Rugby Nations 24 – Gameplay Basics & Tips

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Rugby Nations 24

Get ready for some adrenaline-pumping action in Rugby Nations 24! Developed by Distinctive Games, this sports sensation brings the heart-stopping world of Rugby Union to your fingertips. 

The best part? You can dive right in and experience the thrill of the game because Rugby Nations 24 is available for FREE on the Play Store!

Rugby Nations 24 - Intro
Photo: Distinctive Games

Get ready to tackle Rugby Nations 24 head-on, where you’ll be in the midst of high-intensity action.

You’ll be fighting through every ruck, challenging for each catch, pushing like a pro in the maul, and sprinting towards the try line with your eyes on that cup-winning try.

Rugby Nations 24 - Intro 2
Photo: Distinctive Games

But that’s not all! You’ll find brand-new stadiums, exciting game modes, and gameplay that’s been supercharged.

Passes are snappier and more precise, kicks can be strategically chained together, and loose balls are chased down with unbridled enthusiasm.

With these enhancements, you’ve got more chances to score those breathtaking, unforgettable plays on the field.

Rugby Nations 24 - Intro 3
Photo: Distinctive Games

So, let’s get ready to dive into the basics of the game. We’re about to transform you into the rugby legend everyone looks up to. Let’s kick things off in style!

Rugby Nations 24: Mastering the Gameplay

If you’ve ever played or watched rugby, you’re already ahead of the game in Rugby Nations 24. This game is like stepping onto a real rugby pitch, except it all happens on your phone!

Your primary mission? Slam that ball down behind your opponent’s try line – we call that the in-goal area.

Rugby Nations 24 - Gameplay
Photo: Distinctive Games

And here’s the cool part: Rugby Nations 24 follows all the classic rugby rules. So, if you want to claim victory, knowing your rugby basics is key!

As you dive into the game, keep these classic rugby moves in mind, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Rugby Nations 24 superstar!

Getting Started

Ready to kick off your rugby adventure in Rugby Nations 24? It’s time to make some exciting choices!

Pick Your Squad

Men’s or Women’s Rugby Team? You get to decide which crew you want to lead into the rugby fray in Rugby Nations 24. This is your first big move on the road to rugby stardom.

Rugby Nations 24 - Pick
Photo: Distinctive Games

Name Your Club

Every great rugby journey begins with a club. Give yours a unique name and select the location or region where your club will own the field. This is where your rugby legend begins.

Rugby Nations 24 - Name
Photo: Distinctive Games

Kit Customization

Here’s your chance to flaunt your style – design your club’s kit. Choose the colors that define your team’s spirit in Rugby Nations 24.

Want to look good? Well, as the saying goes, when you look good, you play good! So, let your imagination run wild and make your team stand out in style on the rugby field!

Rugby Nations 24 - Kit
Photo: Distinctive Games

Mastering the Moves

Alright, let’s become masters of the rugby field in Rugby Nations 24. Here’s your playbook to show off your skills.


Use the floating d-pad to glide across the field like a rugby virtuoso. Get yourself in the perfect position to make those game-changing plays.

Rugby Nations 24 - Movement
Photo: Distinctive Games


Tap the pass button to sling the ball to your fellow teammates. Keep that ball zipping and your opponents guessing!

Rugby Nations 24 - Passing
Photo: Distinctive Games


When it’s time for a kick, hold down the Kick button and line up your shot. Use the d-pad to pick your target with laser precision. Release the button and watch that ball soar!

Rugby Nations 24 - Kicking
Photo: Distinctive Games


On defense, hold the standing tackle button to chase down and tackle the ball carrier while staying on your feet. Need a more aggressive approach? No worries, hold the diving tackle button and go for a spectacular dive to snag those legs!

Rugby Nations 24 - Tackling
Photo: Distinctive Games

Ruck Contest

When it’s time to contest the ball, tap the add player button to dive into the ruck. Fight tooth and nail to grab possession and flip the game in your favor.

Rugby Nations 24 - Add Player
Photo: Distinctive Games

But wait, there’s more in your rugby arsenal:

Goal Kicks

For those critical goal kicks, swipe from the ball to the posts. The right speed and angle are your magic keys to a perfect kick.

Rugby Nations 24 - Goal Kicks
Photo: Distinctive Games

Scrum Power

When the arrow’s full, it’s your time to shine. Swipe and push in the scrum. Show off your strength and dominate!

Rugby Nations 24 - Scrum
Photo: Distinctive Games

Maul Might

Once again, when the arrow’s full, it’s your moment to rise. Swipe and gain full control in the maul. Outmuscle your opponents and own the field.

Rugby Nations 24 - Maul Might
Photo: Distinctive Games

Dodge Moves

Quick on your feet? Swipe down the left side of the screen to elegantly dodge left. Need to juke right? Swipe down the right side to perform a dodging masterpiece. Keep your opponents guessing and showcase your agility!

Rugby Nations 24 - Dodge Moves
Photo: Distinctive Games

Now that you’ve got these moves down pat, it’s time to hit the rugby field. Show your opponents what you’re truly made of and let the games begin!

Pro Tips for Dominating the Field

Ready to claim your throne as the ultimate rugby champion? Here are some pro tips to help you dominate in Rugby Nations 24.

Pay attention to the wind

Keep an eye on the wind when taking goal kicks. It can affect the direction of your kicks, so use it to your advantage!

Rugby Nations 24 - Wind
Photo: Distinctive Games

Open Packs

Invest in opening packs to add powerful characters to your squad. The more stars on your side, the merrier your chances of victory!

Rugby Nations 24 - Open Packs
Photo: Distinctive Games

    Swap Players

    Don’t be shy about swapping players in and out of the lineup. Ensure you’ve got your A-team on the field for every scenario.

    Rugby Nations 24 - Swap
    Photo: Distinctive Games

    Player Upgrades

    To unlock your team’s full potential, level up your players in different ways:

    Fitness: Boost their fitness to keep those injuries at bay.

    Rugby Nations 24 - Fitness
    Photo: Distinctive Games

    Training: Invest those training points to fine-tune your player’s stats.

    Rugby Nations 24 - Training
    Photo: Distinctive Games

    Medical: Use medical points to patch up injured players and keep them in peak condition.

    Rugby Nations 24 - Medical
    Photo: Distinctive Games

    Visit the Store

    Explore the in-game store for free rewards and tempting special offers. Who knows what hidden gems you might uncover!

    Rugby Nations 24 - Visit
    Photo: Distinctive Games

    Watch Ads

    Need a little extra gold and rewards? Catch a few quick ads to snag these bonuses. It’s a small effort for some big gains.

    Rugby Nations 24 - Ads
    Photo: Distinctive Games

    In-App Purchases

    While Rugby Nations 24 is free to play, you can turbocharge your progress with optional in-app purchases available for real money. It’s a shortcut to domination if you’re feeling it.

    Rugby Nations 24 - In app
    Photo: Distinctive Games

    Complete Missions

    Dive into daily and long-term missions that are waiting just for you. By ticking these off, you’ll rake in some sweet rewards that can give your team the edge.

    Rugby Nations 24 - Missions
    Photo: Distinctive Games

    Now, armed with these tips, it’s your time to shine. Get out there, conquer the field, and become the rugby legend you were meant to be!


    And there you have it, your very own playbook for mastering Rugby Nations 24! Now that you’ve got these skills in your back pocket, it’s time to hit the field and show everyone what you’re made of.

    Display your finesse, strategic prowess, and pure rugby strength to the world.

    Wishing you all the best of luck, champion!

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