Roblox – Clover Retribution Trait Guide

Hamza Rashid
Roblox - Clover Retribution Trait Guide

Clover Retribution, the Roblox game based on the extremely popular anime and manga series Black Clover, has been seeing a massive surge in popularity recently. So much so that it has quickly become one of the most popular games on the gaming platform.

After all, traits have the potential to be game changers when used correctly, and not having the required information about them puts you at a major disadvantage against those who do.

So, to ensure you know everything there is to know about traits, we’re here with this complete trait guide. Not only will we explain what traits are in Clover Retribution, but we’ll also be going through all of the traits currently in the game.

Clover Retribution
Photo: Clover Retribution (Roblox)

What Are Traits in Clover Retribution?

What Are Traits in Clover Retribution?
Photo: Clover Retribution (Roblox)

As countless players jump into the Roblox game for the first time and select their race and magic, one thing not too many players are aware of is the trait system.

Traits in Roblox – Clover Retribution are qualities you can acquire for your character. They’re basically powerups that do various things to your character, from allowing you to jump a little bit higher, to increasing a specific stat to ensure you’re able to deal more damage.

As you can imagine, they have the potential to change how you play the game. Imagine being able to negate all magic by using your blocking bar or having 50% more mana reserves. Talk about getting a major boost!

Every Clover Retribution Trait

Every Clover Retribution Trait
Photo: Clover Retribution (Roblox)

Now that you know what traits do in Clover Kingdom, it’s time to go through every trait currently in the game along with what that trait does for you.

Magic nameWhat it does
Adaptive ResistanceAllows you to adapt to different damage types.
Finesse MasterPlus 5 DEX
FighterPlus 2 STRPlus 2 CON
FrostwardImmunity to the ‘Chilled’ status effect.
Gold FeverGet 10% more gold.
Heavenly Restricted80% of your mana is decreased.Plus 5 STRPlus 5 DEXPlus 10 CONPlus 50 Melee Damage
High-Speed RegenerationApply a constant and powerful healing effect to yourself.
Loved by ManaPlus 250 Magic Capacity
Mana BlockEnables you to block magic attacks using your block bar.
Mana InitiateIncrease your regeneration.
Mana JumpEnables double jump.
Mana ReservesGives you 25% more mana.
Monstrous ReservesGives you 50% more mana.
Nature’s ChannelerIncreases your regeneration.
NobleGives you 35% more mana.
ScholarPlus 5 INT
Superior SpeedPlus 5 SPD
ToughPlus 50 HP

These were all of the traits currently available in the Roblox. Of course, it’s very likely that the developers will be adding more traits in future updates, so this list will probably get some more rows added to it.

Future Updates
Photo: Clover Retribution (Roblox)

With that being said, while some traits might be similar or even identical to each other, there are some that can make a huge difference in how you play the game. So, we highly recommend you go through this entire list before determining which trait is the one for you.


Clover Retribution has brought with it an immensely immersive experience for players of all ages to enjoy. However, the learning curve may be steep for some people. It is for this reason that we have brought several guides for this game to you guys.

From an entire tier list of every magic type in the game to a guide that goes through what Fire Lillies are, we have you covered from all sides to ensure you can maximize your experience. Of course, you can always check out some other Roblox games too to change things up.

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