Roblox: Grimoires Era Beginners Guide

June Reyes
Grimoires Era - cover art

Emerging from the vast collection of Roblox anime-style games is Grimoires Era, an awesome, action-packed sandbox RPG where you get to play as an aspiring wizard/witch in a world inspired by the hit fantasy anime series Black Clover.

Here, you can customize your magic aura, equip swords, hunt bosses with your friends, and even hunt other players if you so wish. You can also choose to be good and evil, but it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you’re the strongest of them all!

Grimoires Era - race spin
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If you’re a fan of the Roblox – Black Clover series or you just want to try the game out, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll help you figure out what to do at the start of the game, where to farm enemies, where to get a grimoire, and how to get stronger.

Grimoires Era: How To Get Stronger

The most important thing that all players must do at the start of the game is to find a Quest Giver—specifically Quest Giver 1 if you’re still within Level 1-30. You’ll be able to track a Quest Giver that’s closest to your level by clicking the compass icon located on the left side of your screen.

Quest Givers give you quests that you can complete for tons of EXP. These should help you gain levels which, in turn, will allow you to allocate more points to any stat you want.

TIP: Make sure to always accept a quest from the Quest Giver before farming hostile NPCs. Also, try to get a Double EXP buff before farming. This allows you to get a Grimoire much faster, which in turn will make killing mobs easier.

Grimoires Era - Quest Giver 1
Photo: Roblox Corporation

You can choose to hunt the following hostile NPCs from Quest Giver 1:

  • Bandit (Level 1-20 recommended)
  • Strong Bandit (Level 20-50 recommended)
  • Evil Old Man (Level 50+ recommended)

Make sure to stick to the level recommendations shown above to ensure a smooth farming experience. After reaching Level 50, getting a Grimoire, and getting comfortable with combat, you can then move on to Quest Giver 2, Quest Giver 3, and so on.

TIP: Once you’re tanky enough and have an AoE attack, try to do group farming where you hit all nearby hostile NPCs once, have them follow you, and then hit them all at once with an AoE attack. This method of farming is efficient, although do keep in mind to leave some NPCs for players farming in the same area as you.

Grimoires Era - mob farming
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Every time you level up, you are given stat points which you can then spend on the following stats:

  • Strength: Increases your melee damage (Best stat for beginners)
  • Defense: Increases your life and resistance (Best stat for beginners)
  • Mana: Increases your mana
  • Magic: Increases your magic damage
  • Sword: Increases your sword damage
Grimoires Era - stats page
Photo: Roblox Corporation

If you’re a beginner in Grimoires Era, all you need to focus on are your Strength and Defense. This won’t change until level 30, where you’ll then have to start putting stat points into your Mana and Magic.

TIP: Unless you’re comfortable with using only melee throughout your playthrough, try not to overinvest stat points in Strength. Don’t stress too much about it though, as you can still reset your stat point allocations with Robux or codes.

Grimoires Era: How To Use Magic

To unlock magic in Grimoires Era, you’ll have to first reach Level 30. Unlocking magic ASAP should be your priority as a beginner, as it will allow you to learn powerful skills that you can then use to kill mobs and other players in PVP more easily.

Grimoires Era - grimoire tower
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Upon reaching Level 30 in Grimoires Era, you’ll be prompted with a mandatory quest right away, which will then lead you to the place where you can get Grimoires. Just follow the arrow and you’ll arrive in the Grimoire Tower, as shown in the image above.

Grimoires Era - grimoire NPC
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Upon arriving at the Grimoire Tower, you’ll have to talk to the old dude and spin for a Grimoire. Here are the rates for each Grimoire in Grimoires Era:

Grimoire TypesRarityRates
Regen, ReinforcementCommon60%
Fire, WaterRare12%

The Grimoire you manage to get from the spins will determine what type of magic you can use. Generally, the higher the rarity, the better the skills you get. As a new player, you only get 5 Grimoire spins. 

Grimoires Era - grimoire spin
Photo: Roblox Corporation

Every time you spin in Grimoires Era, the magic you currently have gets overwritten, which means you can only use one type of magic at a time as a beginner. As such, try not to get greedy and settle for a rare-enough Grimoire once you’re close to running out of spins. 

TIP: Aside from Double EXPs and Stat Reallocations, you can also get free Grimoire Spins, Aura Spins, and Race Spins by using coupon codes, so make sure to use them and settle for the best ones you can get!


Grimoires Era is a very fun RPG Roblox game, especially if you get your friends to play with you. The mechanics and overall gameplay are not too complicated for newcomers to grasp, and all you really have to worry about is grinding your way to the upper levels.

If you’re looking to get into more anime-style Roblox games that are similar to Grimoires Era, feel free to check out our Clover Retribution Beginner’s Guide and Blox Fruits Beginner’s Guide!

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