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Hamza Rashid
Roblox - Peroxide Trello Guide

One of the most popular anime and manga series is Bleach. So, as a clever play of words, one of the most popular Bleach-based Roblox games is Peroxide, which is also used for bleaching and disinfecting minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

With that being said, the Peroxide Roblox game has a LOT of things in it, so much so that newcomers are likely to feel overwhelmed by all of the information they’re expected to learn if they want to fully enjoy the game.

For players eager to learn about Peroxide, we recommend joining the Peroxide Trello. which is where you can find all of the game’s information compiled in one place. To ensure you don’t have to go through all of the sections, we’re here with a quick guide going through every major section in the Peroxide Trello.

Roblox - Peroxide
Credit: Peroxide (Roblox)

Getting right into the gist of things, here’s everything you can find when you click the Peroxide Trello link.

Game Info

This section is probably the most important for newcomers to the game. It goes through FAQs, all of the currently available codes you can use to avail some free goodies, and basic things like the controls and mechanics.

Additionally, if you’ve been playing Peroxide for a while now then you can use this section to learn of all the new changes in any update that might be made available.

Progressions and Moves

Up next will be several cards that will go in-depth regarding all of the various types of character progressions and their moves. In order, all of the character types you can learn about are:

  • Soul Reaper progression along with a list of Shikai and Bankai moves
  • Hollow progression along with a list of resurrection and Segunda moves
  • Quincy progression along with a list of Schrift and Vollstandig moves

For Bleach fans, all three of these character types will probably be instantly recognized, as several important characters in the show belong to one of these “races.”

All Types of Abilities

All Types of Abilities
Credit: Peroxide (Roblox)

Moving on, there are also complete lists of every type of ability in the game that your character can learn. You can expect to find lists for:

  • Kido abilities
  • Kenjutsu (sword) abilities
  • Hollow abilities
  • Quincy abilities
  • Cybernetics (minigun, heart, and visor)
  • Legendary abilities

In-Game Information

Of course, not everything in Peroxide Trello goes into how you can improve your character and their abilities. There are also multiple sections that dive into the game’s lore and information on how the game is.

These sections include items players can acquire in the game, locations players can go to, and NPCs players can find in the overworld. There’s also information on lore-related items, raids, crystals, accessories (both base and event accessories), in-game events, game modes, skill skins, emotes, all of the models, and more.

Official In-Game Factions

Official In-Game Factions
Credit: Peroxide (Roblox)

There’s also an entire section in Roblox – Peroxide Trello that’s dedicated to the three currently available in-game factions in the game. These factions include:

  • The Gotei 13, which consists of all of the Soul Reapers.
  • The Las Noches faction, which consists of all of the Hollows.
  • The Wandenreich faction, which consists of all of the Quincies.

In addition to factions, there are also a bunch of clans players can join, and among them is the legendary Aizen clan, which is named after the beloved antagonist of the series.

Staff Information

The final section we want to highlight is the staff section. Not only does this highlight some funny screenshots taken from things the Peroxide Trello staff has said and done before, but it also does the same for the developers of the game. So, if you want a way to know the team that delivered such a fun experience, this section is for you.


This was a quick guide on everything you can find in the Peroxide Trello. We hope this helps you streamline the process of identifying the section you were looking for.

If you’re looking for similar anime Roblox games then we recommend you check out Anime Warriors Simulator 2 and Clover Retribution. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood to play more Bleach games then check out Project Mugetsu, another popular Bleach-based Roblox game.

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