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So, you’ve decided to go for a Hollow build in Roblox Peroxide and want to learn more about Hollow’s abilities? You come to the right place. 

Abilities are called “Skills” in Roblox’s Peroxide. Every race has a specific set of skills. And as you progress along with your build, these skills are upgraded.

In this guide, we’re focusing on Peroxide’s Hollow abilities. Hollows are a monstrous race capable of harming ghosts as well as humans. They currently have 19 skills, and the following is a detailed guide about each of them.

All Hollow Abilities in Roblox Peroxide

From launching acid projectiles to slowing them down with a roar, Hollow has a pretty versatile set of skills/abilities. This allows you to create a particular and focused build or go for a more all-around build.

Hollow Charge

One of the deadliest attacks for close combat is the Hollow Charge.

When this skill is used, your Hollow will charge angrily and deal heavy damage to anyone he collides with. This enraged charge has such power that it can shatter walls and also deal damage to anyone standing around that wall.

artwork of Roblox Peroxide
Photo: Roblox

Acid Spit

Quite self-explanatory, really. Acid Spit launches a projectile of acid from your Hollow’s mouth. The acid can deal massive damage and even stun your enemies. As you reach higher Mastery levels, the damage stats and attack range increase.

Acidic Touch

With the Acidic Touch equipped, the hands and arms of your Hollow get an acidic coating. Every punch deals M1 + poisonous damage.

Lord’s Roar

After achieving Vasto Lorde, your Hollow gains the Lord’s Roar. When you hit the Lord’s Roar, your Hollow unleashes a mighty roar that slows down enemies. As the roar gets louder, your enemy will get thrown back by its impact.

Raging Blows

Exclusive to Normal Hollow and Adjucha, Raging Blows unleashes an attack of quick and strong punches. The attack ends with a solid jab that sends the enemy flying.  

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Flying Kick

Flying Kick is an Adjucha-exclusive skill that does exactly what the name suggests but with an added flair. Before launching a landing a devastating kick towards your enemy, you’re avatar crouches as if to charge up the kick.


Secauses uses reiatsu as bait to lure in inferior Hollows. Once enough Hollows surround you, this skill then allows you to take control of every one of them. Secauses is exclusive to Vasto Lorde and allows Mastering Up the summoned Hollows. 

Kick Flurry

This Arrancar, Vasto Lorde, and Vizard exclusive skill unleashes a string of lightning-fast kicks that deal massive damage to your enemies. The only condition is that you must come in contact with the enemy.

Skyward Plummet

Skyward Plummet looks like something out of a Shounen anime. When this skill is activated, your avatar will charge towards the enemy, grab them, and launch into the sky. The move ends with your enemy slammed into the ground. 

Skyward Plumemt is also a Vasto Lorde, Arrancar, and Vizard exclusive skill, just like Kick Flurry.

official artwork from Roblox Peroxide
Photo: Roblox


Cero is one of Hollow’s deadliest skills. It launches an all-out beam of reiatsu from your avatar’s mouth and deals massive damage to anything that it touches.

Cero is exclusive to Vasto Lorde, Adjucha, Arrancar, and Vizard.

Agarre Cero

A quick jab followed with a full-fledged Cero = Agarre Cero. It deals the same amount of damage as the Cero but the quick jab beforehand ensures the enemy can’t escape the upcoming beam.

Agarre Cero is exclusive to Vasto Lorde, Arrancar, and Vizard.

Cero Oscuras

If you’re looking for more damage, get your hands on the Vasto Lorde exclusive skill, Cero Oscuras. This skill launches a beam that is darker and more powerful than the one launched by the ordinary Cero skill.


Bala is a diluted version of Cero that is a bit less potent and a lot quicker. It travels faster but deals less damage because it’s not a beam, it’s a ball of energy. Bala is exclusive to Vizard, Vasto Lorde, and Arrancar.


Hierro is one of the few defensive skills in Hollow’s arsenal. When used, Hierro hardens the body of your avatar to reduce damage taken from sword attacks. 

You’ll need to evolve to Vasto Lorde or Arrancar to use Hierro.

screenshot of Roblox Peroxide Hollow Vizard evolution
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High-Speed Regenration

High-speed regeneration is Hollow’s only healing skill. By consuming reiatsu, your avatar enters a state of hyper-regeneration and gets rid of all the dead cells within your body.

Only Vasto Lorde or Arrancar version of Hollow can perform this skill.


Hollow has teleportation abilities as well. Using Garganta, you can travel to Hueco Mundo and Menos Forest using interdimensional portals. Every Hollow can use Garganta. No evolution is needed. 

Lanza Del Relampago

Hollows of the Cifer clan get a special attacking skill made out of reiatsu. Players can generate a javelin-like weapon that unleashes its destructive power when it comes into contact with anything. 

screenshot of Roblox Peroxide Hollow
Photo: Roblox

That’s all the currently active and available Peroxide Hollow abilities in Roblox

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