.

STEP 7: Check the Tablet

Check the tablet. It contains an ancient message that will reveal historical secrets. It was a historical moment, but Gali pressed a button on the tablet before they could decipher everything, summoning a guardian. Defeat the Guardian (Level 28) to save the scholars.

STEP 8: Talk to Melissa

AFK Journey - Side Quest - Scholars in Distress

With the Guardian taken care of and the Gurglin meeting a mutual understanding with the scholars, Melissa, thank you for your help. She will now be able to study in peace. As a token of her appreciation, she rewarded you. This wraps up the sidequest in AFK Journey‘s “Scholars in Distress.”

How to Unlock Scholars in Distress

AFK Journey - Vineyard's Secret -Story Quest

Scholars in Distress becomes available as you venture through the Story Quest, “Vineyard’s Secret,” in Golden Wheatshire right after saving Lorsan from the Elite Gurglin and confronting Lord Franz for the strange occurrences and the fire in Northville.

Scholars in Distress Reward

300 Diamonds
12,000 Gold
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