Samkok Tactics M Tier List – The Best List

Ahmed Fawzy

Welcome to Samkok Tactics M where you are in charge of building your own army, battling other players and kings, and conquering the land.

Samkok Tactics M is a strategy game that is set in the Three Kingdoms era, the game is developed by PLAYPARK and is available on Google Play.

One of the most important aspects of the game is choosing the right characters, in this article, we will provide the Samkok Tactics M tier list so you can always have an advantage over your opponents.

Types of Characters


The game is more of a chess match, you need to place your heroes right so you can get the best out of them.

You place your heroes on a chess board before you enter the battle, so you have to make sure to place the strongest in terms of armor on the frontlines and the weakest in terms of armor on the backlines so you can protect them while they deal the damage needed.

These are the 3 types of heroes you get to choose between:



They are the strongest tanks in the game, they are slow, but they can take a lot of damage in the frontlines, some of the best warriors are Cao Cao and Countu, as we will mention below in the tier list.

Spear Warriors


Spear warriors are powerful units you can use to deal tons of damage, but they are a bit weaker than the warriors in terms of tankiness, but still they should be placed in the front lines.


Archers are ranged attackers who should be placed in the backlines as they can deal damage from a distance, leaving the front spaces for tanks, and some of the best archers include Sun Hock and Jai Xu

Tier List


The above tier list shows the ranking of every character from the strongest to the weakest.

The S-tier characters are the strongest in the game and it is very important to have them on your team and to invest your resources in levelling and upgrading them.

The A-tier characters are powerful as well but not as strong as the S-tier characters and they can be used in most of the teams.

The B-tier heroes are decent heroes that you can use on some teams if needed.

And the C tier is the weakest among all the heroes which you can use as support as a beginner, but once you have a better option, replace them.

Tips for Choosing Characters


Always focus on heroes that synergize with others strengths and complement their weaknesses, so if you have a strong warrior who can take damage match him with an archer to deal damage.

Experiment with different compositions, no composition is perfect, so you need to keep trying until you find the best team that works for you.

Invest your resources in high tier heroes so you can make them even stronger.



Choosing the right heroes and placing them in their right spots is the key to winning in Samkok Tactics M, so always look for strong heroes to help you conquer the land.

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