Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG – Walkthrough & Beginners Guide

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Warriors, monsters, magic, a ravaged village, and a damsel in distress. All these epic themes and more are in PlayHard.Lab’s Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG. The game has lots of action with hints of gacha and idle elements to add to the fun.

The story starts with one character trying to rescue a princess from a villain. He gathers a few friends, but they inevitably fail. He then wakes up in an unfamiliar place, where he must start again. This Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG walkthrough and beginners guide contain all the basics to begin this noble journey.

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Getting Started

You need heroes to win the game, and there are lots of them. Players can discover up to 48 characters, which will have one of three specialties: strength, agility, or intellect.

Not long after your first hero awakens, you’ll find obtainable characters lying on the ground. You can recruit these unconscious mercenaries by providing the required resources indicated above them. Tap the green check, and they will start tagging along.

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When you get to Beginning Village, most of the heroes you can acquire will be from the Pub, one of the first buildings you must construct. It is also where the gacha and character-pulling aspects of Rumble Heroes begin.

Pulling Heroes

The Pub will present three heroes at a time. The numbers above each of them are fragments, which can later be used to level them up. If you like the selection of characters, you can pay 100 coins for a chance to pull one character. You can double or triple that amount if you want more fragments.

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The coins below each hero can be exchanged in the Mileage Shop above. If you don’t think the set is worth it, the Pub will refresh and have a new batch in 30 minutes.

For an instant refresh, you can pay gems, play ads, or make use of reroll tickets that can be earned later in the game. Select the rotating arrow button next to the timer to use any of these methods.

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The rules are not that different from Cookie Run Kingdom’s gacha system.

Choosing Troop Members

Indeed, there are tons of fighters to collect, but you can only choose a limited number of them to do the actual fighting. Once you obtain more than four heroes, you must pick the best ones for your troop. Click on the second icon on the bottom left side of the screen.

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The characters with checkmarks are your combatants, and the ones who don’t are on standby. It’s advised that you have at least one representative of each character type. Having a healer is also convenient. Note that you can only switch heroes in the village and other selected locations.

Apart from their specialties, your adventurers can also be classified according to their rarity, which has corresponding colors on their character icons. Normal is gray, rare is blue, special is purple, and legendary is gold.

Battling Enemies

Starting a battle in Rumble Heroes is fairly simple. Just lead your party to where mobs are, and they will automatically do what needs to be done.

All enemies will give experience when slain, but elite monsters and bosses offer more than regular mobs. They will also drop treasure chests containing one type of resource or item. There are monsters with a blue or golden glow, suggesting they give extra experience when beaten.

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When brawling with superior adversaries, look out for their special attacks. There’s typically a red signal marking where it will land, so avoid that. Some moves are more unpredictable than others, but you’ll get used to them as you fight more and more bosses.

Gathering Resources

Most monsters will drop food when defeated. This is one of the primary resources in the game. The others are lumber and ore. Some monsters will drop these two instead of food. However, a more efficient way of gathering them is by cutting trees and mining boulders.

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There are trees, bushes, and rocks with blue crystals on the field. Place your troop near them to collect their respective material. In battles, you will randomly get grassland marbles, which you can exchange in the village for more resources.

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Later in the game, you can build facilities that idly generate lumber and ore. There’s also one building for gold. However, if you are starting out, the best way to accumulate gold is by completing objectives.

Tasks and Quests

The main tasks can be seen at the top of the screen. You must accomplish them as you progress on the map and unlock new areas through the Magic Circle of Purification.

While exploring, you will encounter random NPCs with quests. They will reward you with a different kind of resource from the one they will ask for. Do not neglect them because all their demands must be met to open the second part of the map.

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You will start receiving daily and weekly quests when you construct the request board in Beginning Village. Points will be awarded for every objective you complete. More points mean better prizes.


Dungeons also have handsome rewards when you conquer them, but this is sometimes tougher than the battles outside. In map battles, dead heroes will revive after some time. In dungeons, they won’t come back until you finish the job. In both cases, you lose when your entire team is annihilated.

The great thing about dungeons is their power-ups for healing troops, boosting movement speed, and making grand attacks. Dungeons also have a kill streak feature that gives you extra coins. Occasionally, entering dungeons will summon random characters that will aid your squad.

The first dungeons you will stumble upon are on the map. After building the Dungeon Portal, your team can instantly enter dungeons of different difficulty levels. However, you must have maps or entry items to do this.

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Apart from the dungeon portal, there are several other ways to teleport your champions. The first approach is through teleportation points spread all across the map. Rebuild them ASAP when you find them.

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Some places with teleportation points can heal your adventurers and instantly respawn dead ones. But, like with Crashlands, you can’t teleport if enemies are nearby.

That also applies to the second way of teleporting, the Return Home function. This will call in a portal that takes you to the heart of Beginning Village, where you can regroup. Reentering the portal in the village will take you back to where you teleported from.


One feature that makes Rumble Heroes unique is its Camping function. With it, you can go AFK while your soldiers collect resources and fend off monsters nonstop.

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When all your heroes die, they won’t teleport back to the village like when you are in control. They will be revived near the camp and continue farming. Players can upgrade to a premium camp for reduced respawn time and more resources, but this is only available for 30 minutes.

The regular camp can go on for one hour daily. Though it sounds like some mode from Ulala Idle Adventure, this function is not idle. Camping turns off when you quit the game.

Enhancing Fighters

A character’s overall strength is estimated as Combat Power (CP), which is a combination of attack and health stats. The sum of your entire team’s CP is shown on the top right side of the main screen.

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There are several ways to boost this, and all of them will be discussed below.

Training Ground

The Training Ground is where you unlock the Camping and Return Home functions. When you click on the building, you will see two columns with different lists of upgrades.

The one on the right is for increasing your troop’s attack and health stats, and the one on the right is for the special functions. The former can be paid with regular ore, while the latter requires crimson ore. This is harder to find and only attainable in some quests and dungeons.

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Guardian Statue

The Guardian Statue is the place to equip items you find through different means. Items have CP that is based on the various buffs they give off. The effects of equipped items will be reflected on all your active fighters.

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If you believe a specific item is useless, you can dismantle it. This will give you dismantled materials that can be given to blacksmiths in some teleporting spots. They will use it to forge new items.

Hero Level Up

Players can level up an individual hero with fragments and food. Fragments imply how many times one can level up, but you must pay with food to upgrade a character in Rumble Heroes.

To level up your tiny troopers, tap the first icon from the bottom of the left side of the screen. An upgrade is ready if there’s a green up arrow on a character’s icon. If the arrow is red, you have insufficient food. For every five levels, heroes will receive or increase a skill. It can be passive or active.

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Troop Level Up

The troop level is where your experience from slaying monsters go to. When your troop level goes up, there will also be an increment in all of your heroes’ Combat Power.

Not only that, but your troop level will also unlock several features in the game. This includes higher-level items for the Guardian statue, new map areas, and challenges.


Challenges are the mini-games in Rumble Heroes. Once you unlock them, challenges can be accessed through the shield and swords icon placed on the left side of the screen.

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They have altered battle mechanics, and the rewards differ depending on the challenge you take on. The following are the four challenges currently available.

Tower of Trials

The Tower of Trials is your first challenge. It will be opened when you reach an area with a tower that has a floating diamond on top. It is located to the south of Abandoned Land.

Here, you can clear floors to earn gold, marbles, fragments, and reroll tickets. You can only play in one tower at first, but there will later be three more towers for each hero type. These three new towers are only available twice a week.

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Golden Pig

When your troop reaches level 20, the Golden Pig challenge will become playable. In the Tower of Trials, you can clear as many floors as you want, but with this one, you can only progress one stage a day.

In this challenge, there are no mobs other than the big, shiny piggy bank. You have to break it in one minute to earn a hefty amount of gold. Heroes can’t die here, but the pig will do its best to push them away and avoid damage.

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Village Defense

Like with Golden Pig, Village Defense only lets you pass one level a day. If you fail, you can try again. But when you succeed, you have to wait until the game’s timer refreshes. Village Defense will be unlocked at troop level 30.

To clear a level, you have to protect the Guardian Statue from waves of enemies. You start with four heroes, but you get a new one after each wave. Every five waves, a boss monster will appear. If you neutralize them all, you will be rewarded with accessories for your statue.

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The last challenge you will open is the Rift. It is available at troop level 40. This one rewards you with rift stones, red and purple. You can exchange the red ones for compelling prizes in the challenge’s entry panel. The purple stones can be spent on rolling attribute bonuses after beating a level.

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Be reminded that these attribute bonuses can only be applied in Rift dungeons. Do not underestimate these stones and perks, as this challenge is arguably the toughest to overcome.


Despite its game title, Rumble Heroes is more than just an adventure RPG. It has a decent gacha system, an AFK mode, idle features, and various mini-games. Don’t forget, though, that your main goal is to rescue the princess. By continually completing tasks and strengthening your troop, you’ll get there soon enough.

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