S Class Heroine: Beginners Guide & Tricks

Charles Judd
S Class Heroine

Looking for something new in the idle RPG market? Look no further than S Class Heroine, where you summon equipment instead of companions and character skins have an actual purpose.

There’s more to the game than that, though, and we are excited to discuss everything with you. Below is a comprehensive beginner’s guide for S Class Heroine.

S Class Heroine - Intro

The Premise

S Class Heroine lets you play as Ella, the last princess of the Esperia Continent—or so everybody thought. After a life-threatening event, she was revived by a mystical pendant that enabled her to meet variants of herself from other dimensions.

They look exactly like her, but they have exceptional abilities. One variant helps the protagonist discover her true potential, and other Ellas are willing to let her borrow their powers if she’s worthy.

Ella meeting herself from another dimension

This is the part where the practical skins start to make sense, but we’ll dive deep into that later. First, you must master the basics.

General Gameplay

The game is entirely idle. There are no movement controls because your heroine will move forward on her own. Skill options are on the bottom right side of the screen, and you can automate them by tapping the Auto button.

Clearing a stage in S Class Heroine won’t immediately transfer you to the next level. You have to challenge the boss first. You can do so by tapping the Boss icon in the progress bar above.

Main gameplay screen

You can also check the Auto Challenge box to rush bosses and stages. The blue bar below a boss’ HP is a timer. You will return to slaying mobs if you fail to defeat the enemy within that limit. The same will happen if you uncheck Auto Challenge.


There are loads of resources you can claim from eliminating mobs and bosses, but the same goes for completing quests. Your main quests will permanently be displayed on the middle left side of the screen.

It’s advised to follow this series of tasks, especially if you are new, to get a feel for the game.

You can also view your tasks on the Quests symbol below the menu on the top right side. Daily and repeat tasks will also be here. Clear them regularly to earn more rewards.

Quests list

Heroine Growth

Two things you will acquire from completing quests and eliminating monsters are gold and EXP. You can use both resources by going to the Growth section on the bottom left side of the screen.

There are multiple ways to upgrade your S Class Heroine, and it’s best to learn about them in detail.


Stats are the first things you’ll see on the right side after opening Growth. Here, you can spend gold on improving your champion’s basic stats, such as ATK, HP, and HP Regen.


Just tap the gold button beside the stat you want to enhance. Slightly above these buttons are options to upgrade x1, x10, or x100.

Level Up

Your accumulated EXP will only be consumed once you Level Up your fighter. This function is located just outside the Stats box.

Use up as much EXP as you want to boost your battle power. This will also give you points for other character upgrade choices and unleash S Class Heroine skills.

New skill unlocked


Some of the points you’ll receive from leveling up are Trait points, which are represented by green stars. You can use these on the Trait segment beside Stats.


The items on Traits and Stats are almost identical, and the methods of improving them are the same. However, it’s easier to upgrade Stats because gold is more accessible than Trait points.


The more you Level Up, the more skills you will acquire. Along with them are skill points, which you can use to boost the effectiveness of each skill.

Avatars in S Class Heroine can only have a maximum of five abilities, so it’s easier to distribute your points evenly. Skill points are indicated by blue books.



You won’t be able to exploit this part of the game unless you’ve opened the Rune Dungeon. Once you do, it will be a massive game-changer.


You can amass five runes with different effects: flame for ATK, cold for HP, spirit for Crit DMG, greed for gold boost, and growth for EXP boost. When you have enough runes, use them to raise your vitals.


To maximize your resources, you might want to try using buffs in S Class Heroine. These are the four small icons in between the main quest and your profile section. Here are their functions.

  • Red buff – Amplify DMG by 30%
  • Gold buff – Increase gold gain by 100%
  • Green buff – Boost EXP gain
  • Blue buff – Raise the chance of acquiring items
Buff list

Tap any of them and watch ads to activate. All effects last for an hour, and they will be active even if you are offline. They will be added to your AFK rewards as you log back in.

AFK rewards

Summon Items

Items in S Class Heroine can be attained by eradicating enemies, but a better way to get them is by summoning. You can summon weapons, accessories, armor, and other gear at the Shop located at the bottom of the screen.

Select the specific type of equipment you want to get before tapping any of the summoning options below. You can summon x10, x30, or x300 using diamonds. You can also do it for free by playing ads.

Summon items at Shop

Revert to the main screen and select Items beside Growth to equip your goods. Navigate the interface to choose the equipment you want. Tap it and select Mounting.


The best pieces of equipment in S Class Heroine are those at the bottom of the list. However, they are very hard to obtain. Sometimes, you have to work with what you have, so you must reinforce your gear.

After tapping a preferred item, you will see a golden Enhance button that requires you to pay pink gems. Selecting this will improve your equipment’s base stats.

Enhance gear


If you get enough duplicates of an item, you can also go to the Upgrade section beside Enhance. Tapping the Upgrade button will merge them and give you an item of higher rarity.

Upgrade gear

You can also choose the Batch Upgrade option in any equipment subpanel to combine all eligible items.


By default, your avatar is Adventurer Ella. But as you progress in S Class Heroine, you will unlock other versions of the princess who will lend you their powers after you awaken them and pass their test.

Arc Ranger Ella

To switch to another Ella, go to the Avatar section beside items. Select a variant you own and tap the Change button.

Swapping to other versions of Ella isn’t just using skins. Every avatar has a different set of skills. Because of that, the avatar and skill level of every Ella are different. Stats, Traits, and Rune status will remain consistent with every character.


Apart from other Ellas, you will also come across other oddballs in the S Class Heroine multiverse. You can make them your teammates by giving them gifts.

Go to the Ally icon beside Avatar. Tap an available comrade and click on Giving a Gift. Choose an item with a heart symbol on its top left side. This indicates it’s the character’s favorite, and giving it to them will instantly make you war buddies.

Giving a gift to an ally

After making them your ally, select them again and tap Party Formation. Place your companion in any spot you want. Then, tap Confirm Formation. To remove a team member, tap their character icon on the list of three active fighters.

Team Presets

When you have more than three allies in S Class Heroine, you should start making team presets. This will help you change troop members in an instant, depending on what you are facing.

If you like your current formation and want to save it, tap the Preset icon on the right of your team’s lineup at the bottom of the screen. Click on the second Preset icon and tap Save Preset on any vacant slot.

Team presets

Go to the Ally panel and change your avatar to try a new arrangement. If you like it, save it as another preset. For a quick change of teams, hit the Preset button and pick the crew you desire.

Goods Dungeon

Cat Hero, Dungeon Hunter 6, Warcraft Rumble, and more. All these great RPGs have one thing in common: dungeons! S Class Heroine isn’t lacking in that department because dungeons make the fantasy battle experience more complete.

To access dungeons, tap the Content symbol between Shop and Ally. There are four contents to choose from, but the most prominent one is the Goods Dungeon. Here, you can challenge different dungeons for varying rewards like gold and runes.

Goodsd Dungeons

You will need special keys (tickets) to play each dungeon, and you will get them as rewards from various events and quests.


If you are out of keys and still want some fun, go to the Infinite Dungeon under Contents Dungeon to challenge enemy bosses for scores of diamond loot. This is the only part of the Contents page that doesn’t require exclusive keys in S Class Heroine.

You can face your comrades in a one-on-one battle in the Ally Dungeon. The rewards here are usually diamonds and friendly gifts.

Last but not least is the Dimensional Gap, where you can fight the Ellas you once defeated in exchange for Trait and Skill points.

Arc Ranger Ella vs. Royal Guard Ella

Spec Up

A bonus way to improve your avatar’s performance in S Class Heroine is by making use of the Spec Up icon on the right side of the Shop. When you tap it, you will be taken to your holy items, which feature a handful of exceptional stats.

Visit the Shop and go to the Ether Holy Items section to upgrade them. Summon using rainbow gems and return to Spec Up. Tap Level Up on any item you can, and see its effects on your party.

Holy item upgrades

Spec Up has two other components, Emblems and Relics, but you won’t unlock them until you reach S Class Heroine’s hell difficulty. That means you first have to complete the map three times, and it gets harder every time.


Beside Spec Up is the Arena in S Class Heroine, which will only become available to you once you unlock three avatars. When you go inside the Arena, you must first create a party of three Ellas.

Select the character you want, then tap Formation. They go out in battle one after the other, and it’s typically best to make your strongest fighter the first attacker. After picking your best three, select Save.


Go back to the Arena home page and challenge players with lower combat power than you. That’s the number indicated beside the crossed-swords symbols. Winning battles here will give you points that will help you rise through the ranks.

S Class Heroine Mini Game

Because S Class Heroine is idle, many may automatically assume it’s boring. It’s not. Apart from dungeons and arena battles, there’s a mini-game to keep you amused.

You can access it by clicking the menu icon above Quests on the top right side of the screen. It’s below the Discord link, and the game’s name is Warres the Meal Thief.

Warres the Meal Thief mini-game

It’s a 2D endless runner, like Simon’s Cat Dash and Talking Tom Candy Run. You can play it however many times you want, but only in your first three tries of the day will you get rewards.


This is an alternative way to get high-value equipment. You can see this function as the last item on the menu.

Here, you can generate celestial gear (the rarest type of equipment), material blueprints, and growth potions. You will need ingredients, which can be obtained when you dismantle lower-grade items.

Disassembling items

Go to the Disassemble panel and check the boxes for the gear you don’t need. Tap the Batch button, and they will turn into crafting elements.

The Wrap-Up

S Class Heroine is a brand new idle RPG title that’s trying to introduce fresh twists in the genre. Even so, it’s not trying to do too much. The game can still be laid-back enough for those looking only for a chill experience.

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