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Project Mugetsu

Welcome to Project Mugetsu, a fantastic fan-made Roblox game inspired by the beloved anime and manga series, Bleach. Here, players get to unleash their creativity by crafting and customizing their characters, selecting from a diverse range of options such as appearance, race, and unique abilities.

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Embark on your journey as a departed human – but fear not, as death is merely the beginning in this captivating realm.

Play as a Soul or Hollow, engage in battles to boost your power, and explore a wealth of content with countless ways to personalize your character.

If you’re a fan of Roblox, RPGs, and Bleach, Project Mugetsu is your ultimate gaming destination.

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Each Clan in Project Mugetsu offers distinctive buffs to elevate your characters and make them stand out in battles. The rarer your Clan, the more potent and abundant their buffs become.

If you’re eyeing the Project Mugetsu Zaraki clan but need more information, you’re in the right place. This guide has everything you need to know about the clan, including joining buffs, its inspiration, and the process of becoming a member.

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Rest assured, I’ll keep this guide updated with any changes, whether it’s balancing adjustments, new buffs, or anything else.

About Clans

In Project Mugetsu, clans are like family names attached to your player character, each providing unique buffs based on the clan’s rarity. If the initial clan you receive doesn’t suit your preferences, you have the option to try a reroll for a chance at a different one.

Keep in mind that the more powerful the clan buffs, the less likely it is to appear in rolls, making rarity a key factor.

Project Mugetsu Clans
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While selecting the right race is essential in Project Mugetsu, spinning for the optimal clan holds equal importance.

The game features a variety of clans, categorized into six rarities, each offering distinct buffs. Obtaining a clan is determined solely by spinning for it. With six different rarities available, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your preferred one every time, but each clan comes with its own set of unique bonuses.

Who is Kenpachi Zaraki?

The Project Mugetsu Zaraki clan takes inspiration from the iconic character Kenpachi Zaraki in Bleach. Kenpachi Zaraki is a shinigami with a passion for battle, often fighting for the greater good.

Project Mugetsu Zaraki
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Currently holding the position of captain of the 11th Division, Kenpachi Zaraki’s fierce and relentless nature serves as the inspiration for the unique characteristics of the Project Mugetsu Zaraki clan in the game.

Project Mugetsu Zaraki Clan Buffs

Understanding the buffs and perks provided by clans in Project Mugetsu can be a challenge. Below, you’ll find the detailed buffs and perks for the Zaraki Clan.

Project Mugetsu Buffs
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This clan has a rarity of War Powers and offers the following buffs:

1. Enhanced Strength: The user gains an additional damage buff when their HP is below 30%.

2. Immense Spiritual Power: Increases the maximum Reiatsu bar.

3. Shunpo Master: Reduces Reiatsu consumption during Flash Stepping and allows for quicker successive Flash Steps.

4. Kenpachi: Activates a Blood Lust mode, providing the user with a red aura, a 1.8x increase in attack damage, halves Zanpakuto abilities cooldown, and reduces damage taken per attack.

How to Become a Shinigami (Soul Reaper)

To join the Zaraki clan in Project Mugetsu, you need to be a Shinigami or Soul Reaper as it’s known in the game. For those unfamiliar with the Bleach series, Shinigami are the virtuous guardians of the spirit world, ensuring the proper conduct of spirits.

Shinigamis play a crucial role in policing spirits, guiding the departed to their rightful places, and combating Hollows – corrupted souls that have taken on monstrous forms.

Project Mugetsu Shinigami
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Soul Reapers can advance in ranks and acquire enhanced powers by completing Soul Reaper quests. Becoming a Shinigami is a straightforward process.

1. Follow the blue icon on your HUD until you locate an NPC named Kisuke, recognizable by his stripy bucket hat. Interact with him, and he will offer you the chance to join the ranks of the Soul Reapers.

      Project Mugetsu Soul Reaper
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      2. Upon accepting the offer, you’ll be tasked with a challenge – defeating one Hollow. This can be either a player-controlled Hollow or an enemy; the type doesn’t matter.

      Project Mugetsu Hollow
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      3. While obtaining the quest is simple, achieving victory might pose a challenge since you won’t have any Reaper powers initially. You’ll rely on basic attacks to defeat the Hollow.

      If you’re defeated, don’t worry too much; when you return, the Hollow’s health should remain where it was when you died.

      Project Mugetsu Reaper
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      4. Once you’ve vanquished the Hollow, return to Kisuke. He will officially induct you as a Soul Reaper, and you’ll receive a noteworthy sword as a token of your accomplishment. Of course, if you change your mind, you have the option to back out of the process.

      Project Mugetsu Kisuke
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      That wraps up our Project Mugetsu Zaraki Guide. We hope you’ve gained valuable insights.

      Now, dive into the game and put your newfound knowledge to the test with our guide.

      Download Roblox from the Play Store and App Store, then search for Project Mugetsu to embark on your journey to join the Zaraki Clan. Happy Gaming!

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